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Episode 06: Vermilion City Adventures and More!

Pairing for this story: Ashley/FemAsh x Gary

Disclaimer: I never have and never will own Pokemon. I am only writing this fic for enjoyment and to pay tribute to the creators and writers of Pokemon.


Ashley and Gary trained for Gary's battle against Brock and Misty for his first two badges. They then discovered that they both had feelings for each other that reached beyond being Best Friends. They really didn't see each other as rivals anymore. Actually, they never did see each other as rivals. Eventually Ashley and Gary ended up becoming Boyfriend and Girlfriend. Gary then managed to defeat both Brock and Misty and earned the Boulder and Cascade Badges. Ashley and Gary have similar teams now after Ashley added a female Eevee to her team and sent her Butterfee to Professor Oak temporarily. She was able to get Pikachu to get into his Pokeball. Pikachu figured that if Gary's Pikachu didn't mind it, why should he. The two teams that are with Ashley and Gary are as follows:

Ashley's Team: Pikachu Male, Eevee Female, Ivysaur Female, Charmeleon Male, Wartortle Female, and Pidgeotto Female.

Gary's Team: Pikachu Female, Eevee Male, Weepinbell Male, Growlithe Female, Wartortle Male, and Pidgeotto Male.

While Ashley and Gary opted to camp out on the cliff overlooking the Downtown Vermilion City as well as Vermilion Harbor, Brock and Misty opted to go to the Pokemon Center to stay the night. Eventually Ashley and Gary fell asleep in their respective tents because they had a long day ahead of them tomorrow.

After parting ways with Brock and Misty for the night...

Ashley and Gary understood what their two friends wanted to do and let them. Ashley and Gary sat on the overlook and watched the sunset then set up their tents and fell asleep peacefully. Next stop Vermilion Gym. Also Ashley decided to keep Eevee outside of her Pokeball. Pikachu understood and decided to go inside his Pokeball. After all if Gary's Pikachu didn't mind the Pokeball, why should he? Ashley and Gary now had the best sleep they had ever had thanks to finally getting together.

The Next Morning...

Ashley was the first one up. She let out all of her Pokemon so they could get some Breakfast. She fixed each of her Pokemon their own special blend of Pokemon food. She had learned to do this during her years in school. She was really glad that she decided to obey her mother and go to school for a while before going on her journey. She probably figured that is she had started when everyone else did, she would probably still be struggling to formulate the right strategy.

"So Eevee, what do you think of this world so far?" Ashley asked her Evolution Pokemon.

Eevee was happily eating her food when her Mama asked her something. She then proceeded to talk to her mama in Eevee Language. Ashley understood every word.

"So you like having a trainer to tell you what to do and to bond with?" Ashley asked her baby Pokemon.

Eevee nodded and cuddled her trainer. She really loved her mama.

"Well you are going to get to see a real life Gym Battle." Ashley said. "Because Daddy and me are going to challenge Lt. Surge to a battle for the Thunder Badge."

Ashley then realized what she had said and blushed. She must have it really bad for Gary if she is referring to him as Eevee's daddy. So be it, if she wants to think that way she will. Her and Gary are dating after all.

After Eevee finished her breakfast, she jumped up on to Ashley's shoulder. She had remarkably excellent balance for a baby Pokemon. After all of her Pokemon ate breakfast, Ashley recalled all of her Pokemon except for Pikachu and washed up as best as she could. She then was dressed and ready in her signature outfit for her battle with Lt. Surge.

About a half an hour after Ashley woke up, Gary woke up as well. He fixed all of his Pokemon a nice Breakfast. He was so glad that Ashley had taught him how to make Pokemon food. He really loved that girl to death. It's as if they were meant to be together. So far it had been working out well. He and Ashley have now been dating for a month and were even closer than they were when they first started dating. It was a good feeling Gary had when he was around Ashley and her friendliness as well as loveliness. He couldn't believe that it took the both of them fourteen years to get together. They were Best friends in Childhood and now were happily dating and traveling on a journey together. After Breakfast was done for everybody up on the hill, Gary and Ashley walked hand-in-hand down to the Pokemon Center.

Inside the Pokemon Center...

Ashley and Gary arrived hand-in-hand with Ashley's head resting on Gary's shoulder. Gary was about 5'8" tall now which was three inches taller than Ashley. It was just the right height difference for a couple. Ashley then unlinked hands with Gary and placed her arm around his waist while Gary placed his arm around Ashley's neck.

"Gare Bear I am so glad that we finally are doing what we planned to do all around." Ashley said. "We even got a couple of new friends to travel with us."

"So am I Ashykins." Gary said. "I knew we were meant to be from the second we became best childhood friends."

Ashley and Gary walked over to the counter in sync with each other and addressed Nurse Joy.

"Nurse Joy," Ashley started "did two people happen to check in yesterday?"

Nurse Joy nodded and told the couple to sit down on the sofa and wait for them.

Ashley and Gary watched TV as Ashley got bored and fell asleep on Gary's shoulder. While she was sleeping she wrapped her arms around Gary and had a content smile on her face.

Brock and Misty came downstairs and saw the two lovebirds on the couch. Gary was now laying his head on Ashley's head. The two trainers were asleep with their Eevee asleep on the floor in front of them. Brock and Misty decided to leave the two lovebirds alone for a while.

Three Hours Later...

Ashley woke up and noticed that she had her arms wrapped around Gary and had her head on his shoulder. Gary was asleep and resting his head on her head. Ashley tried to shake Gary awake but was unsuccessful. She tried everything she could think of. Then she remembered one more thing she had yet to try. She gently took her head out from under his head and put her feet up on the sofa and moved to the Kneeling position so she was head level with her boyfriend. She then pressed her lips to his and began to make out with him. This woke Gary up in no time.

"Ashykins what's going on?" Gary asked as he broke the kiss.

"Gare Bear we have been sleeping for three hours." Ashley said as she looked at the clock above the video phones. "We have to get to the Gym for our battle."

"Oh yeah that's right." Gary said as he took Ashley by the hand.

The two lovebirds started walking and motioned for their Eevees to follow them to the gym. They noticed a number of trainers with sad looks on their faces. They must've lost to the Gym Leader. They weren't going to lose though. Ashley and Gary left a note for Brock and Misty to meet them at the Gym when they can. The note told their friends that they were headed to the Gym for a battle.

In the Gym...

Ashley and Gary arrived in the gym and entered the sliding doors. Lt. Surge had just finished up beating another challenger.

The challenger rushed out and to the Pokemon Center.

"So who is my next victim?" Lt. Surge said.

Lt. Surge is about 6'7" tall, muscular likes to wear shades and was wearing a matching shirt-pant set of fatigues. He had spiky blond hair and what looked to be an evil smirk on his face.

Ashley and Gary walked into the gym and came face to face with Lt. Surge.

"Gary Oak and I Ashley Ketchum challenge you Lt. Surge to a tag battle. Our two Pikachu's versus two pokemon of your choice." Ashley said as she pulled a Pokeball with a lightning bolt on it off of her Pokebelt. She winked and Pirouetted. A Ritual that Gary loved. "Pikachu you're up!"

Out of the Pokeball among several lighting bolts and stars emerged the electric mouse as he took a stance showing that he was ready to battle.

Not to be outdone by his Girlfriend, Gary pulled out a Pokeball that also had a Lightning bolt on it. he spun it on his finger and then tossed it onto the battlefield like a major league baseball pitcher.

"Pikachu girl, it's time to shine for us. I choose you!" Gary said as the Pokeball emerged once again with lightning bolts. Instead of the stars that went along with the lightning bolts for Ashley's Pikachu, yellow hearts alternated with the lightning bolts in the same fashion that the stars and Lightning Bolts alternated with Ashley's Pokemon.

"Two baby Pokemon?" Lt. Surge said with a smirk. "It's time to show them what a real Electric Pokemon can do!"

Lt. Surge then sent out his two Pokemon for the tag battle. It was two Raichu.

"Your puny Pikachu's don't stand a chance against my powerful Raichus." Lt. Surge said.

"We will just see about that!" Ashley remarked. "Pikachu use agility and quick attack combined and run around one of the Raichu."

"You too girl!" Gary said. "Show those two Pokemon what a real Pokemon can do!"

The two Pikachu nodded and did as they were told.

The two Raichu just followed the two Pikahu around. They seemed to be getting dizzier the more they spun around.

"Use Thunder Punch!" Lt. Surge said. "I am not going to let two baby Pokemon beat us!"

"Pikachu Electro Volt Tackle!" Gary and Ash said in unison. The two attacks were a combination Volt Tackle Electroball attack. So a yellow Aura surrounded both Pokemon while their lightning bolt shaped tails glowed with a yellow ball at the end.

"RAICHU DODGE THEM!" Lt. Surge demanded.

The two Raichu tried but couldn't as they took the full brunt of the attack. Not much damage was done, but the two Raichu were getting dizzier and dizzier.


The attacks combined to form a huge yellow Aura of strength as the two Pikachu's glowed a bright yellow color. The attacks headed straight toward the two Raichu's. The attacks hit dead on knocking the Raichu out of battle. Ashley and Gary linked arms and started to dance around.

"Raichu and Raichu are unable to battle!" The ref said. "The winners are Pikachu and Pikachu! The winners of the match are Ashley Ketchum and Gary Oak from Pallet Town!"

With that, Lt. Surge recalled the two Raichu and walked over to the dancing couple.

"I am very proud of you two." Lt. Surge said. "You have truly proven yourselves worthy of these Thunder Badges."

Lt. Surge then handed Ashley and Gary their two badges as the couple put them in their cases. They then recalled their Pikachu so they could rest.

"Well Gare Bear we did it." Ashley said as she put her arm around Gary's waist.

"We sure did Ashykins." Gary said as he put his arm around Ashley's neck. "We better get to the Pokemon Center and heal our Pokemon."

Ashley nodded as she laid her head on Gary's shoulder as the couple walked out of the gym to the Pokemon Center in sync with each other.

In a short amount of time they arrived at the Pokemon Center and healed their Pokemon in short order. They then found Brock and Misty eating some dinner and showed their two friends their newest badges. Ashley and Gary were congratulated and our heroes settled down for the night and watched some TV and hung out. They eventually fell asleep peacefully.

The Next Morning...

Ashley and Company then got up the next morning and got ready and ate Breakfast then headed to the St. Anne Cruise Ship for a party. The ship was docked in Vermilion Harbor so our heroes went to check it out.

Ashley and Company went to the St. Anne Cruise Ship. Ashley had temporarily sent Charmeleon back to Professor Oak and brought Butterfree back to trade for a Raticate. Ashley traded Raticate for Butterfree and didn't really like what she did so she traded back. The old man was sad, but understood by the look in Ashley's eyes that she really wanted to keep Butterfree. Ashley then sent Butterfee back and brought Charmeleon back to have him on her journey.

Team Rocket interrupted the party and tried to snatch up the Pokemon but Team Rocket was shortly and immediately sent blasting off again. The ship ended up sinking and Ashley and Company made it out alive James had inadvertently made the Magikarp he purchased from and old man evolve into Gyarados after kicking it off the raft into the water. The Gyarados then sent Team Rocket blasting off yet again. After the group of heroes and heroines had been drifting over night after escaping the sinking Cruise Ship, They decided to just take it easy until they drifted to an island. During the drift Ashley and Gary fell asleep with their arms around each other and slept peacefully.

The following morning...

Ashley and Gary were the first ones up as usual along with their Eevee and Pikachu. Ashley and Gary fed their Pokemon and just to be safe they recalled all of their Pokemon including the two Eevee. As they continued to drift the raft hit something.

Ashley and Gary went to investigate only to find that they had stopped drifting. As the raft stopped drifting, the other two woke up and saw something of huge relief.

The group ended up shipwrecked on an island with giant mechanical Pokemon. The giant Pokemon turned out to be attractions for an amusement park that had been closed down. As luck would have it, all of the Pokemon got separated from the trainers and were eventually found again. Our group had to get out of that amusement park and on to the next town to get a fairy to the mainland.

The group arrived in Puerta Vista and calmed a rampaging old woman that wanted to take over an elderly gentleman's restaurant. Her name was Brutella, luckily she didn't succeed and was arrested. They then participated in a number of contests and Ashley and Misty tied for Miss Puerta Vista. Ashley was given the title Miss Pallet Town, and Misty was given the title Miss Cerulean City.

Eventually the group fell asleep after another exciting day.

The Next Day in Puerta Vista...

Team Rocket was at it again and with the help of Nastina, the sister of Brutella, they angered some Tentacool and Tentacruel. The two poison/ water types were on a rampage and were calmed down by Ashley and Gary. Both Ashley's Pikachu and Gary's Pikachu shocked the Tentacruel that was rampaging through Puerta Vista. The Tentacruel was knocked out and taken further out to see where it went its own way. Misty had captured a Horsea and sent it to her sisters to take care of. All went well and Team Rocket was sent blasting off again. Nastina was arrested and thrown in jail with her sister. Ashley and Company finally board a ferry to the mainland to continue their journey to the mainland.

Where one or should I say many adventures end, another one begins. Be on the lookout for more as Ashley's Pokemon Adventures: Kanto
continues on!

To Be Continued...

Next Time: Ashley and Company arrive at the Summer's End Festival. Ashley and Misty take off on a shopping trip leaving Gary and Brock by themselves. What will happen. To find out you have to be patient.

Next Time on Ashley's Pokemon Adventures: Kanto: Episode 07: The Ghost of Maiden's Peak Coming Soon to a Fanfiction Site near you!

Well what did you think? This is my first attempt at and Ash is born as Ashley story. Please be gentle. I hope you enjoy!



P.S. I am going to use attacks from all generations in this story as well as Pokemon from all regions as well. It is four years later than the Anime starts. Ashley is 14 and not 10. Just thought I would let my readers know that.

P.P.S. In this story Ash was always Ashley which is why I am making this into a Palletshipping story only Ash is Ashley instead. She has always been female in this story which is why Gary seems to be falling in love with her.
Episode 06 of my what if Ash was born Ashley story. I hope you enjoy.
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