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Episode 04: Cerulean to Vermilion Adventures! Part 1

Guest Appearances in the chapter: AJ: 19 Joe: 12, Giselle: 14, Melanie: 19

Disclaimer: I never have and never will own Pokemon. I am only writing this fic for enjoyment and to pay tribute to the creators and writers of Pokemon.


Ashley and Misty met Brock and encountered Team Rocket for the first time. They also managed to defeat Team Rocket when they invaded the Cerulean Pokemon Gym. After Team Rocket was blasted off by Ashley, Misty, and the remaining Sensational Sisters; there was a big hole in the gym so they had to move the gym battle to the Cerulean City Contest Hall which was the original Gym. Ashley and Misty met May, Drew, Dawn,and Kenny and took in a contest which their new friend Dawn had won. Also Ashley earned her second badge, the Cascade Badge by defeating Misty in a Gym Battle inside the Contest Hall right before the Contest. That is where our story continues!

About three or four hours later after the Contest...

Ashley and Company congratulated Dawn for winning the contest and receiving a ribbon. Ashley and Company then went their separate ways promising to meet each other again some time.

Ashley and company are continuing their journey through Kanto. Ashley is happily admiring her two badges.

"I can't believe that I have gotten two badges since I started my journey about a month or so ago." Ashley said.

"Have we really been traveling together that long Ashe?" Misty asked.

"I think we have." Ashley said. "We have had a lot of fun. Especially dragging Brock away haven't we?"

Misty nodded as they continued their journey. Ashley was then approached by a trainer wanting to challenge her to a four on four battle. Ashley accepted.

"Four on four works for me." Ashley said with a smile. "My name is Ashley by the way."

"Nice to meet you!" The trainer says. "I think you will have quite a fight with me."

Ashley nods as the battle gets underway. The battle goes by quickly and Ashley wins.

"And yes!" Ashley said as she celebrated. "That is Victory number 20!"

"Wow that is great!" The trainer said. "You should battle A.J."

"Um who is AJ?" Ashley asked.

"He is a wild Pokemon trainer a little bit further up the road." the trainer says. "He hasn't lost."

"Well thank you for the suggestion." Ashley said as she curtsied. "I will see what he has up his sleeve."

With that Ashley and company continued on their journey.

Further up the road Normal Point of View...

Ashley and Company come across a privacy gate and fence. Above it there was a sign that read: A.J.'s Gym, not Sanctioned by the Pokemon League:


Wins: 198 Losses: 0

"Let us see what this AJ can do against my team of Pokemon." Ashley says happily as she pushes the door open. "This is going to be an excellent challenge for us Pikachu!"

"Good luck Ashe." Brock said.

"I know you can do it Ashe!" Misty said.

"Thanks Brock, Thanks Mist!" Ashley said.

"Who goes there?" A gruff Voice with a Southern Drawl speaks.

"My name is Ashley Arlena Ketchum." Ashley said. "I am here to challenge you to a battle!"

"Fine!" the voice said as he revealed himself. "My name is AJ I will accept your challenge, but ya'll are gonna lose!"

AJ had spiky Green hair, a red t-shirt with a black Zig Zag across the chest of the shirt. He had knee-length Khaki shorts on a well as black tennis shoes with no socks.

"Whatever you say." Ashley said. "Four-on-Four first to lose all four Pokemon loses the match deal?"

"Deal!" AJ said. "Bring it on Girly! Sandshrew! Take your place."

"Come on out Ivysaur!" Ashley said. "Use Sunny Day!"

Ivysaur did so.

"Sandshrew use Fissure Strike!" AJ said.

"Dodge it Ivysaur and use Solar Beam!" Ashley said.

The Solar Beam Connected knocking Sandshrew out.

"Sandshrew is unable to battle the winner is Ivysaur!" Brock said.

"Sandshrew, return!" AJ said as he pulled out a Pokeball and recalled him. "Butterfree come out and use Bug Buzz! Followed by U-Turn!"

The two attacks connected effectively knocking Ivysaur out.

"Ivysaur is unable to battle the winner is Sandshrew!" Brock said.

"Oh no! Ivysaur!" Ashley said as she rushed over to her Pokemon. "Are you going to be okay?"

Ivysaur nods and smiles sadly.

"Hey don't worry about it Ivysaur." Ashley said with a smile. "Return and take a good rest."

Ashley then returned her Ivysaur.

"Come on out Charmeleon!" Ashley said. "Sunny Day is still in effect Charmeleon use Flamethrower!"

The Flamethrower connected knocking out Butterfree.

"Butterfree is unable to battle the winner is Charmeleon!" Brock said as Sunny Day wore off.

"Return Butterfree, come on out Rattata and use Water Pulse!" AJ said.

The Water Pulse hit Charmeleon dead on knocking it out.

"Charmeleon is unable to battle!" Brock said. "The winner is Rattata!"

"Oh no Charmeleon!" Ashley said in shock as she pulled out Charmander's Pokeball. "It looks like we still have a lot of training to do Charmeleon. Return and take a good rest. Thank you so much."

Ashley then kissed Charmeleon's Pokeball an placed it back on her belt.

"Your time to shine is right now Wartortle!" Ashley said as she pirouetted and winked. "I choose you!"

"War Tor-Tle!" Wartortle said as it took a battle stance.

"Rattata Water Pulse again." AJ said.

"Dodge it Wartortle and use Rapid Spin followed by Water Pledge!" Ashley said.

Wartortle did so and easily finished off Rattata. Ashley had two Pokemon remaining, AJ had only one.

Ivysaur, Charmeleon, Wartortle, Pikachu. Sandshrew, Butterfree, Rattata, Beedrill.

Wartortle was still rarin to go as Ashley patiently waited for AJ to send out his final Pokemon.

"Beedrill! I choose you!" AJ said.

Ashley dexed it and found out what she needed to do to defeat it.

"Wartortle use Hydro Pump!" Ashley said.

"Dodge it Beedrill and use Sunny Day followed by Solar Beam!" AJ said.

"Dodge it Wartortle!" Ashley says. "I know you can do it! Do not give up!"

Wartortle tries to dodge the attack but is taken out by one hit from the Solar Beam.

"Wartortle is unable to battle." Brock said. "The winner is Beedrill."

"Nice try Wartortle! You did a great job!" Ashley said as she hugged her fallen friend. "You deserve a nice rest. Thank you for all of your hard work. Return."

With that, Ashley recalls her Wartortle and looks over to her starter.

"Pikachu are you ready to take the leap and win this battle for us?" Ashley asked as she hugged her starter close to her bosom. Pikachu truly enjoyed that. "I know you can do it sweetie."

Ashley then kisses her starter on the forehead, this time there is no lipstick smudge.

Pikachu nods and takes his place on the battle filed where Wartortle used to be.

"I have been with this Pikachu for four years." Ashley said. "He is my very best friend and my starter that was given to me by Professor Oak. Let's finish this battle! Use Electro Ball!"

The Electro Ball came at Beedrill too fast and collided with it knocking it(Beedrill) back.

"Don't give up Beedrill! Remember we are going to travel once we get victory Number 200!" AJ said.

"You are going to have to wait to get closer AJ." Ashley said. "I have had my team of Pokemon with me for about four years. I trained them outside of school when I went to Pallet Town Pokemon Academy."

"We will just see who comes out on top!" AJ said. "Use Twin Needle Beedrill!"

"Dodge with Agility Pikachu and come back at it with Volt Tackle!" Ashley said to her starter.

"Now Beedrill use the three move combination Sunny Day, Solar Beam, and Hyper Beam." AJ said. "Time to show this girl that she still has a lot to learn!"

Beedrill executed the attack as a dual colored beam heads straight for Pikachu.

"Dodge it Pikachu!" Ashley said. "Now!"

Unfortunately for Ashley that last Twin Needle Attack poisoned Pikachu and he fainted as a result of it.

"Pikachu is unable to battle, the winner of this submatch is Beedrill, therefore the winner of the match is AJ!" Brock said as the sign outside of his gym changed from 198 to 199.

AJ didn't tell Beedrill to stop its attack. So it was headed straight for the unconscious Pikachu. Ashley's next move would save Pikachu's life but put hers in danger.

"No Pikachu!" Ashley said as she jumped in front of Pikachu to take the brunt of the hit right in her bust luckily it didn't hit bone or organ, it just hit her 34C Cup flesh. She was still bleeding though.

"Ashe you idiot!" Misty said harshly. "Why did you take the attack yourself!"

Ashley just glared at AJ with anger. "Pikachu had already fainted and AJ didn't call back his attack." Ashley said as she held her chest. "You saw that Pikachu had fainted but you didn't call back your attack. That's cheating!"

"I can see why you had to wait four years for your journey girly, you are weak and pathetic!" AJ said condescendingly.

Ashley caught wind of this and and tried to get up and reach for one of her Pokeballs. Unfortunately she fainted due to her injuries. She fell unconscious still holding her chest.

"Beedrill return!" AJ said. "We won this battle, but we have to take care of her now."

AJ pointed to the unconscious Ashley and had a look of remorse on his face. After that he pointed to the house that he had built there four years ago that had several rooms in it.

"I still got a lot of training to do." AJ said to his Sandshrew who had since woken up from being knocked out of the battle. "Sandshrew, we have to help this girl."

AJ and Brock took Ashley into the main room where all the Pokemon food and cooking supplies were held. It was a combination living room/dining room/kitchen

"I do have some extra clothes in that bag, but they may be baggy." AJ said.

"Hey don't worry, Ashley has plenty of clothes." Misty said and pointed to the door to the Pokemon training area. "I need to change her shirt and bra so you have to get out of here AJ. Brock is in there as well."

AJ nodded and took out some first aid supplies. Misty checked her pulse and it was there but it was weakening.

"No Ashe!" Misty exclaimed. "You can't die! You have so much ahead of you! Don't die now!"

Ashley had stopped breathing.

"NO!" Misty said with tears in her eyes. "You can't!"

Misty then started CPR on Ashley. The compressions worked as she started to breathe and coughed up some blood. It wasn't much though. Nothing was broken and it didn't feel like there was internal bleeding and it couldn't be seen either. She then closed the tent as she went to work with the first aid.

In the Pokemon training area with AJ and Brock...

"Why did Ashley do that Brock?" AJ asked with sadness in his voice. "Why would she risk her life for Pikachu?"

"It's not just Pikachu AJ, she would risk her life for any of the Pokemon on her team as well as the Pokemon she has stored at Professor Oak's Lab." Brock said.

"But why? Pikachu's are the weakest Pokemon to have as a starter. Though Ashley's Pikachu is strong, it still has a long way to go." AJ said.

"You just don't get it do you AJ?" Brock inquired.

"Get what?" AJ asked.

"Ashe loves all of her Pokemon." Brock said. "Her Pokemon Team and herself have gone through so many trials and tribulations. Her father ran away when she was real young. She was only about five. Her mother had to take a job just for expenses, so Ashe had to do everything from cooking, to general weekly and monthly house work. Her mother then quit her job so she could be home with Ashe when she got home from school everyday. Professor Oak took up most of the household cleaning while Delia did odds and ends around the house."

"What does that have to do with Ashley risking her life to protect Pikachu?" AJ asked.

"She got Pikachu when she first turned 10 as a Pichu. She couldn't go on a journey because she promised her mother she would finish elementary school and graduate from Pallet Town Pokemon Academy. Pikachu as well as Ivysaur, Charmeleon, and Wartortle were the first Pokemon she ever got. She used her first four Pokemon to capture Pidgeotto as a Pidgey and Butterfree as a Caterpie. That is how she got so strong. She would do anything for her Pokemon, even sacrifice her life for her team and her Pokemon at Oak's Lab. You can learn from that AJ." Brock finished.

"Shall we go check on her?" Brock asked.

"Sure we should." AJ said. "I owe her an apology."

With that, Brock and AJ went to the room that Ashley and Misty were currently in and knocked on the door.

Inside the other room Misty's POV...

I had just finished tending to Ashe's wounds and making sure there was no infection of any sort when I heard a knock on the tent flap.

"Who is it?" I asked. "What do you need."

"It's me AJ." AJ said. "I am here to apologize to Ashley is she awake?"

"No she isn't, but she is breathing and resting comfortably." I said in reassurance. "She needs to rest overnight."

"I'm here to." Another voice said. "Can I come in?"

There was another voice there as well. Pikachu had recovered from the poisoning and I gave him the antidote. Pikachu was now sleeping curled up on Ashe's stomach. He has tears in his eyes wondering when his best friend and trainer will wake up. I took it on myself to release and heal up Ashe's other three Pokemon she had used in her battle against AJ. I was too focused to notice the two voices get closer and closer to me. I am about to panic when I realize that the other voice I heard was Brock's voice. AJ and Brock came in and sat on either side of me with all of Ashe's Pokemon out, the ones that she had with her at the moment anyway.

Then I heard a stirring from the direction that Ashe was laying. She tried to get up and spoke.

"Mist, Brock, AJ." Ashley asked. "What happened how are my Pokemon."

Ashley then looked down her shirt.

"Why is my chest all bandaged up?" Ashley asks. "Did something happen in the battle."

Ashley then tries to get up and cringes. I gently push her shoulders back down on the sleeping bag and take a couple of pillows out of my bag and gently place them under her head so she can see everyone.

"Where are my Pokemon?" Ashley asks with a voice full of concern. "Are they okay?"

"All of your Pokemon are fine." I say. "I healed them all up with some Super Potions."

"Thanks Mist." Ashley said. "What happened to me in the battle?"

"You got hit by a large combo of Pokemon attacks." I said.

"I did?" Ashley as she looked around and glared at AJ angrily after she spotted him.

"S-sorry Ashley." AJ said. "I was too full of myself to stop the attack. I saw Pikachu faint before I called out the attack. I guess I forgot to stop the attack because I was so focused on the battle. I guess I should've listened more carefully."

Ashe nodded at AJ and smiled. That smile that she had it was obvious. She had forgiven AJ and wanted to be friends with him.

"I forgive you AJ." Ashley says. "By the way, you are an excellent battler. I have to give you credit for beating my strongest team. Do you want to be friends?"

Ashley extended her hand out toward AJ waiting for a hand shake and got one.

"Thank you Ashley!" AJ exclaimed relieved. "I would like to be friends with you."

"Okay that's a deal." Ashley said. "You need to call me Ashe though. I spell it with an e at the end of it to make it more gender specific. Ashe is short for Ashley."

AJ nods and smiles. Sandshrew is seen curled up into a ball next to Ashley while Pikachu is curled up on Ashley's stomach. They are both asleep. Ashley, AJ, Brock, and Misty also fall asleep soon after. It is about 3:00 in the afternoon so they are taking a nap.

About an hour and a half later, Ashley wakes up at about 4:30 in the afternoon. She stands up quietly and stretches and does her poses and stuff. She seems to be in no pain at all. Ashley goes to the restroom to check on her injuries to make sure she was ready to go.

In the Restroom in front of the mirror...

After taking off her bandages to check her injuries, there seems to be no trace of any flesh damage or any pain anymore. It seems that the pain she had experience earlier had vanished. She also made sure that everything was in tact and healed. She was pleased to see no visible evidence of her injuries. She opted to not re-bandage her chest. She was surprised at the lack of scarring.

"Oh wow!" Ashley said pleased as she spun around and posed in front of the mirror. "There is no visible evidence what so ever. I am so happy!"

Ashley then put on her blue vest because she was a bit cold and returned to the room where she was at.

In the main room...

She was surprised to see Pikachu, AJ, Misty, Brock, and Sandshrew still asleep. She gently started busying herself in the kitchen. Once the dinner was complete, she was happy to see that her cooking was causing everyone to stir.

AJ looked the most worried.

"Ashe!" AJ Scolded "What are you doing? You should be resting."

"I have never felt better!" Ashe smiled happily as she hugged AJ surprisingly. "I owe it all to you and the medicine that you made to heal me."

AJ blushed beet red. He hadn't had this much attention from a girl in years. He remembered breaking up horribly from his EX-Girlfriend and that's what forced him to go on his dash to get 200 victories. AJ hugged Ashley back.

"Thanks Ashe." AJ said. "I am so sorry for how I acted."

"Hey no worries AJ." Ashley said with her lovely smile. It was a genuine friendly smile. "You were just acting on instinct. Did you know that after you left me, Sandshrew came in and watched over me to make sure I was alright. Him and I talked about how after a really ugly breakup, you turned to Pokemon battling to heal your broken heart. That is why I wasn't surprised that Pikachu fainted from poisoning. I was just upset that you would keep attacking an opposing trainer's Pokemon after it was already down and out. Sandshrew helped me understand your ambitions."

"Sandshrew is this true?" AJ asked. "You trust Ashe enough to tell her about our past?"

Sandshrew nods and goes over to his trainer.

"If you trust Ashe, so do I." AJ said with a smile and not the scowl that he had been sporting lately. "So Ashe how is it you can understand Pokemon and no one else can?"

"Well, I have been hanging out with Pokemon for a long time." Ashley said. "I have known Pikachu the longest because he was given to me as a tiny Pichu. That's a bit of a secret that no one else but you and me know. Not even my best friends Misty and Brock. Right now I have to put the finishing touches on this meal. Also, I have been able to understand Pokemon since I learned how to walk and talk."

Ashley then went back to preparing some Breakfast for everyone else and poured AJ some juice as well as some of her famous home made Iced Tea. She had made both sweetened and unsweetened Iced Tea from Tea Leaves she had found on her journey so far. That schooling she took before starting her journey has really paid off.

It wasn't long before the rest of the group woke up including Pikachu. They were awakened by the wonderful smell wafting from the small kitchen area.

Misty and Brock joined AJ and Ashley at the table and noticed that Ashley had no visible signs of injury she was even full of energy. She hugged Misty.

"Thanks for taking care of me Mist." Ashley said she then turned to Brock and hugged him. "Hey, you really are a good big brother. An annoying pervy one, but a good one nonetheless. I am so glad I met you."

Ashley then set the dinner down in front of her friends.

"So did the blood come out of my other shirt?" Ashley asked.

"Look for yourself Ashe." Misty said as she held up the shirt that showed no sign whatsoever of a bloodstain. "Luckily your injury wasn't very serious. However you still have to be careful! Think before you leap! That attack could've really hurt you badly Ashe."

"I know Mist, I know." Ashley said as she picked up Pikachu and hugged him close to her heart. "I just couldn't bear to think what I would do with out my cute little Pika Pal."

Ashley then kissed Pikachu on the forehead and once again left a lipstick mark. She quickly wiped it off.

"I have a confession to make, I actually got Pikachu as a Pichu before I turned 10. It wasn't that long before I turned ten, but it was about two or three weeks before my tenth Birthday that Professor Oak gave him to me. I also remember Professor Oak telling me something about getting Ivysaur from a Hidden Village when he gave him to me as a Bulbasaur. I do hope to visit that village on our journey."

"We probably will Ashe." Brock said as he looked at the map. "You will be able to see the person that raised Ivysaur from a young Bulbasaur."

Ashley smiles happily and goes back to eating her dinner along with everyone else.

After dinner is finished, the group basically just hangs out and tells stories and they explain the reason for their traveling.

A few hours pass by and it has gotten dark. It was about 9:00 at night. After a bit more chatting, Ashley and company settle down for a nice sleep. Pikachu and Sandshrew are in the main Pokemon area sleeping with AJ's other Pokemon. Ashley is keeping her other Pokemon with her, Pikachu wanted to hang out with Sandshrew.

While everyone was sleeping Normal POV...

Three eyes were seen from a giant metal beach ball looking thing. They opened the hatch and saw two Pokemon curled up and sleeping. They grabbed one thinking it was Pikachu. They hadn't realized that it was actually Sandshrew and not Pikachu.

"Are you sure we grabbed Pikachu?" Meowth asked. "This one seems awfully heavy to be a Pikachu."

"I know right?" Jessie asks. "It has got to be Pikachu. That's the only Pokemon that curls up in a ball to sleep."

"I guess you're right." James says as our villainous trio rolls off.

The Next Morning AJ's POV...

I woke up in the morning and made myself a quick Breakfast. I decided to let Ashe and the others sleep in. Ashe would surely fix herself and her friends a nice Breakfast. I went into the Pokemon area to check on my Pokemon. I saw Pikachu and all of my other Pokemon sleeping soundly. However I looked around, and there was no sign of Sandshrew. During this time Pikachu had woken up and wondered where Sandshrew was as well. Having no look finding Sandshrew after a couple of hours at 8:30 Pikachu jumped up on my shoulder and pointed us in the direction of Ashe and the others. It seems he somehow knew that they had woken up by now. Of course, it had to be true that at least Ashe was up because I could smell her delicious cooking. Apparently I smelt another delicious smell emanating from the area as well. Someone else was cooking along with Ashe so Pikachu and I set off back to the main area. I run into the kitchen area careful not to trip over anything in a bit of a panic, but not in enough of a panic to go berserk and break things. Somehow I knew that wherever Sandshrew was , he was safe.

"Hey Brock, Ashe have you seen Sandshrew anywhere?" I asked.

"No why?" Ashe asked me. "I thought he was with Pikachu."

"Are you sure you looked everywhere for him?" Brock asked just as Misty walked into the room and started brewing some hot tea for everyone.

"He can't have gotten far." Misty said. "He has to be around this area somewhere."

I watch as Ashe and Company sit down to Breakfast with reassuring smiles on their faces. This let me know that they definitely would help me find my beloved Sandshrew. I decided to eat some of Ashe's Breakfast as well since I only had a granola bar when I got up at 6:30 this morning.

After Breakfast we went searching for Sandshrew. The first place I knew to look was the arena Battle ring. That is where we headed.

The Arena Battle Ring a few minutes later Normal POV...

"Sandshrew where are you?" All four of them chorused.

"Pika Pika!" Pikachu chimed in as well.

The group looked around worriedly not finding any sign of Sandshrew anywhere until they felt a rumble underneath the ground.

"Whoa! What is this shaking?" Ashley asked as she tried to maintain her footing. She was able to do so thankfully.

Out of the ground popped Sandshrew with Meowth on his tail.

"Hey it's Meowth!" Ashley said as she took out her Pokeball containing Wartortle as Pikachu jumped down beside Wartortle.

"I know that Meowth!" Brock said.

"Who are ya'll?" AJ asked.

"AJ you shouldn't have asked that." Misty said.

Team Rocket showed up and before they could start their stupid motto Wartortle drenched them and Pikachu shocked them. Not enough to send them blasting off though. They then said they had no interest in AJ's second-rate Sandshrew.

"AJ time for your 200th Victory!" Ashley said.

"Sandshrew attack!" AJ said as he cracked his whip.

The battle went back and forth between AJ and Team Rocket. Finally Sandshrew just ended the battle quickly with a Fissure strike as Team Rocket was knocked into a tree and ended up unconscious.

The sign on the outside of the gym changed to read 200 wins 0 losses. Sandshrew then glowed, got bigger and grew spikes on his back.

"AJ look!" Ashley exclaimed happily. "Your Sandshrew evolved into Sandslash! Do you want to travel with my friends and me?"

"No thank you." AJ said. "I have a promise to keep with Sandshrew, I mean Sandslash. We are going to travel the world. Hopefully we will meet again Ashe."

"Let's hope we do." Ashley said.

With that, everyone parted ways.

Ashley and Company continued to travel for about a month catching some more Pokemon. Ashley now has the Nidoran Female and Nidoran Male Evolutionary lines. They continue their journey until they walked into a fog bank. They heard someone shouting out answers to questions from several other older boys. Ashley took Pikachu toward the voices and wondered what was going on.

Finally at the source of the voices...

Ashley saw a building just beyond the fog that was starting to clear. She then heard an automated voice.

"Today's special class Fog Battle Techniques has come to a close. Tomorrow's class will be Snow Battle Secrets." The voice finished.

"I guess I will get turned into a Snowman tomorrow." Joe said as he took out a picture and looked at it with a blush.

"Hey there." Ashley said as she went up to the treadmill. "My name is Ashley Ketchum. I am from Pallet Town."

"My name is Joe." Joe said. "I am a student here at Pokemon Tech. Are you just starting your journey?"

"Yes I am." Ashley said. "I am 14 years old."

"Aren't you a little old to be starting a journey?" Joe asked.

"I had to go to school first to learn the basics about traveling and surviving." Ashley said. "This is my starter Pikachu."

"You aren't very smart choosing an Electric Type to start out with." One of the boys that was quizzing Joe said. "You must be a really pathetic trainer."

"PATHETIC?!" Ashley asked angrily as anger ticks appeared on her forehead. "I WILL SHOW YOU PATHETIC! LET'S BATTLE RIGHT NOW!"

"I am not going to waste my time on an old lady like you." The boy said. "You have to be what 30?"

"I'm 14 you little imbecile!" Ashley exclaimed even angrier. "Pikachu use Volt Tackle to knock this idiot down a notch!"

Pikachu nodded as his body was engulfed in a yellow aura as well as wind.

"Pika Pika Pika Pika Pika Pika Pika Chuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!" Pikachu said as he knocked the idiot out.

"Let's get out of here!" All the boys cried as they picked up their comrade and ran away.

"Joe, why were those boys hassling you?" Ashley asked with concern.

"They weren't hassling me, they are just trying to help me get stronger. So I can leave this dreadful place and start my own journey."

"I started my journey late as well." Ashley said as she offered her hand. "Do you want to be friends?"

"Sure, I would like that Ashley." Joe said.

"Oh please call me Ashe." Ashley said with a smile.

"Ash?" Joe asked confused. "But that's a guys name why do you go by a guys name when it's obvious that you are a very pretty girl."

Ashley tries not to get mad at this younger kid. She manages to succeed. She then explains.

"My friend call me Ashe because it's short for Ashley." Ashley said. "I spell it with an e on the end to make it a bit more gender specific."

"Oh I see." Joe said. "So how long have you been traveling?"

"I have been traveling for two months with my friends Misty and Brock." Ashley said. "They should be here pretty soon."

"Oh okay." Joe said. "So do you want to see the school?"

"Sure!" Ashley says excitedly. "Where is it?"

"Right over there." Joe said as the rest of the fog cleared. "Let's meet our top beginner."

"What does she look like?" The Raven-Haired blue clad girl asked.

Joe pulled out a picture and showed it to Ashley.

"Her name is Giselle." Joe said. "She is tough, but she is sweet at the same time."

Joe then blushed and Ashley saw what was going on.

"So do you like this girl?" Ashley asked.

"That obvious?" Joe asked.

"See for yourself." Ashley said as she pulled out a mirror for Joe to see.

"Oh, I guess it is all over my face." Joe said as the blush faded after he calmed down.

Ashley and Joe headed into the school as Misty and Brock joined them.

Misty and Brock introduced themselves to Joe.

"So you're from Cerulean City?" Joe asked. "You are a gym leader as well aren't you?"

Misty nods as Joe pulls a simulation up.

"Cerulean Gym, Water Pokemon right?" Joe asked as Misty nodded. "I've beaten it before on the simulator."

"A simulation is no substitute for a real battle." Misty said as she pulled out a Pokeball. "Do you want to have one?"

"Sure." Joe says as he goes up to a shelf full of Pokeballs and picks one up. "Weepinbell come on out."

"Starmie I choose you." Misty said.

The battle goes back and forth with neither Pokemon gaining a clear advantage. Starmie finally knocks Weepinbell out.

"Well I guess I still have a lot to learn." Joe said as he recalled Weepinbell. "I should've expected that type of battle from a Gym Leader."

"That is right Joe." a girl with long Raven Hair wearing a school uniform says as she walks in. "You are an embarrassment to the school! How can you call yourself a Pokemon Tech Student?"

Misty walked up to the girl and demanded her name.

"My name is Giselle." Giselle says as she goes off into a rant about her accomplishments and this and that. During her rant she sees Ashley look over toward her angrily.

"Misty battle her!" Ashley demanded. "Show her what a Cerulean City Gym Leader is made of!"

Misty nods as her and Giselle go head to head. The battle ends in a draw with Starmie and Graveler fainting at the same time.

"Mist, you should've healed Starmie before the battle or used Staryu." Ashley said.

"I know Ashe, I was just so mad!" Misty said. "Anger was clouding my judgement."

"That just shows that you aren't Gym Leader material at all!" Giselle said snobbishly. "You are an embarrassment to Gym Leaders everywhere!"

"Oh and I suppose you are the perfect example of a boarding school student huh Giselle?" Ashley said with an angry glare. "I challenge you to a battle one on one right here and now!"

"I will still beat you just like I did your friend." Giselle said as she grabbed another Pokeball and threw it. "Cubone I choose you!"

"Pikachu, you are going to sit out of this battle." Ashley said to her starter. "You still need to recover from your battle with AJ."

Pikachu nodded in understanding.

"I heard you were 14 just like me and just starting out your journey." Giselle said snobbishly. "My Cubone will have no trouble beating you. You probably don't have any more than three Pokemon on you."

"I actually have six and several more at Professor Oak's Lab in Pallet Town." Ashley said as she grabbed a Pokeball off of her belt. "Ivysaur I choose you! You see, two months ago I graduated with honors from Pallet Town Pokemon Academy which I believe is a rival prep school of Pokemon Tech. I have also raised Pikachu from a little Pichu from when I was ten. As well as Ivysaur, Charmeleon, and Wartortle from Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle. I also raised my Butterfree and Pidgeotto from Caterpie and Pidgey respectively. I have just recently captured both Nidoran Evolutionary lines female and male. So be prepared to lose Miss Top Beginner of Pokemon Technical! Ivysaur start things off with Grass Pledge!"

Ivysaur nodded and stomped the ground as it sent several twisters made of grass up from the ground. This struck Cubone dead on causing serious damage. Eventually Cubone Evolved into Marowak which made the battle even more interesting.

"So what, your Cubone evolved into Marowak!" Ashley said after she dexed it. "It won't help matters any. Ivysaur Sunny Day, Grass Pledge, and Solar Beam together!"

The sun made the power of Solar Beam even more powerful than usual. It also gave an extra boost to Grass Pledge. Marowak tried to dodge it but couldn't. Marowak was immediately knocked out.

"Marowak is unable to battle." Brock said. "The winner is Ivysaur. Therefore the winner of this match is Ashley Ketchum from Pallet Town."

Giselle nodded in defeat and went over to Ashley and shook her hand. Ashley returned the handshake and then recalled Ivysaur.

"I would be honored to call you a friend if you will let me." Giselle said. "I learned a lot from you and am going to start my own journey and earn my badges the right way."

Ashley thought about the proposition and agreed.

"I would also be honored to be your friend Giselle." Ashley said. "You can call me Ashe by the way."

Giselle was about to say something but was cut off by Ashley.

"Ashe is short for Ashley, and I spell it with an e to make it gender specific." Ashley said as she pointed to herself.

Giselle nodded in understanding.

Having overheard the conversation between Ashley and Giselle, Joe said that he wanted to travel as well. Giselle and Joe decided to travel together after checking in with their parents. Both sets of parents approved so Giselle and Joe set off on their journey together after dropping out of Pokemon Tech.

Team Rocket was disappointed as they didn't get to encounter their enemies at all. They still needed to get that Pikachu.

As the journey continues...

Ashley is looking at the map and notices that they are really close to the Hidden Village. In fact, this path led straight to the Hidden Village but was littered with traps.

Ashley then looked over the map for an alternate route to avoid the traps. She found one easily and told her friends that they needed to go the way she found to avoid the traps.

Misty and Brock nodded and then followed Ashley's lead. They arrived at the village via the back entrance. Ashley told her friends to stay behind. She then walked up to the cabin and knocked.

The door opened to reveal a blue-haired girl with sapphire-blue eyes about 19 wearing a Pink Blouse underneath a set of red overalls. She also had a read headband in her hair that was in a braid with a red Ponytail holder at the base of the braid and a green bow at the top of the braid which started at the top of her neck. The braid looked to be about waist-length.

"Can I help you?" The young lady asked. "How did you avoid the traps?"

"A map the Professor Oak gave me of this place at the beginning of my journey." Ashley said. "My name is Ashley Ketchum. These are my friends Misty and Brock."

"Nice to meet you." Misty said.

"What is your name my dear girl?" Brock asked as he grabbed her hand. "I would like to go on a date with you. Would you like to go out with me?"

The blue-haired girl was confused and didn't know what to say. She thought this guy was cute, but he was way too forward.

"CAN UP YOUR HORMONES FOR ONE SECOND BROCK!" The two girls accompanying him said as they whacked him upside the head with their mallets and dragged him to underneath a tree. Brock quickly recovered and ran up to where the girls have returned.

"That was fast." the girl said with a giggle. "My name is Melanie and I am the owner of this village."

Melanie then realized who Ashley was.

"Hey you're that young lady that Professor Oak always talked about aren't you?" Melanie said. "I used to be one of his students and later his aid then I moved here when I turned 18 because my parents told me it was time to move out. I used to live next door to Professor Oak's Lab and Pokemon Preserve. Did you happen to receive a Bulbasaur when you were younger?"

Ashley nodded and took out her Ivysaur's Pokeball.

"Come on out Ivysaur I choose you." Ashley said.

Ivysaur immediately ran over to Melanie and knocked her down happy to see his old trainer.

"I see Professor Oak chose wisely." Melanie said as she petted the seed Pokemon. "You evolved it into Ivysaur. Good work Ashley, I knew you would be a good trainer for Bulbasaur when I told Professor Oak to give him to you. I was right! He is a very healthy Ivysaur now."

Ashley put her hand behind her head in embarrassment.

"Thanks Melanie." Ashley said.

"You are very welcome Ashe." Melanie said. "So what brings you here?"

Before Ashley could say anything Pikachu and several of the other sick Pokemon were sucked up. Misty grabbed both Poliwag and Oddish and saved them from the vacuum hose.

Pikachu had destroyed the the container from the inside out releasing himself as well as the other Pokemon. Team Rocket tried to say their stupid Motto but were sent into the stratosphere before they could even start.

"Team Rocket is Blasting off again!" Team Rocket said as a star twinkled in the distance.

After being saved by Misty, Oddish and Poliwag wanted to go with her. They didn't want to battle her so they rooted through her bag and found two Pokeballs. Oddish used her leaves and Poliwag used her tail. The two Pokemon after using their leaves and tail respectively touched the button on Misty's Pokeballs and were sucked in. Misty opted to send Poliwag to the Cerulean Gym for safe keeping and kept Oddish on her.

Ashley and Misty waved goodbye to Melanie and so did Brock. As they were walking away Misty looked over toward Brock.

"So Brock did you kiss her goodbye?" Misty asked with a smirk.

"N-no w-why would I d-do that?" Brock asked.

"Because you love her!" Ashley said with same type of smirk that Misty had. "Mist is right you should've kissed her and asked her to be your girlfriend. I could tell that she liked you as well."

Brock got frustrated and blushed a crimson red and covered both girls' mouths.

"You two be quiet she might hear you." Brock said as he dragged the two girls away by their hair.

"BROCK! STOP IT YOU ARE SO RUINING OUR HAIR!" Ashley and Misty scolded.

"It serves you right." Brock said. "When you two pull me by the ears it hurts!"

Ashley and Misty blushed in embarrassment and nodded in understanding.

Brock then let the girls go so they could walk again. Our heroes now continue their trek to Vermilion City.

To Be Continued...

Next Time: Ashley, Misty, and Brock continue their journey through Kanto. They come across a hurt Growlithe. Also Ashley and company arrive in a town where a gang of Squirtle are causing mischief. They also come across a light house in the fog. What will happen? Be on the lookout to find out!

Next Time on Ashley's Pokemon Adventures: Kanto: Episode 05: Cerulean to Vermilion Adventures! Part 2 Coming Soon to a Fanfiction Site near you!

Well what did you think? The next chapter may be a bit longer than my normal chapters are because I am covering multiple events in one chapter. However it probably won't be as long as chapter three was. This is my first attempt at and Ash is born as Ashley story. Please be gentle. I hope you enjoy!



P.S. I am going to use attacks from all generations in this story as well as Pokemon from all regions as well. It is four years later than the Anime starts. Ashley is 14 and not 10. Just thought I would let my readers know that.
Episode 04 of Ashley's Pokemon Adventures: Kanto
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