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Episode 05: Cerulean to Vermilion Adventures! Part 2

Pairing for this story: Ashley/FemAsh X Gary Palletshipping because they are both from Pallet.

Guest Appearances in the chapter: Bill: 24 Gary: 14

Disclaimer: I never have and never will own Pokemon. I am only writing this fic for enjoyment and to pay tribute to the creators and writers of Pokemon.


Ashley and company were on their way to Vermilion City and met a wild Pokemon trainer by the name of AJ who was trying to get to 200 victories. First he managed to defeat Ashley in a four on four battle. Ashley also got injured trying to protect a fainted Pikachu from further harm as she jumped in the way of one of AJ's devastating combination attacks. She recovered quickly though and made peace with AJ and became friends with him. Team Rocket kidnapped Sandshrew thinking it was Pikachu. Eventually Team Rocket was defeated for AJ's 200th Victory.

After another month of traveling, Ashley and company came across a prep school known as Pokemon Tech. The programs at this school were similar to programs at Ashley's old school Pallet Town Pokemon Academy. Ashley and company met a trainer named Joe and a trainer named Giselle who attended Pokemon Tech. Ashley didn't like the attitude Giselle had and neither did Misty. Misty also battle Joe's Weepinbell with Starmie and won. Unfortunately, the same can't be said about Misty's battle with Giselle which ended in a draw. Giselle then got on her high horse and started to rant at how great she was, this only led to more fuel to Ashley's fire. Ashley had told Giselle that she was an embarrassment to Pokemon Prep School students all over. Giselle and Ashley had a battle, Giselle's Cubone which eventually evolved into Marowak battled Ashley's Ivysaur. Marowak ended up losing the battle. This caused Giselle to rethink her battling. Giselle then decided to start her own journey. Joe overheard this and decided to join Giselle on her journey as well. Giselle and Joe promised to meet Ashley again someday in a League Tournament.

After parting ways with Pokemon Tech, Giselle, and Joe; Ashley and Company went to a hidden village and met a young lady by the name of Melanie who took care of sick Pokemon. Ashley showed Melanie her Ivysaur which at one time was the Bulbasaur that Melanie had Professor Oak give to her. Melanie was pleased with how well Ivysaur was doing. She knew she made the right decision handing Bulbasaur to Professor Oak to give to Ashley to train. Of course this excitement was interrupted by the Comedy Relief Duo who ended up getting blasted off again like always. Now Ashley and Company are continuing their journey to Vermilion City so Ashley could take on the Vermilion City Gym Leader for her third badge.

As the Journey Continues...

Ashley and Company are continuing their journey when who should show up but none other than Gary.

"Gary what are you doing here you jerk?" Ashley asked trying to hide her face with is blushing beet red. "Do you want to battle me?"

"I came to apologize to you Ashe." Gary said as he too tries to hide his face that is also blushing beet red. "I was way out of line. I saw your battle on TV at the contest. You certainly are stronger than I initially thought you would be."

"What happened Gary?" Ashley asked as she looked up with her cheeks still tinted red. "Why have you been so cold to me since you started your journey? I haven't heard from you in years since you started your journey. We promised to keep in touch."

"I don't know Ashe." Gary said a he looked up to view Ashley's face. He also had cheeks tinted red. "I guess I was just mad that you weren't starting your journey with me. I wanted to travel with you."

"I wanted to travel with you too Gary." Ashley said. "It's just that Mother wanted me to get stronger before I started my journey. She also wanted me to learn how to cook and survive out in the wilderness. I also promised her that I would train all of my Pokemon every chance I got outside of school. That is how I got such a strong team. I accept your apology. Can we go back to being friends?"

"I don't see why we can't Ashe." Gary said as he embraced the girl. "I would really like that."

Ashley embraced Gary back. She felt safe in his arms for some reason. Also Gary felt safe in Ashley's arms.

"Hey Gary where are your cheerleaders?" Ashley asked curiously. She was also relieved as well.

"I got rid of them. They weren't really helping me with my journey. They reminded me too much of someone." Gary said

"Really, who did they remind you of?" Ashley asked as her blush deepened again along with Gary's. "Anyone I know?"

Brock saw this and told Misty that they needed to give the two some privacy.

"We better let them be." Brock said to Misty. "It seems those two have a lot to catch up on."

"I understand." Misty said. "Want to go get something to eat?"

Brock nods and he and Misty go find a Pokemon Center somewhere.

"They remind me of you Ashe." Gary said with a deeper blush. "Beautiful, sensitive, and lovely just like you."

"Wh-what are you saying Gary?" Ashley asked as her blush deepened as well. "Do you want to travel with my friends and me?"

"I just want to travel with you Ashe." Gary said.

"I can't just leave my friends behind." Ashley said. "How many badges do you have Gary?"

"I don't have any badges." Gary said. "I want to travel with you so I can obtain them the same time as you do. I guess Brock and Misty can travel with us."

Ashley's eyes teared up in happiness as she embraced Gary tighter and didn't want to let go. She seemed to have a warm feeling in the pit of her stomach when she was near Gary. Gary had the same warm feeling in his stomach when he was near Ashley.

"Thank you Gary!" Ashley said as she kissed him on the lips. "I knew you weren't mean like you pretended to be."

Gary returned the kiss to Ashley on her lips. They then kissed each other gently on the lips. Each time a bit longer than the last. Then their kiss deepened into a passionate loving kiss. Both Ashley and Gary came up for air and blushed at each other. Ashley realized the feeling she was having all along. The loneliness without Gary around even when she had her friends, the long nights she spent crying because of the loneliness even with her Pokemon there. She couldn't believe she was thinking this to herself. She was in love with Gary Oak.

Gary had had similar loneliness whenever they were apart. He couldn't stop thinking about the Beautiful Raven-Haired Girl in front of him. She had always been beautiful to him even when they had their fights. There was no denying it now, Gary was in love with Ashley.

"Do you um." Ashley started with a blush. "Take it a bit slow at first?"

"I would like that Ashe." Gary said. "Why the sudden interest in traveling with me?"

"Why the sudden interest in traveling with me?" Ashley asked. "Is there something you want to tell me Gary?"

Ashley's face was beet red the more she was around Gary as her heart beat faster in her chest. Gary's heart was feeling the same effect as Ashley's heart was.

"I am in love with you Ashley Ketchum." Gary finally said. "What about you?"

Ashley nodded shyly in response. "I am in love with you too Gary. I know we are only 14, but this just feels right. I would love to travel with you and call you my Boyfriend if you are willing to call me your Girlfriend."

Gary nodded in response and embraced the Raven-Haired girl in a passionate kiss once again. It had taken them 14 years to finally admit how they felt about each other they were glad they had that burden off of their chests.

They linked hands and went to find Brock and Misty. Along the way they saw a sick Growlithe. They quickly tended to it healing it and stuff. Ashley wanted to catch it, but she already had a strong Fire Type Pokemon in Charmeleon.

"Gary, do you want to capture that Growlithe?" Ashley asked her new boyfriend. "I would, but I already have several strong Pokemon."

"I think I will come on out Squirtle!" Gary said.

"Your Squirtle hasn't evolved yet?" Ashley asked curiously. "It's been four years since you received it, he should be a Wartortle by now."

"I told you I really didn't take training seriously because I was worried about you and how safe you would be going to school instead of journeying with me. I do have an Eevee, a Krabby, and a Pidgeotto, on me in addition to my Squirtle. I think I will catch that Growlithe. Squirtle use Water Pledge!"

Squirtle did so as the Growlithe tried to get up and attack again but fainted on the spot. Gary let loose his Pokeball and captured the Growlithe with no problem. Squirtle then glowed and grew and evolved into Watortle as he took a pose. Ashley had an idea and took out her Pokedex.

"What Gender are my Pokemon other than Pikachu?" Ashley asked her dex.

"You're Pokemon are as follows. Pikachu male, Ivysaur female, Charmeleon male, Wartortle female, Pidgeotto female, and Butterfree male." The dex finished.

Ashley then sent out her Ivysaur and apologized.

"Ivysaur I am so sorry, I thought you were male since female starters are not very common at all." Ashley said as she sent out Wartortle and Pidgeotto as well and apologized to them for thinking they were male. They all nodded and chattered with her. Since she had a gift that she could understand Pokemon she was able to understand the acceptance of her apology.

Gary looked at Ashley's Pokemon and was impressed. Ashley sure had matured over the four years and also has become even more beautiful than she was when she was ten.

"Gary, do you want to battle Brock and Misty for a badge so you will have two badges like me?" Ashley asked her boyfriend as she rested her head on his shoulder.

"I sure would like to do that Ashe." Gary said as he stroked his Girlfriends raven hair. "I am so glad we finally got together."

"So am I Gary." Ashley said as she gave Gary another kiss on the lips that Gary returned she then glanced at her watch and then noticed that they have been out here for an hour already. "Yikes Gary! We need to get to the Pokemon Center to meet up with Misty and Brock. Let's go!"

Ashley then grabbed Gary by the hand gently and they both went to the Pokemon Center after returning their Pokemon.

Inside the Pokemon Center...

Brock and Misty were finishing up their desserts when they noticed to figures holding hands with each other coming in. They noticed the girl had her head on the guys shoulder. On closer inspection, the blush on their cheeks was perfectly clear they have just recently confessed their feelings. Spiky-haired 14 year old boy had on a Ying Yang Necklace was wearing a purple shirt, brown cargo pants as well as a Pokeball belt. His shoes were blue with white soles while the girl wore all blue a blue tank top, a blue denim skirt, a Pokeball belt around her waist which also functioned to hold her skirt up to keep it from falling down. She was also wearing blue calf-length socks with Pink Tennis shoes with white soles. Then Brock and Misty did a double take as they saw it was Ashley and Gary cuddling each other. Pikachu was on Ashley's shoulder, while an Eevee was on the ground walking next to Gary.

"Ashe?" Misty asked. "What are you doing holding Gary's hand? I thought you hated him."

Ashley just giggled. "I told you that I liked him and was just a bit angry how he treated me last time we met. We are Boyfriend and Girlfriend now."

Gary nodded in acknowledgement. "We have known each other all our lives after all and got close. It was at first a sibling-type love but continued to grow. We decided to confess and become a couple."

Misty smiled happily and ran over to Ashley and squealed. "I knew it I knew it! I want details. We can leave Gary and Brock here."

Ashley nodded and squealed and gave Gary a loving kiss on the lips. "I will see you later my love."

"I will see you as well my love." Gary said as he returned the loving kiss that Ashley had given him.

Ashley and Misty went off to talk as Pikachu followed behind and jumped up on Ashley's shoulder. Ashley and Misty got a room for themselves as well as one for the boys. They took the key cards to their rooms and went upstairs. Gary and Brock just looked on as the two girls went upstairs.

"So Gary, how did you two get together?" Brock asked.

"Well," Gary said as he started to tell his story from when him and Ashe first met when they were babies.

Ashley was also telling Misty about how her and Gary met when they were babies as well right up until present time.

"Oh wow." Misty said. "So that's why you are so taken with him. Why did it take you 14 years to get together?"

"Well I wanted to travel with him on his journey." Ashley said. "Unfortunately, my mother wanted me to go to school to learn survival in the wilderness, and how to make various meals. I also had to learn the basics reading writing and arithmetic. I am actually really glad that Mother had me stay home for a bit to train. It helped me get a lot closer to my Pokemon."

Ashley then pets Pikachu on the head.

"I actually got Pikachu as a Pichu." Ashley said as she held the electric mouse close to her heart. "Pichu evolved because I took great care of him and was his friend. Pichu to Pikachu is a friendship evolution."

"Wow Ashe, you really are smarter than the average trainer just starting off his or her journey." Misty said as she took her hair out of the Ponytail.

"Mist I think you need wear your hair down and let it grow out." Ashley said. "It will be a better look for your new outfit that I am going to take you to get."

Misty thinks about it. She has been wearing the same clothes for years, but she did that primarily because of being a Tomboy. Since she has been traveling with Ashe, Misty has been wanting to shed her Tomboyish Persona. She decided that it was best that she let her hair grow out and wore it down.

"That is a good idea Ashe." Misty said. "So give me the news on Gary. Are you two officially a couple?"

"Yes we are." Ashley said with a blush. "Also, Gary hasn't received any badges. He was just training the last four years. He doesn't have as many Pokemon as I have. He even apologized to me for doing that. He also wanted to travel with us. Though we are rivals, we are also boyfriend and girlfriend and want to travel together. Would that be okay with you?"

"Sure, it's okay." Misty said. "Does Gary want to challenge Brock and me for a badge?"

"Yes he does." Ashley said. "You do have plenty don't you?"

"Yes I do. It doesn't matter where a Gym Battle is held as long as both the Gym Leader and Challenger agree." Misty said.

"That's good to hear." Ashley said with a smile. "Well I am going to go for a run, do you want to come with me?"

"No thank you, I need to think of a good strategy against Gary." Misty said as she smiled.

"That works for me." Ashley says as she changes out of her skirt and into blue short Denim Shorts to make it easier for her to run. "See you later Mist."

"See you Ashe." Misty said as she waved to her friend.

In Brock and Gary's Room...

"So Brock, do you think I could battle you for a badge?" Gary asked. "I have basically just spent the last four years training so I don't have badges."

"I wouldn't mind battling you." Brock said. "Are you going to travel with us?"

"If it's okay with you and Misty." Gary says. "Ashe wants to travel with me as well."

"That works. By the way, how did you manage to confess your true feelings to Ashe?" Brock asked.

Gary sat down and went into his story. The story ended.

"So you're saying that you always liked Ashe, but you were too afraid she wouldn't feel the same way because she decided to go to school and obey her mom's wishes?" Brock asks.

"Pretty much." Gary said with a beet red blush on his face. "She is very pretty."

"She sure is, but she is too young for me. I prefer girls who are my age or older." Brock said.

"She is only five years younger than you and so is Misty." Gary said.

"If she was only one year it would be a different story. She is too immature for me." Brock said.

Gary rolls his eyes. "Says the guy that goes GaGa over every beautiful girl he sees except for Ashe and Misty."

"I see Ashe and Misty as little sisters." Brock said.

"Don't you already have several younger siblings?" Gary asked.

"I do, but they are not as sweet as Ashe and Misty are." Brock says.

Gary nods in agreement.

With Ashley and Misty after Ashley returns from her walk and changes back into her normal attire...

"Hey Mist should we go get the boys so we can continue searching for new Pokemon?" Ashley asks.

"That sounds like a good idea Ashe." Misty said.

With that Ashley and Misty leave their room, lock it and go to the boys room.

Ashley knocks on the door.

"Who is it?" Gary's voice asks from behind the door.

"Come on Gary, it's me Ashley." Ashley said.

"I'm here too as well." Misty said.

Gary opened the door and was greeted by Ashley jumping into his arms. Gary catches Ashley Bridal Style. Misty quickly takes a picture.

"Now take her over the threshold Gary." Misty said with a wink.

"Ashe wh-what are you doing?" Gary stuttered out of surprise. He then decided carry Ashley into his and Brocks Room Bridal style.

"I am just happy to finally to be together with you that's all."" Ashley says as she wraps her arms around Gary's neck and kisses him lovingly. "Are you ready to have your gym battles?"

Gary nods and gently sets Ashley down.

"There is a battlefield behind the Pokemon Center." Brock said as he pointed out the window that faced a battle field.

With that Ashley and Company head down to the battlefield.

"2-on-2." Ashley says as she takes her place as referee and winks at Gary. "Win this battle for me Gary."

Gary Blushed and nodded as he sent out his Wartortle against Brocks Geodude.

"Geodude use Rock Throw on Wartortle!" Brock said.

"Dodge it Wartortle and use Water Pledge!" Gary said.

Wartortle hit his hand on the ground and sent several Water spouts toward Geodude causing Massive Damage nearly knocking it out, luckilly Geodude's Sturdy ability kept it from being knocked out. That wouldn't last long though.

"Wartortle finish this move off with Water Pledge!" Gary ordered.

Geodude tried to dodge it, but was unsuccessful. Geodude was knocked out.

"Geodude is unable to battle, the winner is Wartortle." Ashley says as she raises her left arm.

"Geodude return." Brock says. "Onix come on out."

"Onix Vs. Wartortle go!" Ashley said.

"Onix Bind Wartortle and use Rock Throw." Brock ordered.

The battle goes back and forth until Wartortle can no longer battle.

"Wartortle is unable to battle, the winner is Onix." Ashley said as she raised her right hand.

"Great job Wartortle, return you deserve a good rest." Gary said. "I choose you Krabby use Bubble and Bubble Beam Combination!"

The combination move hit Onix before he could even bind the attacker. The move knocked Onix out pretty soundly after the battle went back and forth for a while.

"Onix is unable to battle." Ashley said. "The winner of this submatch is Krabby, therefore the winner of this match is Gary!"

"Good job Onix, Return." Brock said as he recalled his Pokemon and went over to Gary.

"Here Gary you have earned this Boulder Badge." Brock said. "Congratulations."

"Thanks Brock." Gary said as Ashley ran over to him and embraced her boyfriend.

"Gar-Bear you did it!" Ashley said happily as she cuddled with Gary. "We need to heal your Pokemon and we need to get you a grass or Electric type for your battle against Misty."

"I understand Ashe." Gary said as he embraced his girlfriend back. "Sorry Misty, my current team just isn't right to take you on. We are going to have to postpone our battle for now."

"Alright Gary." Misty said with a wave. "I understand."

Gary and Ashley went off for Gary to train some more. Gary then sent his Krabby back to his Grandpa leaving his team with Eevee, Wartortle, Growlithe, and Pidgeotto. Ashley and Gary walked off hand-in-hand with each other.

Where Ashley and Gary were training...

Gary battled several Pokemon and managed to capture a Bellsprout. Also by a stroke of look, he captured a Pikachu. He had trained Bellsprout in battles against Ashe for several hours as well as against wild Pokemon. Eventually Bellsprout evolved into Weepinbell so Gary was ready to take on Misty. He even trained his Pikachu against Ashley's Pikachu. The Pikachu he had captured was female. Ashley was happy for that occurrence. Ashley and Gary continued to train until they knew that Gary was ready to take on Misty. Ashley and Gary also trained there bodies and minds as well. They were going to enjoy this journey. Even moreso now that they have finally confessed to each other. With that, Ashley and Gary headed back to the Pokemon Center Battlefield and got ready for Gary's battle with Misty.

At the battlefield...

Misty is on one side of the ring, and Gary is on the other. Brock has taken the place of Ashley as the referee so Ashley could cheer for her Boyfriend.

"Come on Gar-Bear!" Ashley said with a smile as she blew a kiss to he boyfriend. "I know you can beat Misty. You have gotten so strong in our training."

"I will do this for you Ashykins." Gary said as he smiled caught the kiss and blew one back to her. "All for you."

"Oh Gar-Bear." Ashley says with a blush as she catches the kiss and watches her love battle. "I love you."

"I love you too Ashykins." Gary said with a blush. "This is all for you!"

With that the battle commences.

"Pikachu I choose you!" Gary said to his newest capture.

Once Gary's Pikachu was released, she winked at Ashley's Pikachu and blushed. Ashley's Pikachu blushed as well.

"I am going to have to come up with a nickname for you later." Gary said to his Pokemon. "Right now lets battle girl!"

Gary's Pikachu nodded and took a stance.

"Misty calls Staryu!" Misty says.

"Staryu vs. Pikachu." Brock said. "Let the battle begin."

"Staryu use Swift to start things off!" Misty exclaimed.

"Dodge it Pikachu and use Volt Tackle!" Gary said.

Gary's Pikachu dodged the attack somehow as a yellow Aura made of electricity and wind surrounded her. The sheer speed of Gary's Pikachu was unmatched. Staryu tried to dodge it but took the attack right in the jewel which caused it to crack. Electricity coursed through the body of Staryu knocking it out in one hit.

"Staryu is unable to battle." Brock said. "Pikachu is the winner."

Ashley rushed over to Gary and embraced him lovingly. "I knew you could do it Gare-Bear. Now just beat Starmie and you will have the badge as well."

With that Ashley spun him around and locked lips with him then released. "That's for good luck Gare-Bear."

"Thanks Ashykins." Gary said. "I am so glad we got together!"

Ashley nodded and and went back to the sideline to cheer her boyfriend on.

"Staryu return nice job." Misty said. "Misty calls Starmie!"

With that a Purple Star that was a little bit bigger than Staryu emerged from the ball. This star had ten points instead of five and was part Psychic. This battle won't be as easy as the previous one because Starmie is more powerful than Staryu. Gary's Pikachu was looking the worse for the wear as she was struggling to hold a fighting stance. She hasn't had as much battling experience as Ashley's Pikachu has had. This gave Misty the opening she had been looking for.

"Pikachu, use Thundershock!" Gary said.

Pikachu nodded and released a small beam of electricity at the Purple Star. The Thundershock itself did a lot of damage to Starmie, but this didn't deter Misty from anything. She was the Gym Leader after all.

"Starmie use Rapid Spin followed by Power Gem!" Misty chimed in.

Starmie did as it was told and then fired the Power Gem right at Pikachu knocking her out. It was a rock move afterall.

"Pikachu is unable to battle!" Brock says. "The winner is Starmie."

"Good job Pikachu, take a nice rest girl." Gary said as he held up Pikachu's Pokeball.

Before Gary could place his Pikachu's Pokeball on the target, Ashley's Pikachu snatched it and released the Pokemon. He wanted to make sure she was alright. She nodded toward Ashley's Pikachu confirming that she was alright. Ashley's Pikachu then gave the Pokeball back to Gary.

"Nice job girl, take a nice rest." Gary said holding up the Pokeball once again. "Return!"

Gary's Pikachu was returned as he pulled out another Pokeball.

"Come on out Weepinbell, I choose you!" Gary said. "Start things off with Mega Drain and then use Vine Whip!"

Weepinbell nodded as he came out and executed the order. Since Starmie had already been battling for a while, the combination of Mega Drain and Vine Whip did Starmie in.

"Starmie is unable to battle, " Brock said. "The winner is Weepinbell. Misty is no longer able to use a Pokemon. Therefore the winner of this match is Gary Oak from Pallet Town."

"Nice job Starmie return." Misty said as she walked over to Gary. "Here you go Gary. You have earned this badge."

Gary accepted the badge and then rushed over to his Girlfriend and embraced her.

"Ashykins, I did it! Just like you said." Gary said as he embraced his love.

"I knew you could do that Gare-Bear." Ashley said as she embraced her love. "Can we go on that date now?"

"I don't see why not, but first I have to heal my Pokemon." Gary said.

"I better heal mine too then." Ashley said.

"Return Weepinbell." Gary said as he recalled his Pokemon.

With that our four heroes headed off to the Pokemon Center to heal their Pokemon. After that was done, Ashley and Gary went out on their first date.

After Ashley and Gary got back from their date...

"Are you sure you want to travel with Brock and Misty Gary?" Ashley asked as she laid her head on Gary's shoulder. "It would be so much more romantic if it was just you and me traveling."

"I agree with you there Ashe, but Brock has the map and you also promised Misty you would take her shopping for a better wardrobe." Gary said. "I think it's better that we travel together the four of us."

"I guess you are right." Ashley said kind of sadly. "It just wouldn't be the same without those two around. They are our best friends afterall. I really enjoyed our date Gare Bear."

"So did I Ashykins." Gary said. "We will have plenty more throughout our journey together."

"I know we will." Ashley said happily with a sigh. "We have to get to our rooms before curfew."

With that Ashley and Gary agreed, embraced and kissed passionately and lovingly. They then went to their respectful rooms. Ashley's room with Misty, and Gary's room with Brock.

Our four heroes watched TV for a while and then fell asleep peacefully. Tomorrow was another day.

The Next Morning...

All four of our heroes got up at the same time. Ashley did her morning ritual, followed by Misty.

In their own room, Brock and Gary were busy with their morning rituals.

Our four heroes packed their stuff up and headed downstairs with their keys.

After turning them in, our heroes continued their journey.

On their way to Vermilion City, Ashley and Company encountered several mischievous Squirtles that caused trouble. Team Rocket then showed up to make things even worse eventually Team Rocket was sent blasting off again, and Misty captured the leader of the Squirtle Squad because he wanted to be part of Misty's Team. Brock then captured a Sandshrew along the way as well but had it transported to Pewter Gym for safe keeping. The journey continued until Ashley and Company came across a lighthouse. They met a Pokemaniac named Bill, and Ashley got data on Eevee and was even given an Eevee Egg by Bill as a thank you gift for helping him save his Lighthouse and his friend Dragonite from Team Rocket. Ashley also caught a Krabby that was even bigger than Gary's

As our four heroes traveled Brock going Crazy over every girl he saw and being dragged away by Misty and only Misty now, Ashley was too busy being with Gary to even care about Brock's Hormones. Ashley and Gary had a few dates by themselves for the next several weeks it took them about a month to get to Vermilion City. Ashley managed to capture some more Pokemon she caught the Oddish-Gloom-Vileplume evolutionary line as well as the Bellsprout-Weepinbell-Victreebel evolutionary line. Not to be outdone by Gary's Growlithe, Ashley captured a Vulpix. Eventually Ashley's Eevee egg hatched into a female Eevee and Ashley sent Butterfree to Professor Oak for safekeeping. So Ashley's team now consists of Pikachu, Ivysaur, Charmeleon, Wartortle, Pidgeotto, and Eevee.

Gary's tem consists of Wartortle, Pidgeotto, Growlithe, Weepinbell, Pikachu, and Eevee. Ashley and Gary's team each have a nice balance. Misty's team consists of Staryu, Starmie, Goldeen, Gyarados, Squirtle, and Oddish at the moment. Poliwag is at the gym being taken care of. Brock also decided to bring his Sandshrew into the fold. So his team consists of Onix, Geodude, Sandshrew, and Zubat. Now Ashley and Gary come to a scenic overlook and see a harbor.

"Hey Gare-Bear look down there." Ashley says as she lays her head on Gary's shoulder. "Is that the city I think it is?"

"Yes Ashykins it is." Gary says as he strokes her hair. "That is Vermilion City the location of our next Pokemon Gym Battle."

"Gare Bear can we just sit here and make camp for the night?" Ashley asks pleadingly. "I want to see the nice sunset."

"I would like that Ashykins." Gary says. "We will set up camp here."


"I think I'm going to head to the Pokemon Center as well." Brock said to the two lovebirds that were sitting on the bench. "I have got to see if this Nurse Joy will go out with me."

With that Ashley and Gary understood what their two friends wanted to do and let them. Ashley and Gary sat on the overlook and watched the sunset then set up their tents and fell asleep peacefully. Next stop Vermilion Gym. Also Ashley decided to keep Eevee outside of her Pokeball. Pikachu understood and decided to go inside his Pokeball. After all if Gary's Pikachu didn't mind the Pokeball, why should he?

Where one adventure ends, another begins. What else is in store for Ashley and company! Be on the look out to find out.

To Be Continued...

Next Time: With Gary now traveling with our heroes and Ashley and Gary dating, Ashley and Gary focus on their next challenge. The Vermilion City Gym Leader Lt. Surge. Will they win or lose? Be on the lookout to find out!

Next Time on Ashley's Pokemon Adventures: Kanto: Episode 06: Electric Shock Showdowns! Coming Soon to a Fanfiction Site near you!

Well what did you think? The next chapter may be a bit longer than my normal chapters are because I am covering multiple events in one chapter. However it probably won't be as long as chapter three was. This is my first attempt at and Ash is born as Ashley story. Please be gentle. I hope you enjoy!



P.S. I am going to use attacks from all generations in this story as well as Pokemon from all regions as well. It is four years later than the Anime starts. Ashley is 14 and not 10. Just thought I would let my readers know that.

P.P.S. In this story Ash was always Ashley which is why I am making this into a Palletshipping story only Ash is Ashley instead. She has always been female in this story which is why Gary seems to be falling in love with her.
Episode 05 of my what if Ash was actually Ashley story.
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