Adventures in Kalos Episode 002

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Episode 002: Kalos! Where Dreams and Adventures Begin! Part II

Seven years ago Flashback about a year before Ash and Gary's journey began...

Ash was hoping that a year from the current day Serena would start a journey with Gary, Leaf, Red(1) and him. Apparently Serena was looking forward to starting a journey with Ash in a years time as well. Ash rushed over to Professor Oak's Lab to greet Serena and talk about which Pokemon they are going to pick when they start their journeys together in a weeks time. He rang Professor Oak's doorbell. Professor Oak came down the stairs and greeted him.

"Hey Ash, what brings you here?" Professor Oak asked. "You have to wait a year to start your journey."

"I know that Professor, but I came to see Serena." Ash said as he looked at the Kanto Professor with hopeful eyes. "Is she here?"

Professor Oak nodded and opened the gate so Ash could ascend the steps up to his lab.

Ash nodded and followed Professor Oak into his living room.

Ash was so happy that at least he would start his journey with his childhood friend Serena. However the little light brown to dark blond-haired girl came up to Ash with a sad look on her face carrying a suitcase in her hand. Ash had a perplexed look on his face, why was the friend that he had just reunited with holding a suitcase with a downcast look on her face? Was she leaving again? Ash could feel the tears stinging his tear ducts as he tried to hold back tears while looking into Serena's lovely blue eyes, that also seemed to be tearing up.

"Ash, I'm so sorry, but my mom and I need to move away again. A Rhyhorn Racing league just opened up again after being bankrupt for two years, which is why we moved back here in the first place. I hate to tell this to you Ash, but I won't be able to start my journey with you, Gary, Red, and Leaf next year, I'm so sorry." Serena said to her close friend tears threatening to spill from her eyes in sadness.

It was apparent from the downcast look on Ash's face and the tears threatening to spill from his eyes as well. "Serena, not again." Ash said, tears rolling down his face while looking into his closest friends eyes. "I was hoping we would finally spend some time together before our journey starts in a year. I just got you back *sniffle* I don't want to lose you again."

Tears are now freely rolling down Ash's face as well as Serena's. The two close friends embraced and cried on each others shoulders.

"Do you promise we will meet again and remember each other no matter what?" Ash asked, pulling out a blue cloth handkerchief from his pocket and wiping the tears off of Serena's face. "I also want you to keep this."

Ash then handed the cloth handkerchief to Serena. "This is so you will always remember me." Ash said with a smile as he kissed Serena on the cheek. "I know we will meet again."

Serena nodded trying to contemplate what to give Ash to remember her by. She took the pink ribbon off of her straw hat, tied it in a bow in her hair, and placed the hat on Ash's head(2).

"I know we will meet again as well," Serena said to her best friend as she placed her straw hat on his head. She then took her pink ribbon and put it in her hair. "I want you to have this to remember me by."

"Serena, this is your favorite hat," Ash confessed in surprise at his friend giving it to him, then asked her a question. "Why are you giving it to me?"

"Because Ash, you are my best friend and I always want you to remember me." Serena asked tears starting up again, she's worried that Ash doesn't want to remember her. "Is that such a crime?"

Ash quickly wiped the tears rolling down Serena's face and pulled her into a hug and kissed her on the cheek, which immediately calmed her down, she then returned Ash's embrace and kissed him on the cheek. Seeing Serena being calmed down now, he boldly speaks up, but gently as not to startle the girl in front of him. "Of course it isn't Serena," Ash said now much calmer than before, as he continued. "It was just a surprise that's all. You take care of yourself okay Serena?"

"Only if you take care of yourself." Serena ordered, then continued in a less ordering tone and more of a gentle tone. "Do that for me? And promise that next time we meet, no matter how long it is, we will travel together on a journey one day. Can you do that?"

"Of course I will take care of myself and I promise to meet you again someday so we can travel together." Ash said, blush rising to his cheeks, Serena's cheeks mirroring Ash's. "That's a promise Pinky Swear."

Serena nods in response and offers her pinky as well. "Pinky Swear." Serena said as she linked her pinky with Ash's and shook, she also placed a kiss on the side of Ash's cheek since he gave her one.

"What was the kiss for Serena?" Ash asked cluelessly, completely forgetting that he gave Serena a kiss on the cheek earlier as well.

"Ash," Serena sighed exasperatedly, then continued, "I gave you the kiss because you gave me one remember?"

Ash then remembered that he did give Serena a kiss as well and placed his hand behind his head in embarrassment, "That's right I did, thank you for reminding me."

"No problem Ash." Serena said as her and Ash embraced in a goodbye hug tears streaming down their faces.

The two friends departed for the last time in a long time. They couldn't help but wonder, how much the other would've changed in the next seven years.

Flashback ends.

Back to present time...

"Well Pikachu, we should get ready to go on our new journey, " Ash said to his best friend and starter, "I wonder if Serena will remember me."

Ash was blushing as red as red can be as he dug into his dinner that his mom fixed for him and Alexa. He then remembered something as he finished his dinner, washed his hands and went to go pack as fast as he could. He then motioned for Alexa to do the same as he remembered that Professor Oak had them registered for the late night red eye non-stop to Lumiose City, Kalos from Viridian City.

"Alexa, we need to get to Viridian City Airport as soon as possible." Ash said to his reporter friend.

"Ash, sweetie, I made new clothes for you while you were at Oak's Lab. I hope you like them, they're sitting on your bed." Delia said as she just got a message from Professor Oak saying that he would be there to pick Alexa and Ash up for their flight in about an hour. "Oh yeah Professor Oak said to be ready in an hour so he can pick you up and take you to the airport. It will be a long flight so be sure you take something to occupy your time."

"Yes Mom." Ash said to his mother. He quickly kissed his mother for the last time for while and went back up to his room, Pikachu in tow running up the stairs behind him.

Alexa nodded her thanks to Delia and went up to the guest room to finish packing.

Ash's bedroom...

Entering his bedroom, Ash looked around for the clothes his mother made for him. It consisted of a blue and white-striped short-sleeved jacket that he wears over his black t-shirt that he currently has on, a completely red baseball cap with a half white Pokeball symbol on the front. The bill of his hat is also white. Along with the outfit were black finger less gloves with a red wrist-band, blue jeans. On his feet is a pair of mostly red shoes with black stripes outlining them. The shoes also have white soles, a black, white, and green backpack completed his ensemble. Once he was in his new clothes, he ran quickly down the stairs with Pikachu holding on for dear life. Running out the door, Ash gave his mom a kiss on the cheek. Once he was outside, he waited patiently for Alexa to come out and Professor Oak to arrive as he looked up at the stars in the sky wondering what his old friend Serena was up to. He was also wondering what his past friends were up to as well. Images of Brock and Misty, followed by Duplica, Casey, Gary, May and Max, Dawn and Piplup, finally followed by Iris, Axew, and Cilan, he then scratched Pikachu on top of his head between his ears earning a content Pika from his partners lips. He also couldn't help but think of his -friend N, what was he up to now?

"Well Pika-Pal, we certainly have been through a lot these past seven years or so haven't we." Ash said to his starter. "Do you think we will ever see Iris and Cilan again?"

Pikachu nodded toward his partner just as Alexa arrived after saying goodbye to Delia and helping her clean up. She couldn't help but look at the stars with Ash.

"You know Ash, the stars are much easier to see here in Pallet than they are back home." Alexa remarked with Helioptile looking at the stars as well. "Are you sure you want to go to Kalos?"

"Of course I'm sure!" Ash exclaimed with the determined expression on his face that he always has when facing a new challenge, then continued with his fists clenched. "Besides, I have a promise to keep to my old friend Serena."

Alexa nods just as Professor Oak is pulling up. "So Ash, Alexa, Helioptile, and Pikachu are you all ready to go?" Professor Oak asked from his spot in the driver's seat of the jeep."

"I am Professor." Ash said. "I want to be a Pokemon Master!"

"So am I." Alexa said as she got into the front passenger seat and Ash climbed into the back. Pikachu immediately moved from Ash's shoulder to his lap to be safer. Once that happened, Ash was off to Viridian City with Alexa and the Pokemon he decided to take with him. It only took Professor Oak about half an hour or so to get to Viridian City Airport. As he dropped the two off at the curb and let them grab their bags he wished Ash the best of luck on his journey through Kalos. He also told Ash that if he were to meet up with Serena and Grace again to say hi from him and his mom. Ash nodded in acknowledgement as he and Alexa entered the terminal, checked in, picked up their tickets and headed toward their gate.

Once the two humans and two Pokemon were in the secure area after going through security checkpoint...

There were various restaurants within the secure area of Viridian City International Airport ranging from Pizza to hamburgers and fries. There were also some Italian Restaurants inside the airport that served all kinds of delectable dishes. Ash couldn't get over the smell of all the great food as he wandered through the concourse heading toward the gate. The two humans and two Pokemon spotted the gate and went to find a seat, their flight wasn't for a good two to three hours yet. Alexa had taken out her camera and went through all the footage she had gathered while traveling with Ash, Iris, Cilan, and Hilda. She smiled at all the adventures she had with them. After about a half an hour Ash decided to get something to eat, maybe a personal pan pizza or something.

"Pikachu and I are going to go get something to eat, do you want anything Alexa?" Ash asked of his friend.

"No thank you Ash, I will get something to eat a bit later. " Alexa said to her friend as he and his Electric Mouse Pokemon went to find something to eat.

About ten minutes later, Ash and Pikachu came back with a personal pan pizza with sausage, pepperoni, cheese, and green peppers for Ash, and yes a bottle of ketchup for Pikachu. Pikachu sure loves ketchup.

"Pikachu, what is it with you and plain ketchup?" Ash asked curiously as he looked at his best friend and starter with a smile. Seeing this, Pikachu just smiled back as Ash scratched between Pikachu's ears with his right hand and held on to his pizza box with his left. Ash eventually found a seat next to Alexa, opened his pizza box with Pikachu sitting beside him sipping from a bottle of ketchup, as he took the first slice of pizza from the box and started to eat. Ash swallows the last bite of his first slice of pizza and then turns to Alexa.

"So Alexa, what is your younger sister like?" Ash asked the photographer. "Is she a tough gym leader?"

"She is pretty tough Ash, even for the first gym leader in the region." Alexa said as she thought back to all the times that even an electric type Pokemon couldn't beat her water/bug type Surskit. She also remembered that her Vivillon is tough as well. Sometimes even a flying type Pokemon have troubles against it. "Her Pokemon are pretty tough. Type advantage doesn't always mean a sure win, but then again you have been traveling for six years you know all about that. Anyway, I'm getting hungry, I will be back after I get something to eat."

"Okay Alexa, see you later." Ash said as he sent out Oshawott, Meowth, and Meloetta and fed them Pokemon food. "Hey guys, eat up, we have a long flight ahead of us."

The pokemon nodded with understanding as they dug into their meal.

Alexa soon returned after having her meal of Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad and water. She sat down next to Ash and pulled out her camera to look at all the pictures she had taken on her journey with Ash through the Decolora Islands.

Time flew by fast and it was finally time to board the flight to Kalos. An announcement came over the PA System. "Now boarding all passengers all rows for flight 718 to Kalos(3). All confirmed and standby passenger must proceed through gate one for passenger boarding. Once again boarding all passengers all rows to Lumiose City, Kalos at gate one."

Ash returned his Pokemon with the exception of Pikachu to their Pokeballs and boarded the plane with Alexa shortly behind. The two people and two Pokemon boarded the flight and found their seats and buckled up.

"Welcome aboard Kalos-Kanto Airways flight 718. Estimated flight time is 14 hours and 59 minutes." The pilot said to the passengers, just relax and enjoy the flight."

All the passengers nodded in acknowledgement and settled down for the long flight.

As the flight dragged on, Ash let Meloetta and Meowth out and they both fell asleep on Ash's shoulders with Pikachu falling asleep on top of Ash's head. Ash too eventually fell asleep as well.

About an hour left of flight time...

"Ladies and gentlemen, can I have your attention please, we are now making our final decent into Lumiose City. Please make sure all tray tables and chairs are in the full, locked, and upright position. Thank you for choosing Kalos-Kanto Airways. I hope you have enjoyed your flight and will enjoy the remainder of your flight." The pilot said. "We should be on the ground in a half an hour, and arrive at our gate about half an hour after that. Thanks again for choosing Kalos-Kanto Airways."

Ash is getting excited, however her realizes that he wonders how his old friend Serena is doing. He turns to Pikachu after returning Meowth and Meloetta and asks him a question. "So Pikachu, do you think Serena will remember me?" Ash asked of his starter as he scratched him between the ears on top of his head. As usual, this earned Ash a content Pika. Ash then pulls out a picture of him and Serena just before she moved to Kalos the first time, as well as one that was taken just before she moved back to Kalos and sighed with a blush on his face. "You know what Pikachu, I wonder how much Serena has changed. She is probably really beautiful now. Wait a minute, how come I never thought like this with the Misty, May, Dawn and Iris. All of them were pretty, well Misty was decent. She was also really pretty when she wanted to be like that dance we shared at Maiden's Peak, the Princess Festival, and the Mermaid show. She was also kind of pretty when I was reunited with her in Hoenn when she had to release Togetic, and once again when I was reunited with her before we all headed off to the Battle Frontier. Also every time I think of Serena, my heart beats faster and I feel warm. What does that mean Pikachu, could it be that I am... oh why is it so hard for me to say it."

Pikachu just shrugged his shoulders and rolled his eyes as the plane landed on the ground and started taxiing to the gate.

Inside the Airport in the passenger reception area...

A young lady with light brown, almost dishwater blond just above waist-length hair in a really low small ponytail, wearing a black blouse, black stockings that reach just above her knees, a red skirt, black high-top style shoes with pink pokeball symbols on the side, as well as a pink felt hat with a black decorative bow accessory attached to it with her newly acquired Fennekin on her shoulder finds a seat in the reception area and pulls out two blue handkerchiefs in her right hand, and two pictures in her left. Tears start to sting the sides of her eyes as she reminisces. She also then realizes she forgot to call her mom when she got to Aquacorde Town so she went to find the nearest video phone, found it, apologized to her mom, hung up the video phone and returned to the Passenger Reception Area to wait for Ash to arrive. She can't help but wonder how the boy in the picture is doing as she turned to her starter. "You know what Fennekin, I can't help but wonder what Ash is doing nowadays. I also can't seem to stop thinking about him. My heart beats really fast as my whole body feels warm when I think of him. I was told by Mom that I was to meet him here at the airport. Ever since then I haven't been able to get him off of my mind. I wonder how much he has changed and if he remembers me, I definitely remember him. He is such a nice boy, well he was back then, I hope he is still the same way when I finally meet him after so long. What do you think Fennekin?" Serena finished as she proceeded to pet her starter. She can't seem to figure out why she can't get him off of her mind.

Fennekin just nuzzled Serena on the cheek and licked her and fell asleep after climbing on top of her hat.

"What am I asking you for?" Serena asked with a smile as she scratched Fennekin's ear. "I just met up with you when I chose you for my starter, and Fletchling wouldn't know anything either. I can't help but wonder what Ash is like now."

As Serena went into the recesses of her mind a blush crept onto her face as her heart began to beat faster just from thinking of him. What could this mean for her?

"May I have your attention in the terminal please, Kalos-Kanto Airways is pleased to announce the arrival of flight 718 from Viridian City, Kanto. All deplaning passengers may be met outside of Security Checkpoint or by the baggage claim area." The voice over the PA said to those in the terminal. The time was about 1:00 in the afternoon as Serena put her things away and waited in anticipation to be reunited with an old friend.

Inside the plane right when it came to a complete stop...

"Ladies and gentlemen welcome to the Kalos Region. We have arrived in Lumiose City. Please watch your step and enjoy your stay in the Kalos Region. For those of you returning from business, welcome home to the Kalos Region. For those arriving here to partake in a journey through this region, good luck in all you do. We hope to serve you again in the future." The pilot said as the doors opened and two sets of stairs were pushed up to both exits in the front and the rear of the plane. "Please watch your step as you descend the Air Stairs. Thank you for choosing Kalos-Kanto Airways, and enjoy your stay in Kalos."

Ash unbuckled and gently picked Pikachu up and held him in his arms after he grabbed and secured his backpack as to not wake the sleeping Pokemon. Pikachu's eyes then opened as he hopped out of Ash's arms and climbed up to his right shoulder. As Ash stepped out onto the top of the Air Stairs he looked out at the vast landscape known as Lumiose City. It kind of made him feel nostalgic reminding him of Celadon, Goldenrod, Lillycove, Veilstone, and Nimbasa Cities.

"Here we are Pikachu, the Kalos Region! Ready for a new adventure?" Ash asked his starter with Alexa exiting behind him.

"Pika Pika!" Pikachu exclaimed happily as he hugged Ash's neck. As Ash got ready to descend the stairs he miss-stepped and ended up falling down the stairs. Typical Ash.

As Ash was falling down the Air Stairs, a Pokemon that looks very much like a Blaziken but bigger and more menacing was looking on from the control tower looking for any trouble that might appear.

Alexa rushes down the stairs without tripping and offers her hand to help Ash up, which he gladly takes. Once Ash is up on his feet he brushed himself off.

"Are you okay Ash?" Alexa asked full of concern for the young teen. "That was quite a fall you took."

"I'll be fine Alexa, I am just really excited that's all." Ash said as he headed toward the terminal. "I can't believe they made me check my bag when they found out it wouldn't fit in the overhead compartment or underneath the seat in front of me. I will see you on the inside Alexa, I have to make my way to Baggage Claim."

With that, Ash with Pikachu on his shoulder made his way to the Baggage Claim Area. As Ash with Pikachu on his shoulder passed through the Passenger Reception Area on the way to the Baggage Claim, they failed to notice a girl with light brown hair and blue eyes getting up from her seat and following them to the Baggage Claim area. She was also wearing a pink backpack.

Baggage Claim Area...

The baggage claim area of the airport was a standard baggage claim with two conveyers that transport the arriving passengers' checked luggage to them. There are several chairs, some vending machines as well as some Arcade games in an alcove right at the entrance to the baggage claim area. There is also a decent size gift shop that sells all sorts of goods and services native to Kalos. There is also a section with several different types of Pokeballs as well. Ash picked up his luggage and headed toward the exit with his Pokemon in their Pokeballs except for Pikachu, who was on his shoulder. As he exited the airport he was knocked down by a light brown to blond haired girl with blue eyes. Ash was trying to recover his senses when a hand reached out for him from the air. Ash grabbed it and allowed himself to be pulled up. As he was brought to his feet he came face to face with someone who he thought he would never see again. There is no mistaking those bright blue eyes and that pretty face, it was his old childhood friend who he met at Pallet Town Pokemon camp when he was little. She also happened to live just down the street from him before she moved to Kalos, she also briefly lived with her mother and Professor Oak at Oak's Lab before she had to move back to Kalos again.

"I'm sorry sir, are you okay?" Serena asked as she continued to help Ash to his feet. "I wasn't watching where I was going and I bumped into you, please forgive me."

Serena finished her apology with a curtsy.

"Hey no problem," Ash said as he was about to introduce himself, but then realized just who the girl that bumped into him was as he had a flashback to when they were both six and she had fallen down and scraped her knee, and Ash used one of his Handkerchiefs to bandage her knee up. He then remembered helping her up from the ground after bandaging her knee as he looked into those beautiful blue orbs. "S-Ser-e-e-n-na?" Ash asked the girl unsure if he was seeing who he thought he was seeing, he also had a crimson blush on his face as he smiled finally recognizing the girl. "Is that really you?"

"Depends on who you are." Serena said with a giggle and smile along with a blush. "Do I owe you money or anything?"

"Wh-what?" Ash asked nervously. "Why would you owe me money. I still can't believe it's you."

Ash then reached out and pinched her cheek causing her to blush even more.

"Ouch, why did you do that?" Serena asked as anger ticks started to appear on her forehead. She then realized who was talking to and finally recognized those brown orbs looking into her blue ones. "Ash? Is that really you?"

"Hey no fair!" Ash said with a pout and a blush, then continued. "I asked you first."

"Oh yeah, that's right!" Serena said with a nervous blush on her face and a nervous giggle to her voice realizing her mistake after talking to her first crush after seven long years. "Yep, it's me. Wow Ash, you certainly have change for the better. Wow you look great! It's been a while hasn't it?"

"I'm not the only one who has changed Serena, you certainly have grown." Ash said with a massive blush on his face as he laid eyes on his best friend after seven years apart while he strapped on his green Pokeball backpack. "I almost didn't recognize you there until I looked into those beautiful blue eyes."

Serena blushed even deeper as she looked away. Ash did the same thing. Pikachu rolled his eyes and shrugged his shoulders at the confusion of the two trainers from Pallet Town.

"I almost didn't recognize you either until I looked into those brown eyes of yours." Serena said with an even more massive blush. She wasn't sure whether to be embarrassed or infatuated with her childhood friend. "I also see you got a Pokemon, so how long have you been traveling Ash?"

"I've been traveling for about six years, how about you?" Ash asked his childhood friend. Serena just shook her head and looked down to the ground. "Serena, are you okay?"

"I'm fine Ash, it's just that I'm just starting out on my journey." Serena said to her friend. "Ever since I left Pallet that second time, I really didn't feel much like traveling. Especially since I wanted to travel with you and the others. I hated having to move away. I tried burying my sorrow in becoming a Rhyhorn Racer like my mom, but realized that I hated all the training that it entailed so I went to school, that didn't work too well for me either. I struggled in school, and couldn't concentrate. So i dropped out and have been helping my mom around the house with chores and stuff, as well as taking care of her Rhyhorn. When I heard you were coming to Kalos I couldn't wait to see you, so I started my journey late so I'm still a rookie trainer. I watched all of your leagues on TV. I was really amazed you did so well. I also heard through the grapevine that you conquered the Kanto Battle Frontier. So what was your prize for that?"

"They offered me a permanent position as a Frontier Brain, but I declined and continued my journey through Sinnoh, and then Unova where I met two more of our childhood friends who moved away a few weeks before Gary, Leaf, Red, and I started our Pokemon journeys. Hilda and Hilbert were supposed to start their journeys with the four of us, but ended up moving to Unova where they too started their journeys late. We have so much catching up to do, that I was wondering if you would travel together with Pikachu and me, as well as the other Pokemon I have with me, as well as the ones I will catch here in Kalos. What do you say Serena?" Ash said then asked.

Serena nods as the two look into each others eyes as tears start to fall down their faces and they embrace in a friendly hug.

"I thought I would never see you again!" The two said to each other while they embraced. "Can I see your Pokemon?"

"Yes!" The two friends answered each other. As they were about to release their Pokemon, Alexa came up to the two with her bag and Helioptile perched on her shoulder.

"So, Ash are you going to take the Kalos Gym Challenge?" Alexa asked the Pallet native, then she noticed Serena. "Hey there young lady, aren't you the daughter of the famous Rhyhorn Racer Grace?"

Serena nodded nervously as she held onto Ash for dear life.

"So how do you know Ash?" Alexa asked seeing the two embraced in a hug.

"We met at Pallet Town Pokemon Camp when were little, and lived just down the street from each other." Serena said to the Kalos Journalist. "We would explore the woods sometimes and pretend we were on a journey with our friends. "My name is Serena by the way. What's yours?"

"Me?" Alexa asked. "My name is Alexa, Viola the Santalune City Gym Leader is my little sister. I think I will go call her to see if you two can challenge her to a battle for a badge."

Alexa then went to the nearest video phone to contact her younger sister.

A few minutes later, Alexa came back with a shake of her head. "Well I did contact my little sister, but she is out right now. She won't be able to challenge you right away."

"So Alexa, do you think she will be up for two battles when she's available?" Serena asked the journalist.

"I'm sure she will, but for right now how about the two of you head over to Lumiose City Gym." Alexa said pointing to the center of the board that said Prism Tower. "The Gym of this city is inside of the Prism Tower. I have to get going, so you two can go there yourselves. See you later."

With that Alexa waved at Ash and Serena and headed off somewhere. Ash unconsciously grabbed Serena's wrist and started running to the center of the city.

"Whoa, slow down Ash, you don't need to drag me, I can walk myself. Besides, why rush to the gym? We still have so much to catch up on why don't we do that on a slow walk toward Prism Tower and the gym." Serena suggested.

Ash nodded as he released Serena's wrist and walked at a much more leisurely pace than before, just enjoying be reunited with his childhood friend.

As the two friends are exploring Lumiose City...

Ash and Serena are amazed at how big Lumiose City actually is. Ash then flashes back to the two biggest cities in Kanto Celadon and Saffron. As Ash is looking around the city he looks toward Serena and smiles.

"You know Serena, this is the biggest city I have been in since I was in Nimbasa City in Unova. This makes Saffron and Celadon City look as small as Pallet." Ash said to his friend and then asked Serena a question. "Say Serena, where are you living now? I don't mean to pry, but I'm just curious to see what your current town is like. Do you mind telling me about it?"

"I don't mind at all Ash." Serena said with a lovely smile that made Ash's heart beat even faster. Ash smiled back. Ash's smile also seemed to make Serena's heart beat faster than usual. She can't figure out why either. "I live in Vaniville Town. It's three towns south of here. It's about a half a days walk or so. Going through Santalune Forest reminded me of all the times we would spend in the woods near Pallet with Gary and the others. Speaking of Gary, how's he doing are you and him still at each other's throats?"

Ash's mind drifts back to his battle with Gary that involved his Charizard and Gary's Blastoise. He still can't help but smile at how his Charizard defeated Gary's Blastoise with a Seismic Toss attack. Ash fondly remembers that memory, turned to Serena and smiled.

"Actually, no we aren't at each others throats anymore." Ash said to his friend. "It seems that he decided to become a Pokemon Researcher and follow in his Grandfather's footsteps. Yep that's right, he decided to follow in Professor Oak's footsteps and become a researcher after I defeated his Blastoise with my Charizard surprisingly enough and made my way through the ranks to the top eight of the Johto League. Once that battle was over we put our rivalry to rest and became good friends again like we were before we started our journey. As for Red and Leaf they started the same day we did. It wasn't the same withouth you, Hilda, and Hilbert there to start our journeys with, but it was fun. Leaf is still training her Pokemon, but Red seems to have fallen off the map so to speak. I haven't heard from him in years. Not since he managed to become the Indigo League Champion. Anyway, tell me more about Vaniville Town please Serena."

Serena nodded and smiled. "Vaniville Town is a lot like Pallet in a lot of ways. It's a small town, the one where trainers in the Kalos Region usually start their journey from." Serena started, then continued with a smile still on her face. "I used my mom's Fletchling to catch one of my own, and used it to travel to here to get my starter. Vaniville Town is a wonderful town, but it can't compare to the peace of Pallet. Oh how I miss those days where all of us would just hang out and not have a care in the world. Ash you are now an experienced trainer and I am a beginner, i would like to learn from you what being a Pokemon Trainer is like. Will you allow me to travel with you and learn all I can from someone like you?"

Ash nodded and smiled as he shook Serena's hand and then gave her a hug. "Hey a promise is a promise right Serena?"

All of a sudden Serena gasped as she flashed back in her mind back to the time she left Pallet for the second time as a smiling young Ash wearing a red and yellow tank top and blue jean shorts wrapped his pinky around hers. These words played back in Ash and Serena's minds.

"Ash, you have to promise me one thing," Serena said to her friend.

"Really? Anything Serena," Ash said to his friend with a smile on his face. "I will do anything for you Serena."

Serena nodded to her friend and smiled as she spoke up once again. "Promise me that if you ever make it to the far away place I am moving to, that you will travel with me on a journey no matter what."

"I promise Serena." Ash said to his friend. "As I said, I will do anything for you. I will definitely track you down and find you someday so we can travel together on a journey like we were supposed to start together next year."

"Pinky Swear Ash?" Serena asked as she extended her right pinky for Ash to take. She really wasn't sure if he would or not. All of a sudden she felt something wrap around her right pinky. She looked at Ash's right hand and noticed that Ash's pinky finger was entwined with her own.

"Pinky Swear Serena." Ash said, tears flowing down his face. Serena's expression mirrored Ash's as they linked pinkies and shook on it. Ash noticed tears coming from Serena's eyes and took out another blue handkerchief that looked just like the one he had bandaged her knee with when they were six. He used it to wipe Serena's tears and then handed it to her. "You can keep that handkerchief just like you kept the other one that I gave you Serena. As long as we have something dear to each other, we will always be best friends forever and hopefully more later on. That is if you want to be."

"It's a deal Ash." Serena said as she took her favorite straw hat off of her head, removed the ribbon, put it in her hair and set the straw hat on top of Ash's head. "You can keep this until we meet again."

"Thanks Serena!" Ash exclaimed as he hugged his friend.

"No, thank you Ash," Serena said as she hugged her friend back.

That conversation brought tears to the two teens' eyes as they embraced once again as the mental image faded back into the minds of the two teens. "A promise is a promise." Serena said as she smiled at her friend.

"You got that right Serena!" Ash exclaimed in agreement as he too smiled at his friend. "How about I show you the rest of the Pokemon I have with me a little bit later."

"I'd like that Ash." Serena said as she unknowingly linked arms with Ash, and Ash returned the gesture. The two teens linked arms and continued toward the Prism Tower looking for their first Gym Battle.

Where one adventure ends, another one begins. Be on the lookout for more!(4)

To Be Continued...

Next Time:

Ash and Serena are reunited as they begin to reminisce about old times and how much each of them has changed. Ash and Serena explore the streets of Lumiose City together and meet up with Clemont and his sister Bonnie. Will the four end up traveling together or will Ash and Serena travel together by themselves. Also Team Rocket appears and steals several Pokemon including Pikachu and Fennekin. It's up to Serena, Ash and Fletchling to find them and stop Team Rocket from stealing other Pokemon. Also Team Rocket collars Professor Sycamore's Garchomp thinking they can control it. Will they be able to control the Garchomp or will fate interfere with their goal and send them blasting off again? Stay Tuned to find out.

Next Time on Adventures in Kalos - Episode 002: Lumiose City Pursuit!

Coming Soon to a Fanfiction Site near you.

Author's Notes:

(1) Not much was mentioned about the other two trainers, so in the events of this story, Red and Leaf are the third and fourth trainers that left on the same day for their Pokemon journeys as Ash and Gary did.

(2) I got this idea from my Beta Reader and Friend OathkeeperRoxasXNamine09.

(3) 718: The current number of Pokemon discovered, this includes the Generation VI Batch.

(4) I am ending this chapter here on this sort of cliffy. I am going to have to watch XY001 and XY002 again to get a good handle on what happened. This chapter was pretty much and introduction and reunion chapter. I am not sure at this time when the next one will come out. I hope you are enjoying Adventures in Kalos so far. Please review and favorite if you wish to do so. Not bad for my first Kalos story. I hope you enjoyed reading this chapter as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Update: 04/30/2014:

Removed all referenced to the Othelloshipping Saga. This story has nothing to do with it, it's a completely different story.

Peace and Out!

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Meowth and Meloetta? 

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Dude that's a pretty great story, you mind checking mine out?
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AshK1980 this is SO cute!^^ // *blushes* haha just reading this makes me think about Ash... ^^ ~Serena
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Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it, unfortunately I'm stuck with Writer's Block on the story at the moment. Thank you so much!
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Thanks! I hated having to split this chapter up down the middle for here. It probably made more sense to you when you read it on my fanfiction.net account didn't it? Thanks for the review. I hate Writer's Block! Which incidentally, I am experiencing with this story right now. Thanks for both of your reviews/comments!
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Hey, anything who's doing a AshxSerena fanfic series.
By the way, smart move on Ash bringing Charizard as well as Pikachu. ;)
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Thanks! I appreciate it. I never figured out what the big deal with Ash always just leaving home with Pikachu his. He would've had a much easier time if he took some of his other Pokemon with him besides Pikachu.
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