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Episode 03: Brock, Boulder, Mt. Moon, Cascade, & More!

Guest Appearances later on in the chapter: Daisy: 23, Violet: 21, Lily: 19, May: 12, Dawn: 11, Drew: 12, Kenny: 11, Lilian Meridian: 25

Disclaimer: I never have and never will own Pokemon. I am only writing this fic for enjoyment and to pay tribute to the creators and writers of Pokemon.


Ashley and Misty met the villains that will be trailing them probably for the rest of their journey. Team Rocket is a criminal organization that is out for World Domination and aims to complete that world domination by stealing other people's Pokemon. However the strange thing about the Team Rocket that they met, is that they have a talking Meowth. Also it seems that the Lavender-haired Team Member of Team Rocket is crushing on Ashley as well as Misty. Jessie doesn't like that one bit. Also Ashley and Misty met a wild Pokemon trainer named Samurai who specializes in training Bug-Type pokemon. What trouble will this duo cause for our Heroines.

After a good night's sleep...

Ashley and Misty woke up and got ready for the day. They left a note for Samurai thanking him for his hospitality. They would've stayed longer, but they had to get to Pewter City for Ashley's first Gym Battle. Ashley is happily walking along next to her friend.

"Hey Mist have you thought about what you want to do as you continue your journey?" Ashley asked. "Contests, Gym Battles, just ordinary battling to get stronger?"

"I really haven't thought of it Ashe." Misty said thoughtfully. "Do you think I would do well in a Gym Battle? All of my Pokemon are water type."

"Maybe it's not a good idea to Gym Battles if you are just planning on training one type. Water is weak against Electric, Grass, and Flying. With Starmie you may do a decent job against Ghost Types and fighting types since Starmie is part Psychic as well. Psychic attacks don't work at all on Dark Type Pokemon. Dark moves and Pokemon can easily eliminate a Psychic type." Ashley said.

With that Misty and Ashley arrived on the hill of and sat down on a boulder.

"It looks to me that this is Pewter City." Ashley remarked. "It's Stone Gray. No wonder why the Gym Leader uses Rock Type Pokemon."

"Well duh Ashe!" Misty said. "Do you really think you can beat the Gym Leader? Gym battles are different than regular Pokemon battles. There are special rules in some cases."

Ashley was taken aback by this and glared angrily at Misty.

"Will you please stop saying that Misty!" Ashley said. "I am fourteen years old and know that gym battles are different than normal Pokemon battles. Why do you talk to me like I am dumb or something? I am completely aware of the difference between normal battles and gym battles!"

"S-sorry Ashe." Misty said as she put her hands up in a defensive position. "I know you have knowledge that most trainers who are just starting out their journeys don't have. I was just giving you a hard time."

Right after Misty finished her speech, she sweat dropped and put her hand behind her head in embarrassment.

"Hey don't worry about it Mist, I forgive you." Ashley said. I probably would've need that advice had I started out my journey when I was ten like the other three did. It's good to get a refresher every now and then."

Ashley then hugged Misty. She was so happy to have someone to travel with. It would be really lonely without her around.

Just as Ashley and Misty were about to head on into Pewter, a gruff man's voice addressed Ashley and Misty who were standing on a rock.

"That will be 50,000 yen for resting on my rock." A man said. He had on a stocking cap, his eyes were squinty. He had a beard he also had a Brown Sweater and Gray pants. "Please pay now."

"What?" Ashley asked as she jumped off of the rock and landed on her feet in front of the man. " We owe you just for standing on a rock?"

Misty did the much more conventional thing and just walked down the ladder from the ledge.

"A rock is a rock, I really do not think it's necessary to pay for standing on it." Misty remarked.

"It is part of my merchandise." The guy said. "I sell Pewter City Souvenirs."

"Who are you anyway?" Ashley asked. "My name is Ashley Ketchum from Pallet Town. I am off on a journey to be a Pokemon master and I am going to challenge the gym leader and win!"

"You think a little girl like you can beat Brock with nothing but a Pikachu?" The guy said. "By the way my name is Flint Slate."

"Well then Flint, can you lead us to the Pokemon Center so we can get something to eat?" Ashley asked.

"I would be happy to do that." Flint said. "Follow me ladies."

With that Ashley and Misty followed Flint to the Pokemon Center. Once they were there, he disappeared.

"Hey where did he go?" Ashley asked looking around before she went into the Pokemon Center.

"I have no idea." Misty said. "He just disappeared. I'm sure we will meet him again."

Ashley nodded and her and Misty entered the Pokemon Center to heal their Pokemon.

"So Ashe," Misty remarked. "Are you getting excited about your upcoming Gym Battle?"

"A little, but I am also quite nervous as well." Ashley said. "Mist, I am not sure I will be able to beat Brock. From what I've heard from Gary, Brock's Pokemon don't really flinch from the use of water Attacks or Grass Attacks. There are just so many questions."

Ashley then transfers her Pidgeotto for her Spearow and her Butterfree for Sandshrew.

"I am going to go train my Spearow and Sandshrew right now." Ashley said. "I am probably going to wait until tomorrow to take on Brock. I still have a lot of training to do with Bulbasaur and Squirtle."

"Okay Ashe, see you when you get back from training." Misty said as she sat on the sofa to watch TV.

Ashley went to the grassy area just North of Viridan Forest and Southwest of Pewter City Proper. This is where she decided to train her Pokemon for the upcoming battle.

Ashley spent the next three to four hours training her Pokemon and herself to the limit. The hardwork paid off in the long run. Ashley felt refreshed that she had so much exercise. Also with all of that training against wild Pokemon and each other Bulbasaur evolved into Ivysaur, Squirtle evolved into Wartortle, Spearow evolved into Fearow, and Sandshrew evolved into Sandslash. She then sent her Fearow and Sandslash back and brought back Pidgeotto and Butterfree. Heck she even decided to train her Charmander for a while. It is really a good thing that Ashley had Charmander along with the rest of her original team for four years because that met that they evolved much more quickly. Charmander managed to evolve into Charmeleon. Pidgeotto was getting close to evolving. Ashley could tell because Pidgeotto was much more confident and stronger in attack, defense, speed, and ability. She was ready to take on Brock. she then recalled her Pokemon all except for Pikachu of course, who she also trained with and ran all the way back to the Pokemon center. Sweaty, but she knew it was worth it. Now she should have no problem taking on Brock in the morning. Ashley's stomach growled loud enough for Misty to hear it from her spot on the sofa.

"I take it you must be hungry huh Ashe?" Misty asked with a smirk. "You were gone for a while so anything interesting happen during training?"

"Actually yes." Ashley said. "Bulbasaur evolved into Ivysaur, Charmander evolved into Charmeleon, Squirtle evolved into Wartortle, Spearow and Sandshrew evolved into Fearow and Sandslash respectively. Pidgeotto, Butterfree, and Pikachu also got a lot stronger in our training. So you better be on the lookout if I ever face you in a battle Mist!"

"I will be ready for you Ashe!" Misty said. "So right now let's get you something to eat and then yo need to take a shower as well. You stink. What did you do train with your Pokemon yourself?"

"Of course I did Mist!" Ashley said with an annoyed look toward her friend. "A good trainer doesn't just stand back and watch their Pokemon train, they train along side with them as well!"

"Oh I understand." Misty said. "I think I will go train tomorrow while you are facing Brock."

"What?" Ashley asked. "Mist, why are you going to let me go to the gym alone? Friends should be by their friend's side to cheer her on. I thought you were going to come to the gym with me and cheer me on!"

The last sentence was punctuated by a pouty lip from Ashley. Misty did promise to be there to support her in her first gym battle.

"I guess I did promise I would be there to cheer you on didn't I?" Misty asked. "I will be there to cheer you on no matter what. Will you be there to cheer on my training?"

"Of course I will Mist." Ashley said. "You are my best friend after all. Also we need to go shopping to get you some clothes that suit you better."

"What is wrong with my current clothes Ashe?" Misty asked curiously.

"They just don't suit you." Ashley said. "You are nowhere near the Tomboy you seem to dress as. I am going to have to something with your hair. I think it looks better down."

"You really think so Ashe?" Misty asked curiously. "I never thought about wearing it down regularly."

"Well you should Mist." Ashley said. "It would look so much better on you with your hair flowing free. You need a makeover."

Misty blushed at that. She had always intended to do that, but because of her Tomboyish nature she never pursued it. Now this girl she just recently met is calling her her best friend. Misty feels the same way toward Ashley. She would definitely take Ashley up on that offer after her(Ashley's) Gym Battle tomorrow.

"Say Ashe?" Misty asked.

"What is it Mist?" Ashley asked.

"I will take you up on that offer." Misty said. "I really want to get a makeover. I have a story to tell you about my family. My parents died when I was about nine years old. I decided I need to go on a journey to make them proud. However I was obligated to be the Gym Leader. My three sisters weren't suited for battling, but they decided to support me with my decision to go on a journey to be the world's best Water Pokemon Master. They took over the gym, even though I didn't like it and wasn't sure I could trust them."

"You weren't sure you could trust your sisters Mist?" Ashley asked after she swallowed the bite she had taken. "What do you mean?"

"It's a long story that will take a while to tell, so I will tell it to you tonight." Misty said. "I promise I will do that Ashe."

"Alright Mist." Ashley says before taking another bite. She then swallows the bite. "You can tell me all about it when we get to our room."

Ashley then pulled out two room keys from her bag and handed one to Misty.

"We are going to have a slumber party." Ashley said. "We so can't stay up late though."

"I know that Ashe." Misty said. "Why don't we just finish our dinner and then go up to our room."

"Sounds like a good idea Mist." Ashley said.

"I know it does Ashe." Misty said with a smile.

With that, Ashley and Misty finished their dinner and headed up stairs to settle in for the night. The night went by uneventfully and Ashley and Misty went to sleep without any problem.

Route 3 just East of Pewter City Proper the next morning...

Three people, well two people and a Meowth were digging a pitfall trap.

"Prepare for Trouble." Jessie said.

"Make it Double!" James said.

"To protect the world from devastation!" Jessie said.

"To unite all peoples within our nation." James said.

"To denounce the evils of truth and love!" Jessie exclaimed.

"To extend our reach to the stars above." James stated.

"Jessie!" Jessie exclaimed.

"James!" James shouted.

"Team Rocket blast off at the speed of light!" Jessie said.

"Surrender now or prepare to fight." James said.

"Meowth dats right!" Meowth finished.

"Jess, are you sure that they are headed this way?" James asked.

"Yes once they are done visiting Pewter City, they have to come this way to get to the next town." Jessie said.

"Meowth! Once dose two twoipettes fall into this hole, their Pokemon will be ours for the taking." Meowth said.

Jessie, James, and Meowth covered up the hole really well so well that they couldn't even remember where the hole was. So they went from place to place and still couldn't find it. They had done an excellent job. They then stopped and felt a shake.

"Um guys," James said. "I think we are standing on it right now."

Jessie and Meowth looked down, and sure enough the ground collapsed from underneath them. They fell in their own trap. So they began to try and climb out of their own trap.

After another good night's sleep...

Ashley and Misty got up and got ready for the day. Ashley strapped on her Pokebelt and went out to practice some more. Before Ashley left, Pikachu hopped up on her shoulder.

"Mist, I am going out to train a bit more." Ashley said. "Meet me at the gym in about an hour."

"Sure thing Ashe." Misty said.

Ashley then went to train and did as she said practiced with her Pokemon for an hour and headed to the gym. Misty was already in the stands waiting for the match to begin as Ashley took her place at her end of the battlefield.

"I challenge the Gym Leader to a two-on-two battle!" Ashley said into the darkness waiting for a response.

"I accept your challenge young lady!" A voice said from out of the darkness. "My name is Brock Slate, and I am the Pewter City Gym Leader. Be prepared to lose!"

"I wouldn't count on that Brock." Ashley said as she set Pikachu in the stands with Misty. "Ivysaur, I choose you!"

"In that case, I choose Geodude!" Brock said. "Geodude use Rock Throw followed by tackle!"

"Dodge Ivysaur and use Grass Pledge!" Ashley said.

Ivysaur did as it was told. Ivysaur stomped on the ground with its for feet as several twisters of Grass flew up from the ground and surrounded Geodude.

"Geodude dig!" Brock said.

"Don't let Geodude use dig!" Ashley said. "Use Leech Seed and Giga Drain to take energy away!"

Ivysaur nodded as it fired a seed at Geodude. The seed burst open and engulfed Geodude in vines and started sucking energy from him. Ivysaur's eyes then turned green as a green energy seemed to be going from Geodude into Ivysaur. The double whammy attack drained Geodude so fast that he didn't have time to dig. Geodude was knocked out.

"Good job Geodude return!" Brock said. "Now Onix come on out and bind Ivysaur!"

When Brock released his Pokemon, it immediately binded Ivysaur so it couldn't move.

"Ivysaur! Come on you can break free!" Ashley said enthusiastically. "Try and break free with the combination of Leech Seed, Razor Leaf, and Grass Pledge!"

"Bind Ivysaur as hard as you can so it can't move!" Brock said.

Onix nodded and did so. Ivysaur couldn't move and continued to get hurt until it had swirls in its eyes. Onix saw this and let Ivysaur go.

"Oh no Ivysaur!" Ashley said as she rushed up to her fallen Pokemon with tears in her eyes. "I am so sorry! Please forgive me!"

Tears started flowing down Ashley's face.

Ivysaur woke up and looked at its trainer. It let out a dejected roar as it used its vine to wipe the tears from Ashley's eyes.

"I should've thought my strategy through more." Ashley said as she hugged her Pokemon. "Please forgive me Ivysaur."

Ashley then hugged her Pokemon tightly careful not to hurt it anymore than it already has been hurt. She also sprayed a bit of a potion on the wounds. It was still not enough to be able to have Ivysaur keep battling.

"Take a good rest Ivysaur, you deserve it." Ashley said as she returned her seed Pokemon to its Pokeball and placed the Pokeball on her belt. "Okay your turn Wartortle! Show this Onix what you are made of!"

Watortle came out raring to fight even seeing the size of the giant Rock Snake. As Ashley and Wartortle were training, Wartortle managed to learn Hydro Pump as well as a few other moves that would work to the advantage of Ashley. Wartortle just wanted to tray out its new combination of moves on this giant Rock Snake.

"Water attacks won't work on Onix!" Brock said. "I am sorry to say, but your journey ends here you will not be getting the Boulder Badge. I will beat your Wartortle just as soundly as I beat your Ivysaur."

"I wouldn't count on it Brock!" Ashley said. "I have been training over the past four years to be the best. There is no way I am going to lose! Not now not ever!"

"Onix Bind Wartortle." Brock said.

As Onix was reaching out to grab Wartortle Ashley had a smirk on her face.

"Wartortle Rapid Spin! Hydro Pump, Ice Beam, Blizzard. Use Spinning Ice Storm!" Ashley said.

Wartortle tucked its head arms, and legs in its shell and started spinning around. It used Hydro Pump from the head opening, Ice Beam from the arm openings and Blizzard from the leg openings. Ashley had been watching more than a few contests and knew that contest moves could also be used in Pokemon Gym Battles.

"What?" Brock asked in shock. "How can a Wartortle do that? It's impossible!"

"Not for me Brock!" Ashley exclaimed. "Remember I trained my Pokemon outside of school in my spare time over the past four years. I also have watched many tournaments and contests! This is where you will lose!"

The combination attack was really effective and froze Onix on the spot. Wartortle then stopped spinning and came out of his shell.

"Now Wartortle let's finish the job with Water Pledge!" Ashley ordered.

Wartortle slammed his hand on the ground as several cyclones of water came out of the floor and broke the ice that was holding Onix. Before Brock could call an attack Onix fell down with swirls in his eyes. Wartortle had won the battle, and Ashley had won the match.

"Great job Onix." Brock said as he held up Onix's Pokeball. "Return and have a nice rest."

With that, Onix was sucked in.

"Well Ashley," Brock said. "As much as I hate to admit it, I must say you have defeated me. As proof of your victory over me here at the Pewter Gym, I present you with the Boulder Badge."

"Thanks Brock." Ashley said as she accepted the badge. "I will work hard to prove that I deserve this badge."

"You do deserve this badge after waiting four years to start your journey." Brock said. "The training you did outside of class the last four years certainly has paid off."

"Thank you Brock." The Raven-Haired Girl said with a smile. "I will be seeing you around sometime."

With that Ashley held her badge up in the air and winked as she let out her two Pokemon that helped her win the battle.

"I just earned the Boulder Badge!" Ashley said as she pirouetted, winked, and then posed. "Check it out Ivysaur and Wartortle this is our first step to the Indigo League and beyond!"

With that Ivysaur and Wartortle posed with Ashley and Pikachu, then were returned. Once Ashley attached the two Pokeballs to her belt, she was off to the Pokemon Center with Misty trailing shortly behind.

"Hey Ashe!" Misty exclaimed. "Wait for me!"

Misty then chased Ashley out the door.

In the Pewter City Gym...

Flint appeared in the Gym and took off his disguise.

"Dad, what are you doing here?" Brock asked.

"I came to take over the Gym." Flint said. "I will also take over the raising of your brothers and sisters."

"Okay, if that's how you want it, I will pack and see if Ashley will let me travel with her and Misty." Brock said.

Brock then went off into a rant about what needs to be done in regards to his sibilings. He was going really fast but slowed down some so Flint could write it down.

After Flint is done writing down what needs to be done, he leaves Brock to go pack.

A few minutes later Brock came down packed and ready to go. He waves goodbye to his father and heads toward the Pokemon Center which is where he figured the girls went.

As Ashley and Misty were leaving the Pokemon Center...

Ashley was leading the way as she sprinted off to their next destination which was apparently Mt. Moon. Misty was close behind.

As Ashley and Misty headed toward Route 3, Brock came up and greeted the pair. He was wearing an orange shirt with a green sleeveless vest over it, brown pants with a black belt with a gold buckle. The belt had a pouch on each side of the waist. Brock was also wearing gray and white tennis shoes with white shoe strings and white soles. He had a large blue backpack on his back. He was also about 5'10" tall.

"Brock what are you doing here?" Ashley asked curiously. "I thought you had a gym to run. Also don't you have siblings you have to raise?"

"I get more joy out of raising Pokemon then battling them." Brock said. "Also the man you met earlier was my dad. He came back and took over the duties of the house and gym so I could follow my dream to be a Pokemon Breeder."

"So are you asking to travel with us Brock?" Misty asked. "I don't mind if Ashe doesn't mind."

"Who is Ashe?" Brock asked.

"I'm Ashe." Ashley said. "It's short for Ashley. I spell it with an e at the end. My friends call me Ashe."

"Do you consider me a friend Ashley?" Brock asked. "I consider you a friend. I mean you are one talented trainer. The four extra years of training outside of when you were going to school school really paid off. I don't usually face trainers that have evolved Pokemon, so I was impressed by the two Pokemon you battled me with. Do you want to be friends?"

"Sure!" Ashley exclaimed. "We can be friends and you can call me Ashe."

"Very well Ashe." Brock said. "So shall we head to our next destination?"

"My next challenge is Cerulean City. I need to get my second badge there." Ashley said.

"I don't know if that's a good idea Ashe." Misty said.

"Why not Mist?" Ashley asked.

"Because I promised my sisters I wouldn't return until I was a Pokemon master." Misty said.

"Come on Mist!" Ashley exclaimed. "I always wanted to visit Cerulean City. I hear they have great water shows there."

With that, Ashley sprinted off in the direction of Mt. Moon.

"Hey Ashe!" Brock exclaimed as he ran after her.

"Wait for us!" Misty said as she was shortly behind Brock.

Ashley and Company run across something as they head toward Mt. Moon. Team Rocket has managed to climb out of their trap only to be knocked back down by their targets again.

"It took us all day to get out of this hole and now we have to climb out of it again." Jessie said sternly.

"Hey it's not our fault!" James said.

"Oh yes it is, you and Meowth are obsessed with the Raven-Haired Twerpette!" Jessie said as she slapped both of them. "Now focus and let's try to get out of here again."

With that Team Rocket continued to attempt to climb out of the hole yet again as the sun begins to set.

Ashley and Company finally make it to the foot of Mt. Moon...

"It's getting dark so we better take refuge in that Pokemon Center." Brock said as he pointed to said building.

"That sounds like a plan." Ashley says as she points to Pikachu who has fallen asleep on the top of her head. "Pikachu has the right idea."

Ashley then yawns and stretches careful not to knock Pikachu off of her head.

"I think that is an excellent idea." Misty said. "We could heal our Pokemon and continue our journey tomorrow."

Ashley and Brock nod in agreement with Misty as the three best friends walk into the Pokemon Center. They give their Pokemon to Nurse Joy and sit down to watch a bit of TV. A short time later our three friends heard their names called over the PA.

"Ashe Ketchum, Misty Waterflower, and Brock Slate your Pokemon are completely healed and ready for pick up." Nurse Joy's voice said over the PA.

Ashley was the first one to get up followed by Misty. Brock didn't seem to be anywhere around. Well so they thought. He was up at the counter picking up his Pokemon and hitting on and flirting with Nurse Joy.

Pikachu happily jumped from the tray to Ashley's shoulder while Ashley took the rest of her Pokeballs and put them back on the belt. Brock quickly put his Pokeballs back on his belt and continued to flirt with Nurse Joy.

The two girls got tired of Brock's antics and each grabbed an ear and pulled him toward the staircase after picking up their room key cards.

"Easy Brock!" Ashley said angrily as she pulled one ear. "This is no time to get all goofy!"

"Pull yourself together Brock!" Misty said as she pulled Brock's other ear at the same time and in the same direction as Ashley. "We need to get some sleep so we can trek Mt. Moon completely tomorrow."

"Ow Ow OW! My ears! Girls don't pull so hard you're going to break my cartilage." Brock said.

"THEN KEEP YOUR HORMONES IN CHECK!" Ashley and Misty exclaimed in unison toward Brock as they continued to drag him to the stairs. They then both let go of his ears and headed up stairs causing him to fall and nearly hit his head on the railing. Before he hit his head, he quickly uprighted himself and headed up the stairs.


Ashley pocketed one key and handed the other two to Misty and Brock. Luckily there were three separate rooms that were available. Ashley and Pikachu went to the center room, while Misty took the room on the right and Brock took the room on the left. All three of them were adjoining rooms so they could visit each other to hang out while they were at the foot of Mt. Moon.

Ashley opened her two doors that connect to the adjacent rooms on either side of her own and puts her stuff in her bathroom.

"Pikachu!" Ashley said as she hugged her companion. "Our journey is going to be even more special now that we have Brock and Misty traveling with us!"

"Pika Pika!" Pikachu said as he nodded in agreement and nuzzled his trainer.

After our three friends got ready for the night, they all three hung out in Ashley's room for a bit and then went to their own rooms to settle down for the night. Tomorrow was going to be a very big day!

The next morning...

Ashley was the first one up. She got up, did her morning duties, and she set up a table for her and her friends in her room. She also pulled out a portable stove and utilized the provided microwave to fix Brock, Misty, and herself a nice breakfast. The bag her mother had given her had a separate compartment for food that needed to be chilled and food that needed to be stored at a certain temperature. How she managed to fit a portable stove in her bag, no one knows.

She then set to work on her cooking and soon was finished with the smells wafting through all three of the rooms. Brock was the first to enter Ashley's room and saw the nice breakfast she had fixed for them.

"Wow!" Brock exclaimed a bit surprised. "You even know how to cook at such a young age. That's good to know that I won't have to cook all the time."

"Hey." Ashley says. "That's what best friends are for. We have to wait for Misty to get here before we eat, but we can drink some Orange Juice if we wish to."

Woken up by the smell of Ashley's delicious cooking, Misty quickly did her duties to get herself ready for the day and headed into Ashley's room where there was a scrumptious Breakfast prepared for all three of them.

"Smells good Ashe!" Misty said with a smile. "What are we having this morning?"

"Scrambled Eggs with Cheese, whole wheat toast, a glass of milk, and a glass of Orange Juice." Ashley said. "Go ahead and dig in Mist, Brock."

Ashley's two friends nodded and did so as Ashley somehow managed to put the portable stove back in her bag after cleaning it up. She then remembered that she also had some Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal for her and her friends in the Microwave in the room as well. She then served the piping hot Oatmeal to her friends as well as herself.

"Ashe, this is too much." Misty said.

"Yeah Ashe, why do you go to so much trouble for us?" Brock asked.

"Because you are my best friends. I know we will all help each other throughout our journeys." Ashley said as she hugged both of her friends.

"Now eat up before it gets cold." Ashley said happily as she fed Pikachu as well as her other Pokemon some homemade Pokemon food. "I also learned to make Pokemon Food in school as well."

Ashley's Pokemon seemed to enjoy it. Brock and Misty wondered if she could make some food for their Pokemon as well.

"Hey could you make some homemade Pokemon food for our Pokemon as well?" Misty asked.

"I will be happy to help you if you need it. " Brock said.

Ashley just nodded at her friends as she continued to finish her meal along with Brock and Misty.

Once everyone finished their meals, they washed their dishes and put them away in their respective bags. Now it was off to Mt. Moon after they check out of the Pokemon Center of course.

With that Ashley and Company checked out of the Pokemon center and continued on their way.

As they got near a cave on the Summit of Mt. Moon...

Ashley and Company noticed a bunch of Zubat attacking a Scientist guy that was wearing glasses, a white lab coat with a blue-collared shirt underneath, Khakis, as well as slip on dress shoes. Penny Loafers if you will. He was a bit taller than Brock and looked to be in his lower to mid twenties.

Ashley quickly dispersed the Zubat and ran up to the Scientist and made sure he was okay.

"Are you okay Mr.?" Ashley asked as she ran up to the Scientist who immediately frowned and scolded her for calling him Mister.

"Don't ever call me Mister!" The Scientist said. "My name is Seymour, Seymour the Scientist!"

As Seymour said that he posed.

"Knowledge!" Seymour said as he went into another pose. "Research! Pokemon!"

"Well okay Seymour." Ashley said with a bit of a sweat drop. "I'm glad you are okay."

"Your Pikachu and you have a strong bond." Seymour said as he went into his rhyming mode. "Such friendship I thought I never would see when the Zubat started attacking me."

"Funny, he doesn't look like the Poetic type." Misty said matter-of-factly. "Any idea why those Zubat were attacking you Seymour? My name is Misty by the way."

"My name is Ashley." Ashley said. "However if you wish to, you can call me Ashe."

"But isn't that a boy's name?" Seymour asked. "You are obviously a girl."

"ASHE! A-S-H-E IS SHORT FOR ASHLEY!" Ashley exclaimed a bit angrily then calm downed and smiled. "Sorry about that Seymour, I just get a bit irritated when people think I shouldn't go by Ashe because it is a boy's name. It is technically a boy's name, which is why I add an e to the end of it to seem a bit more like a girls name. Just as Mist said why were the Zubat attacking you?"

"I will show you three." Seymour said as he entered the cave. "This is why. Someone strung lights all throughout this cave. The Pokemon are confused. I mean just look at those Paras, they are trying to plant their mushrooms in the cave floor. And the lights are completely drying out those Sandshrew."

Brock then decides to catch one of the Sandshrew, and Ashley captures one of the Paras. The Paras is transported immediately to Professor Oak's Lab.

Then a Clefairy comes by with a piece of some sort of stone in her hand. Ashley decides to capture the Pokemon, but Seymour stops her from throwing the Pokeball as the Clefairy gets away.

"Hey! That is so totally wrong!" Ashley exclaimed angrily. "I wanted to capture that Clefairy and you made it so I couldn't! I am a Pokemon Trainer and I want to capture as many Pokemon as I can and raise them to be strong parts of my team. Why did you have to let it get away?"

"Please, it's best that you let the Clefairy stay here." Seymour said. "This is their home, if one of the Clefairy happens to want to go with you, I have no problem with you capturing one. That is only if it wants to go with you Ashe. Do you understand?"

"I guess so, but I can catch any other Pokemon I see in this mountain right?" Ashley asks hopefully.

Seymour nods as they continue through the cave.

"So." Ashley said. "Why do you think someone would string lights through this entire cave?"

"I'm afraid it's because of the Moon Stone." Seymour said.

"The Moon Stone?" Ashley asked as she took out her Pokedex. "Cross-Reference Moon Stone."

"The Moon Stone." the Pokedex chimed. "It is said that this rare stone contains a mysterious power that makes certain Pokemon like Jigglypuff and Clefairy Stronger."

Ashley closed the dex and sure enough a Jigglypuff walked by.

"Pikachu go Volt Tackle that Jigglypuff!" Ashley said.

Pikachu nodded and did so. The move paralyzed and weakened the Jigglypuff as Ashley threw a Luxury Ball at the Jigglypuff. The ball hit the Jigglypuff and sucked it in. The Luxury Ball shook only once and clicked showing that Jigglypuff was caught. That gave Ashley just enough time to do a short celebration for catching Jigglypuff. After the short celebration, Jigglypuff was automatically transferred to Professor Oak. Ashley and company continued through the cave.

The three friends heard a high pitch scream that sounded just like the Clefairy from earlier. Ashley and company followed only to be confronted by Team Rocket. Ashley quickly sent out Ivysaur, Charmeleon, and Wartortle as well as instructing Pikachu to join them.

"Ivysaur Grass Pledge! Charmeleon Fire Pledge! Wartortle Water Pledge! Pikachu Thunderbolt!" Ashley exclaimed. "Use the attacks on Team Rocket!"

Before Team rocket could send out any Pokemon the attacks hit paralyzing and burning at the same time as the three element twister engulfed our Villains. They were hurting and couldn't move. Ashley then recalled all of her starters and called Pikachu back to her side.

"Pidgeotto! Butterfree! Use Aerial Ace and Hyper Beam to send Team Rocket packing before they start their stupid motto!" Ashley said.

The Pokemon did so. Though it seemed that Team Rocket wasn't going bye bye fast enough. The Clefairy then started waving their hands back and forth.

"That is a move the Clefairy use." Seymour says. "This move is called the Metronome. Once it is complete no one knows what will happen."

Soon enough the glow subsided and sent a bunch of beams in Team Rocket's general direction. The shear impact of the attack shattered the Moon Stone into several little pieces and fell on some Clefairy evolving them into Clefable. Then one Clefairy went up to Ashe and hugged her.

"Are you saying you want to come with me Clefairy?" Ashley asked as she took out a Luxury Ball. "You realize you will be sent straight to Professor Oak don't you?"

The Clefairy nodded and climbed up Ashley's leg and touched the button on the Pokeball causing her(Clefairy) to be sucked in after turning into a light of some sort. The Luxury Ball didn't even shake, it just was automatically transported. Evidentally the other Clefairy and Clefable figured the one that Ash captured would be just fine.

"Do you want to come with us Seymour?" Ashley asked. "Maybe see the world?"

"I want to go beyond the world!" Seymour said. "I want to go into outer space with the Clefairy and Clefable so I am going to stay here and live with them. Good luck with the rest of your journey."

With that, Ashley and Company waved goodbye to Seymour as well as the Clefairy and Clefable that he had volunteered to take care of. Ashley was also given a Moon Stone for later should she decide to use it.

Ashley nodded in understanding and took that in stride as her and other two friends headed off to Cerulean City for Ashley's second gym battle!

A little further up the road...

Ashley came across a sign that said this way to Cerulean City. She then noticed something written on the sign. It seemed to be in permanent marker and seems to have faded some. No doubt it was written about four years ago. Gary was here! Ashley is a Loser! She paid no mind to it seems how the writing had faded over the years.

"Gary!" Ashley said with a pout. "Always the jerk, but I can't stay mad at him for some reason."

"It's because you like him Ashe!" Misty said. "So when are you going to confess?"

"I am so never going to do so." Ashley said. "Besides, you heard what he said I am nothing but a loser that is not worth his time. I'll show him when I get to the league!"

"I know you will Ashe, but first let's head to Cerulean City for your second Gym Badge." Misty said.

"That sounds like a plan." Ashley said as she motioned for Pikachu to get up on her shoulder. "We have a battle to win!"

As Ashley and company continued their journey they noticed that there was a barricade around the entrance to a store. An Officer Jenny was keeping the crowd back. Ashley and Company managed to make their way to the front of the crowd.

"What happened here?" Ashley asked as she showed her Pokedex to Officer Jenny.

"It looks like a war zone." Misty said as she presented her Pokedex as well.

"Well Officer Jenny what do you say to going out on a date with me? We could possibly have dinner and a movie. We can let the girls go on their own journey for the day. My name is Brock." Brock said as he showed Officer Jenny a Boulder Badge to identify himself as a Gym Leader from Pewter City.

"That is very tempting." Officer Jenny said. "I am going to have to decline that offer because I am going to have to work around the clock to catch these thieves. I probably won't get off until way past your bedtime."

"Officer Jenny!" Brock exclaimed with a blush as he went into love breeder mode. "I am a big fan of your work and would love to stay here and help you investigate the crime scene to help you find some clues. Please let me hel-" Brock was cut off as two mallets impacted on either side of his head.

"WE TOLD YOU TO KEEP YOUR HORMONES IN CHECK YOU PERVERT!" Ashley and Misty yelled angrily in unison. They then calmed down.

"If you don't mind us asking Officer Jenny," Ashley started after she pocketed he Pokedex and Misty did the same with hers. "What was it they took?"

"That's the weird thing," Officer Jenny stated. "They didn't take any cash or valuables."

"Then what did they take Officer?" Misty inquired curoiously.

"A Giant Vacuum as well as a Giant Hose to go with it." Officer Jenny. "Talk about weird."

"Where were they heading Officer?" Ashley asked.

"Some of the witnesses said they were heading toward a Pokemon Gym to get Pokemon for their boss whatever that means." Officer Jenny said.

Ashley and Misty immediately knew who the robbers were.

"Did any of the witnesses happen to mention anything about a talking Meowth?" Misty asked.

"As a matter of fact they did." Officer Jenny continued. "Why are you asking?"

"I think we know who the robbers are." Ashley said. "We will bring them to justice when we find them."

"Thank you good citizens." Officer Jenny said with a salute. "The City of Cerulean is forever grateful."

"No problem Officer Jenny." Ashley and Misty said as they headed off into the same direction that the crooks went and dragged Brock behind them.

Ashley and Misty drag Brock to the Pokemon Center and leave him there. They then head off to the gym.

Cerulean City Gym...

Ashley and Misty entered the gym and went into the arena and sat down on the bleachers.

"So is this what your sisters do instead of battling?" Ashley asked as she watched the show.

"Unfortunately yes." Misty said. "They care more about their looks and shows than they do about Pokemon battling. That is why they lose their battles all the time."

"So does that mean I will have to face you Mist?" Ashley asked.

"I'm afraid it does Ashe." Misty said. "Just because we are best friends doesn't mean I will go easy on you."

"I am counting on you not going easy on me." Ashley said. "Also I will not go easy on you either Mist!"

"Good!" Misty said.

Ashley and Misty decided to watch the rest of the show. All of a sudden a hose came through the wall and started to suck up all the water in the pool and the Pokemon. Ashley and Misty got up and directed the crowd out the exits. They had a hunch who was behind this destruction of the gym.

"Prepare for Trouble!"

"Make it double!"

"Ivysaur, Charmeleon, Wartortle, Fearow, Butterfree, Pikachu! Use Grass Pledge, Fire Pledge, Water Pledge, Drill Peck, Psybeam, Electro Ball on that machine and on Team Rocket before they say anymore of their stupid motto!" Ashley said.

"Staryu, Starmie! Come on out and use Swift on the machine as well!" Misty said.

"Who dares interrupt the Team Rocket Motto?" Jessie asked.

"Who do you think you crooks?" Ashley asked as she jumped up and landed right at the base of the machine. "You are so stupid! Your antic could've killed a lot of innocent civilians!"

"So if I were you, I would say goodbye before we force you crooks to leave." Misty said.

"You and what army twoipette?" Meowth asked in his thick Brooklyn accent.

"This army!" Ashley said as she pointed to the eight Pokemon that were glaring daggers at the thieves.

"As if twerpettes like you could ever beat us!" Jessie said.

"We have beaten you several time before you crooks!" Ashley said.

"Yeah so leave my home and leave my sisters alone!" Misty said angrily.

"Your sisters, well that makes it even more interesting." Jessie said. "We will leave your sisters alone if they agree to join Team Rocket and steal that Pikachu!"

"So totally not going to happen." The blond girl said. "We so totally believe in our sister and her friends she meets and travels like with! You are so totally not getting us on your like total side!"

"As if!" A Blue-Haired Girl said. "Like we would so totally ever do like anything for you!"

"Especially like after you like totally put a big hole in our arena wall!" The Pink-haired sister exclaimed. "We like three sensational sisters will so totally not serve you in like any way shape or like form!"

"Three Sensational Sisters!" Misty fumed. "You know that there are four of us."

"There are like only three sensational sisters and one runt!" Pink-Haired Girl said.

"Daisy, Violet, Lily; don't just stand there battle! We have to save this gym!" Misty said.

The three sisters had blank looks on their faces.

"Let me put it into language you understand." Ashley started. "These like total crooks totally tried to like destroy your gym and steal your like Pokemon! So like they totally need to be punished and given makeovers!"

The sisters seemed to nod in understanding.

"Um Ashe," Misty said. "Since when are you a girl with a valley girl accent? If you're not you sure do an excellent job of sounding like one."

Ashley shrugs. "Hey Mist, keep in mind I went to Pallet Town Pokemon Academy. I was around all sorts of cliques of girls. I had quite a few of them in my class."

Misty's sisters then realized what Ashley was saying.

"Seel! I like choose you!" Daisy said.

"Like Cloyster! I choose you!" Violet said.

"Lapras I like totally choose you!" Lily said.

"Come on out Gyarados!" Misty said. "Join Staryu and Starmie in defending this gym!"

There Team Rocket was faced with 12 Pokemon all glaring angrily at them. Staryu and Starmie executed Swift.

"Seel like use Ice beam!" Daisy said.

"Cloyster like totally use Blizzard!" Violet said.

"Lapras! Like totally use Water Pulse!" Lily said.

"Gyarados use Hyper Beam!" Misty said.

"Ivysaur, Charmeleon, Wartortle, Pikachu, Butterfree you know what to do." Ashley said as she turned to her Fearow. "Fearow remember that move we perfected! Time to use Sky Attack!"

All of the Pokemon executed their attacks as Fearow glowed and flew up into the sky. Fearow then dive bombed Team Rocket with a powerful Sky Attack. With the help of the other attacks, Team Rocket was sent...

"BLASTING OFF AGAIN!" Team Rocket said as a star twinkled in the distance. Ashley then returned Fearow to its Pokeball and transferred it to Professor Oak in exchange for Pidgeotto.

"Oh like wow!" Daisy exclaimed as she recalled Seel so she could take it to the Pokemon Center. "Like return Seel and have a good rest."

"Like great job Cloyster!" Violet Exclaimed. "Return you like totally deserve a rest."

"Totally awesome job Lapras!" Lily exclaimed. "Like return and recover!"

Ashley then returned all of her Pokemon with the exception of Pikachu of course. Misty returned all of her Pokemon. The four Sensational Sisters looked outside along with Ashley and decided that they would worry about the hole in the arena tomorrow.

Ashley then introduced herself to Misty's sisters and agreed that they would have to battle someplace else the next morning. Ashley then gave Misty's sister permission to call her Ashe. The sisters suggested that Ashley and Misty stay the night in the living area upstairs. Ashley was all too happy to accept. She wanted to sleep in a nice comfy bed rather than the cold-hard ground for once. Misty said that she would share her room with Ashley. After all, Misty had a futon in her closet.

"I could cook up a meal for all of us." Ashley said. "Do you mind?"

"Ashe is a really excellent cook." Misty said. "She sometimes fixes Breakfast for us three when we are traveling on the road."

"Like you three?" Daisy asked. "I like only see two of you."

Ashley and Misty sweat dropped then realizing that they left Brock at the Pokemon Center after knocking him out for being a perv. Ashley just nudged Misty's shoulder letting her know not to worry about Brock. After all, he had to take care of 10 siblings by himself while Flint was kind of AWOL.

"We are traveling with the former Pewter City Gym Leader Brock." Ashley stated.

"Brock is practicing to be a Pokemon Breeder." Misty said.

Misty's sisters nodded and took Ashley and Misty up to the living quarters so Ashley could cook a meal for all of them.

Ashley entered the kitchen and started preparing an awesome meal for the five of them.

Misty came in shortly after Ashley did.

"Hey Ashe, can I please help out as well?" Misty asked.

"Of course you can Mist." Ashley said with a smile. "You know I appreciate any help I get!"

With that Ashley and Misty began to prepare a nice meal. Once the meal was prepared, Misty's sisters came in and were attracted to the smells of the cooking that Ashley and Misty were doing. It seems they both decided to work together in preparing homemade Veggie Pizza. They also poured everyone a glass of milk and had Sweetened and Unsweetened Iced Tea in the fridge that was instant. They had caffeinated tea and decaffeinated tea.

Once everything was ready, Ashley and Misty served the sisters there food and served themselves last.

Everyone then ate in silence as the three older sensational sisters smiled.

"Wow Ashley!" Daisy said. "That was totally like the most like awesome meal I totally ever had!"

"Like delicious!" Violet chimed in. "You are so totally the best cook like ever."

"Hey like don't forget," Lily started. "Our baby sister totally helped out a lot as well!"

"Th-thanks Lily." Misty said in embarrassment and a blush. "You didn't have to try and embarrass me though."

Misty then ran up to Lily and gave her a hug.

"Um why are you all calling me Ashley?" Ashley asked. "You can all call me Ashe which is also short for Ashley. Only I spell it with an e on the end. You are all three my friends so you can call me Ashe. All my friends do so."

"Oh like totally sorry Ashe." The sisters said in unison.

"Hey no worries." Ashley said. "I don't really let people know that I respond to Ashe as well because that will make some people think that I am a guy in drag."

"You so totally don't look like a guy in drag Ashe." Daisy said. "You know you and Misty are like totally beautiful, though I like wish Misty would wear her hair down more often."

"Well she is like a tomboy after all." Violet said.

"We like can't expect her to totally do something that she like doesn't want to." Lily said. "We love her like no matter what."

"Hey, I am trying to get Misty to dress more like a girl too." Ashley said. "She is just a stubborn little witch!"

"WITCH!" Misty exclaimed angrily and was about to club Ashley with her mallet but then looked over to Pikachu who had sparking cheeks and was standing in front of his trainer. "Oops. Sorry Pikachu. I better save this for Brock next time he tries to get all pervy."

Misty's mallet then vanished from sight and she spoke up again. "I guess I could do my best to try and dress more like a girl. You will help me won't you Ashe?"

"Of course I will Mist." Ashley said. "That's what friends are for."

With that Ashley and Misty hugged and went back to what was left of their meal.

The rest of the meal and the night went by uneventful. Soon everyone settled down for a good nights sleep.

The Next Morning...

Ashley and Misty fixed a quick Breakfast for themselves and left some pancakes and waffles in the fridge for Daisy, Violet, and Lily.

"So Ashe, where do you want to have our battle?" Misty asked as she took a Cascade Badge from the safe. "We have to battle someplace else because our Pool in the arena needs to be repaired."

"Do you know any place that is a good location for Pokemon Battle?" Ashley asked. "It really doesn't matter where we have a Gym Battle Mist, as long as we have one. I here there is a light house at the Cerulean Cape that is good for Pokemon battles. According to this map, it is just on the edge of Route 25."

"Cerulean Cape is about a day and a half walk from here." Misty says. "I am lucky to get there in a half a day on my bike. However, there is a beach that is about an hour walk from here that would be a good location for our battle. There are these rocks that surround a section in the water that contains a waterfall that we can even swim in if we want to."

"You mean you don't have an Auxillary battle Arena on the Gym Grounds?" Ashley asked.

"Come to think of it we do." Misty says as she just remembered about the auxiliary arena that the City sometimes used to host Pokemon Contests. "In fact there is one, but it's not on the Gym Grounds. This is the second Gym that has been built in this city. The Contest Hall was the original Pokemon Gym. When the four of us took over the gym from our parents after they died, Daisy, Violet, and Lily wanted a bigger place where they could hold battles and host Water Ballets."

"So does that mean, the we can have our battle at the Contest Hall?" Ashley asked. "I thought there was a contest there."

"There is, but I think I could talk Lilian into having a Gym Battle." Misty said as she dialed a number on her Pokegear.

Misty spent about 15 minutes talking to someone on the other end of her Pokegear and was given permission to have a gym battle there. It would be a special treat for all of the competitors in the contest.

"Well we are all clear Ashe, let's go!" Misty said to her friend.

"That works for me Mist!" Ashley said. "Come on Pikachu."

With that Pikachu jumped onto Ashley's shoulder and they headed to the contest hall.

Contest Hall...

Two girls and two guys walked up to Ashley and Misty.

"Hey there," a girl with blue eyes that had on a green bandana, an orange shirt, black shorts, green waist bag, green and black shoes and had brown hair that was worked into two lower ponytails. "My name is May Maple from Petalburg City in the Hoenn region. I couldn't help but here about a gym battle going on here."

The blue haired blue-eyed girl in pink boots with a lightweight white blouse under her black and pink V-Neck Dress. She also had on Knee-High black socks, a Pink Scarf around her neck with her hair up in a braid/ponytail with her long upper-back length hair. She also had a beanie with a Pink Pokeball symbol on it.

She came up to Ashley and Misty and greeted the two girls. "Hey there, my name is Dawn Berlitz from Twinleaf Town in the Sinnoh Region." Dawn said. "I hear you two are going to have a gym battle here just before the Pokemon contest is underway. Are you two going to stay for the contest? You don't have to participate, but you can watch it if you wish to."

"What do you think Ashe?" Misty asked. "It sounds like fun doesn't it?"

"It sure does Mist." Ashley said. "We will stay."

"Ashe?" Dawn asked confused. "Isn't that a boys name?"

"Um Dawn I don't think you should've done that." Misty said with a sweat drop as she backed away.

"Why not?" Dawn asked.

"Dawn, just look at her." May said as she referred to Ashley. "Also look at her Pikachu with sparks flying from its cheeks."

Piplup looked on in fear as did Glaceon as Ashley sported a grim expression with her mouth and a frown.


Pikachu saw how angry Ashley was as she glared at the two girls who were immediately pulled back by a green-haired boy and brown-haired boy respectively.

Ashley quickly calmed down and smiled. She then went up to May and Dawn and introduced herself.

"My name is Ashley Ketchum from Pallet Town here in the Kanto Region." Ashley said. "Sorry about that I just get really irritated when people here my friends calling me Ashe. When some people hear that they think I am a guy cross-dressing. Do you two want to be my friends? My goal is to be the world's greatest Pokemon Master. I'm sure I will meet with you two again. I would like to be friends."

"Of course we can be friends." May said. "I look forward to it."

"So do I." Dawn said. "So can we call you Ashe then?"

"All my friends do except for one." Ashley said as she blushed when she said the word one and covered up her face. "Who are the other two that were holding you back for a while?"

"Oh hi there my name is Drew, I am from LaRousse City in Hoenn." Drew said. "I am a Pokemon Coordinator just like these two girls are."

"My name is Kenny." The Brown-Haired Boy said. "I am also a Pokemon Coordinator."

"Nice to meet you two." Ashley said. "My name is Ashley, if you want to be friends, you can call me Ashe."

Kenny and Drew nodded and extended their hands out to Ashley. Ashley took them and shook them.

"My name is Misty." Misty said. "Any friend of Ashe's is a friend of mine. So you can all call me Mist if you wish to."

May, Drew, Dawn, and Kenny nod in agreement and shake Misty's hands. Ashley and Misty went down to the battlefield. Kenny and Drew were wearing their normal traveling clothes at the moment.

"Now without further ado, we have a special treat for you." A woman with a microphone wearing shorts and a Halter Top along with a hat said. "I am Lilian Meridian and for all of you here will get to see a real live Gym Battle. This Contest Hall was originally the Pokemon Gym until they built the current one which is under repairs due to an attack of somekind. To my right is Ashley Ketchum from the Town of Pallet, to my left is Misty Waterflower, one of the four Sensational Sisters, as well as one of the Gym Leaders of the Cerulean City Gym. This will be a two-on-two battle with no time limit. Let the battle begin."

All of a sudden Brock rushed into the Contest Hall Arena and told Lilian that he would referee this match, so Lilan left the arena battlefield and stood over by the podiums of the contest officials that were currently empty since the Contest wasn't supposed to start for a few hours.

"Pikachu if you want to fight you can, but if you don't want to you don't have to." Ashley said.

Pikachu nodded and decided to stay on the sideline. Ashley then understood and sent out her Pidgeotto to battle.

"Misty calls Staryu!" Misty said as she sent out her Pokemon.

Right as that happened the center of the battlefield opened up to reveal a pool. The battle was now underway.

"Staryu start things off with swift and jump into the water!" Misty said.

Staryu did so.

"Pidgeotto hover over the surface of the pool." Ashley said.

Pidgeotto did so. Staryu then used Rapid Spin to fly up. Pidgeotto dodged it.

"Now Pidgeotto us Air Slash followed by Air Cutter!" Ashley said.

The two moves connected causing massive damage to Staryu.

"Staryu Return!" Misty said as she recalled her Pokemon.

"Pursuit Pidgeotto!" Ashley said.

Before Staryu could be switched out, Pursuit landed harshly knocking Staryu against the wall as it's jewel flashed in weakness then stopped.

"Staryu is unable to battle, the winner is Pidgeotto!" Brock said.

"Nice job Staryu return." Misty said. "Misty calls Starmie!"

"In that case." Ashley said as she looked up at Pigeotto. "Do you want to keep going Pidgeotto?"

Pidgeotto nodded and took a stance in the air.

"Starmie use Psychic on Pidgeotto!" Misty said.

"Pidgeotto use Pursuit followed by Aerial Ace!" Ashley said.

The combination Dark/Flying type attack hit right dead center of Starmie. Starmie was then knocked for a loop as it struggled to get up, but Pidgeotto was really exhausted fell to the platform with swirls in its eyes.

"Pidgeotto is unable to battle, " Brock said. "The winner of this match is Starmie."

"Alright Starmie!" Misty exclaimed happily "Let's finish Ashe's next Pokemon off just as quickly."

"Nice job Pidgeotto return." Ashley said as she recalled her exhausted flying type Pokemon. "Ivysaur I choose you!"

Ivysaur emerged from the Pokeball and took a ready stance.

"Starmie knock that dinosaur out with Psychic!" Misty said.

"Not so fast Mist!" Ashley said. "Dodge it Ivysaur and use Sunny Day followed by Solar Beam!"

Ivysaur nodded and used the combo attack. With the help of Sunny Day, Solar Beam launched right away knocking out Starmie in one hit.

"Starmie is unable to battle!" Brock said. "The winner of this sub match is Ivysaur. Misty is out of Pokemon according to battle rules. Therefore, the winner of this match is Ashley Ketchum from Pallet Town!"

"Alright Ivysaur we beat Misty!" Ashley exclaimed as she jumped to the platform and hugged her seed Pokemon. "Return Ivysaur, you deserve a good rest."

With that Ivysaur was returned and Ashley and Misty left the battle field as the pool closed up again to form a normal battlefield.

Misty walked over to Ashley and handed her a blue raindrop badge.

"As proof of your victory over me, I proudly award my best friend her Cascade Badge!" Misty said a she gave the badge to Ashley and hugged her.

Ashley hugged back.

"Thanks Mist!" Ashley said. "That was an excellent battle."

"It sure was Ashe!" Misty said. "That extra training for four years helped you out a lot."

"Look at that Pikachu." Ashley said as she showed Pikachu her newest badge. "We just won a Cascade Badge!"

Ashley then posed sexily after she winked and pirouetted.

In Pallet Town Gary was watching the televised battle...

When Ashley posed sexily after she winked and pirouetted, Gary's face turned beat red. Professor Oak came in and noticed this.

"Well if it isn't my Grandson." Professor Oak said. "She is quite the looker isn't she."

"No she isn't! She is a loser! She is not worth my time!" Gary said with uncertainty in his voice. "Boy has she turned out beautiful. She's not as scrawny as she was when she announced that she was continuing her schooling at Pallet Town Pokemon Academy instead of going on her journey."

"You like her don't you?" Professor Oak asked.

"That obvious huh?" Gary asked.

"Your beet read face is all the indication I need." Professor Oak said.

Back at the Contest Hall...

"So Ashe," Dawn said with a knowing grin as she walked up hand-in-hand with Kenny. "What is the story behind your blushing earlier?"

"I would like to know that as well Ashe." May said as she walked up holding Drew's hand. "You never explained that to us."

Ashley motioned for the four coordinators to sit down on the bench with her Misty and Brock. She then told her story about Gary and how she had fallen for him despite his jerky attitude toward her. She just hoped that Gary felt the same way.

Ashley and Company had lunch with the four coordinators and then accompanied them back to the contest hall. Ashley and Company were also given VIP passes so they could be backstage with the competitors. Ashley and Company then left the backstage area and sat in the VIP seats right in the front row.

About three or four hours later after the Contest...

Ashley and Company congratulated Dawn for winning the contest and receiving a ribbon. Ashley and Company then went their separate ways promising to meet each other again some time.

Where one adventure ends, another one begins. What will happen to Ashley and her friends? Be on the look out as Ashley's Pokemon Adventures: Kanto continues on.

To Be Continued...

Next Time: Ashley, Misty, and Brock continue their journey through Kanto. Along the way Ashley and Company bump into a wild Pokemon Trainer as well as see what everyday life at a boarding school is. Ashley is not surprised at all to see how Pokemon Technical Institute runs things, as she was in a similar situation when she attended Pallet Town Pokemon Academy. Will Ashley be able to beat any of the challenges that come her way? Be on the lookout to find out!

Next Time on Ashley's Pokemon Adventures: Kanto: Episode 04: Cerulean to Vermilion Adventures Part 1 Coming Soon to a Fanfiction Site near you!

Well what did you think? This is the longest chapter I have ever written for any of my stories nearly 11,285 words.
Chapter three of my what if Ash were Ashley instead story.
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