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Adventures in Kalos

Author: AshK1980

Rating: Fiction Rated T for Romance and Violence

Pairing: Amourshipping


I don't own Pokemon, never have and never will. Pokemon is owned by Satoshi Tajiri, Nintendo, The Pokemon Company, Pokemon USA and TVTokyo. I only own this story and any Original Characters I come up with. I only own this story.


After parting ways with Iris and Cilan and returning to Pallet Town with Alexa, Ash decides he is going to set forth on another journey. This time to the Kalos Region. Ash runs into an old friend that he grew up with and was planning on starting a journey with until she moved away. Will Ash remember her or not?

Main Character Ages:

Ash: 16, Serena: 16, Clemont: 16, Bonnie: 9, Team Rocket: 23, Professor Oak: 66, Professor Sycamore: 30, Alexa: 29

Episode 001: Kalos, Where Dreams and Adventures Begin!Part I

The world of Pokemon, an exciting world where creatures called Pokemon exist. Some people battle gyms and leagues with them to get stronger, some people enter them in Musicals, some people are Coordinators and enter them in contests. The world of Pokemon is an exciting place to live, friends and rivals gather to raise and battle Pokemon together, some people even develop romances with another person. Others just want to travel the world capturing Pokemon just for fun. There are also people who have Pokemon for pets. Some people treat them well, others treat them as tools and try to steal other people's Pokemon for their own evil purposes. The day a Pokemon Trainer starts or continues his or her journey for the first time, or heading off to another region is exciting. None is more excited when it comes to battling Pokemon than a young man named Ash Ketchum. Ash Ketchum is sixteen years old and has traveled throughout several regions capturing Pokemon. He has also competed in various leagues and tournaments. Kanto, Orange Archipelago, Johto, Hoenn, Kanto Battle Frontier, Sinnoh and most recently Unova. At the age of ten Ash Ketchum set off for his Pokemon journey starting off with Pikachu. Along the way he encountered lot's of new friends. Misty Waterflower the Cerulean City Gym Leader, Brock Slate the Pewter City Gym Leader and Pokemon Doctor in training. After Brock left to stay on Valencia Island with Professor Ivy, Ash and Misty encountered a new friend on Tanjello Island, a Pokemon Watcher by the name of Tracy Sketchit. Eventually Tracy left the group and decided to stay behind as Professor Oak's Aide.

In Hoenn, Ash encountered one May Maple and her brother Max Maple on his Hoenn journey, then after parting ways with them after the Kanto Battle Frontier, he headed off to the Sinnoh Region where he met Dawn Berlitz, an aspiring young trainer with a mission to become top coordinator.

He finished in the Top 16 in the Indigo League, won the Orange League, finished in the Top 8 in Johto and Hoenn, he managed to make the Top 4 in Sinnoh. However, things didn't go so well for him in the Unova League in which he only finished in the Top 8 after meeting a very tough trainer with a Riolu that eventually evolved into Lucario.

Now, after greeting his mother after he returned from Unova, him and Alexa headed off to Professor Oak's Laboratory. Along the way, Alexa told Ash as much as she could about the Kalos Region. Along the way, Ash also encountered enemies Team Rocket, Team Aqua, Team Magma, Team Galactic, and finally Team Plasma. Only time would tell what what new dangers and enemies Ash will encounter in the Kalos Region. What new or old friends will Ash encounter in Kalos, time will tell with that outcome. Let the story begin.

Pallet Town Port...

After saying goodbye to his friends Iris and Cilan, Ash along with Alexa, a photographer and TV Reporter from the Kalos Region, are heading off to Professor Oak's Laboratory. All the bird Pokemon are singing, the sun is shining, the sky is a clear blue with no clouds in sight, all the water Pokemon are swimming and jumping doing all they can to avoid the fishermen, all the woodland and meadow Pokemon are frolicking about in the lush green pastures of Pallet Town. Pallet Town is a small town in the Kanto Region in which trainers get their start on their journey. There are three starter Pokemon to choose from in the Kanto Region: Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle, however since Ash started his journey six years ago, more starters have been added to the collection they are broken down by region. Starters from the Kanto Region include the following; Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle, Pikachu, and Eevee. The starters from the Johto Region consist of Chikorita, Cyndaquil, and Totodile. There are also other starters from three other regions; Hoenn, Sinnoh, and Unova available from the local Professor. Hoenn starters include Treecko, Torchic, and Mudkip. Sinnoh starters include Turtwig, Chimchar, and Piplup. The final set of starters trainers can choose from are the starters from Unova. The starters from Unova include Snivy, Tepig, and Oshawott.

Ash Ketchum is a sixteen year old trainer from Pallet Town he has brown eyes and black hair. He is wearing a red and white baseball cap on his head with a blue pokeball symbol in the center of the front. The rim of the hat and the sides an back of the cap are red. He is also wearing a blue and white jacket with a yellow zipper on it. On his hands is a pair of fingerless gloves that are black on the main part, with a red wristband. He is also wearing a pair of dark gray pants along with red and black high tops on his feet. On his left shoulder is his starting Pokemon Pikachu, an electric mouse pokemon with yellow fur, red sacks on his cheeks, as well as a lightning bolt-shaped tail. Around Ash's waist is a Pokebelt containing five Pokemon on it. Snivy, Pignite, Oshawott, Charizard, and Scraggy.

Alexa is a reporter from the Kalos Region. She has green eyes and brown hair. She is wearing a pink and black collared shirt with three-quarter sleeves the collar and end of the sleeves are white. Around her waist is a black belt with a silver buckle with a portable camera strapped to the back of her belt. She is wearing a pair of silver skinny jeans, and a pair of brown calf-length boots. On her shoulder is her favorite Pokemon Helioptile. Helioptile is a primarily yellow Pokemon with black ears, claws and toes. It's ears are arranged out to the side at a forty-five degree angle. It is an electric type Pokemon like Pikachu and is only native to the Kalos Region. In her Pokeballs around her waist are two other Pokemon a Noivern and a GoGoat.

Ash and Alexa were walking down the path to Oaks Lab when Alexa spoke up. "Ash, since you will be heading off to Kalos soon, you really need to pay your mom a visit. Let her know that you are going on another journey and won't be back for a while, I will meet you back at Professor Oak's Lab."

"That sounds like a good idea Alexa, I can decide what other Pokemon I want to take with me later. Come on Pikachu!" Ash said with happiness at the prospect of seeing his mom again and eating some of her home cooking. "We better pay Mom a visit."

"Pika Pika!" Pikachu nodded as he jumped onto the top of Ash's hat. With that, Ash and Pikachu along with the five Pokemon he currently had on him walk down the path to his home.

"It's great to be home isn't Pikachu?" Ash asked of his starter, who nodded in acknowledgement as the Pokemon Trainer and his Starter headed up the path toward the Ketchum residence, the two spotted a very familiar Mr. Mime and waved at him.

"Hey there Mr. Mime! Is Mom home?" Ash asked the Barrier Pokemon. Mr. Mime is a white face, blue clown-like hair and he looks as if he is wearing a circus outfit. Delia caught Mr. Mime several years ago while Ash was training for the Indigo League. She nicknamed it Mimey. Basically Mr. Mime takes care of all the household chores.

Mr. Mime nods and opens the gate so Ash can pass through it. Ash thanks the Barrier Pokemon and heads to his porch and through the front door. His mother, Delia Ketchum, is sitting in the living room on the sofa looking through some memories inside of a Photo Album.

Inside the Ketchum Household...

Ash's home is pretty much just like he left it. Not much has changed since he left six years ago. His mother is still an avid cook and seamstress. She looks up from her photo album and beckons Ash over to her side.

"Hey Ash, sweetie, welcome home." Delia said with her ever present smile on her face. "Just looking at some photos from years gone by. Remember the year before you left on your Pokemon journey. Take a look at everyone."

Ash entered the living room and closed the door behind him. Pikachu on his shoulder as usual. He sat down next to his mom and saw him, Gary, and a girl with light brown hair and blue eyes with her arm around him with a smile and a blush on her face. His face also had a smile and a blush on it as well. Ash was wearing a black and gold outfit that consists of a half black and half gold t-shirt, along with a pair of shorts. She was wearing an off white straw hat with a pink ribbon around the bottom part of the top of the hat and a pink sundress with shoulder straps that cross in the back. Also, next to Gary was another little girl the same age as everyone else. She had brunette hair and blue eyes, was wearing a powder blue short sleeve shirt and pink pair of stretch pants. On her head was a white and pink hat with pink half Pokeball on the front of it. The brunette also had her arm around Gary.

"I remember that picture, it's when we were nine." Ash said happily remembering the fond memory of the light brown to dark blond-haired blue-eyed girl wearing a straw hat and a pink sundress in the picture. "That's Serena isn't it?"

"Yes it is, you two were very close until her and her parents moved away." Delia said with her arm around her only child. "Do you think you two will meet again?"

"It's a possibility." Ash said to his mom still with a smile and a blush on his face looking at the picture of him and that light brown to dark blond haired blue-eyed girl. "I just hope she remembers me when I see her again. At first when I looked at the picture of her and me, I was confused as to who the girl with her arm around me was in that picture, but the closer I looked at the picture, the more clear my memories became of that girl. I do hope her and I travel together someday. The other girl is also Leaf isn't she? All six of us were raised together until one of our number moved away. Serena to somewhere far away. It would be so great if it was the Kalos Region where she moved to because I could meet up with her again. So Leaf, Gary, and me were the only ones that were able to start our journeys together."

"Let me guess, you came here to visit me before you head off on another journey am I right?" Delia asked, a very sad look on her face. She really shouldn't be sad, but it's what Pokemon Trainers do. "So sweetie, where are you heading?"

"Well, during my cruise with Iris and Cilan through the Decolore Islands from Unova back to here, I met up with a journalist from another region." Ash said thinking back as a seen of him, Iris and Cilan meeting Alexa flashes through his mind. "Her name is Alexa and she is a journalist from the Kalos Region. So that's where I'm heading to next as soon as I decide on what other Pokemon I am taking with me besides Pikachu."

"That sounds delightful sweetie, I look forward to hearing all about your adventures in Kalos and also let me know if you meet up with Serena again and tell her to say hi to her mother Grace for me. Also don't forget to change your you-know-whats everyday." Delia said to her only child.

"Mom!" Ash said blushing crimson red with embarrassment. "I'm sixteen years old, I know to do that. Stop embarrassing me please."

"I can't help it Ash, you're my little boy and I worry about you." Delia said as she embraced her son in a hug not even realizing that Pikachu is between them. The pressure of the hug between mother and son smother the poor mouse so much that he unleashes a massive Thunderbolt to get the two off of him. Once the Thunderbolt is unleashed, Delia and Ash find themselves twitching on the floor because of the massive attack that just happened. "Wow Ash, Pikachu's thunderbolt is even stronger than it was before. You must've been training him hard."

Ash nodded, still twitching on the floor along with his mom. "Yep, Pikachu and I have experienced a lot in Unova. I just never realized that he had become so powerful until now."

Pikachu sweat drops as he puts one of his paws behind his head in embarrassment and scratches his head. "Pika Pika."(Translation: Sorry guys.)

"It's okay Pikachu." Ash and Delia chimed together as they pulled themselves up. Delia headed to the kitchen while Ash and Pikachu headed up to Ash's room.

Upstairs in Ash's room...

Arriving in his room, Ash pulled his badge case out and displayed it on the dresser with everything that he had gained during his journey was on display. He added his Unova Badge Case to that collection.

"Well Pikachu buddy, let's head off to Professor Oak's Lab and visit all of our friends." Ash exclaimed excitedly. "I need to decide which friends I am going to take with me besides you Pikachu. Let's head off to the lab!"

Pikachu nods and jumps up onto Ash's shoulder. "My room hasn't changed at all pal. Mom did a good job keeping it clean while we were gone."

Pikachu nodded in agreement with his best friend and trainer.

The two friends bounded down the stairs, well Ash bounded down the stairs with Pikachu hanging on for dear life as Ash headed into the kitchen and greeted his mom.

In the kitchen...

Delia was happily fixing a meal for her son and the journalist he talked about. Ash made his way into the kitchen and looked down into his mom's eyes. He was now about 5'11" at age 16 so about three or so inches taller than his mom is. "Mom, I'm heading off to Professor Oak's Lab. Alexa and I will be back in time for dinner."

"Okay sweetie, be careful." Delia said full of concern for her only child. "Say hi to Professor Oak for me."

"Sure thing Mom, see you tonight with Alexa." Ash said as he ran out the door toward Oak's Pokemon Lab leaving a smiling Delia in his wake. Mimey waved as Ash rushed passed him as if he were a sixty mile per hour gust of wind. Ash waved back to Mimey and so did Pikachu as the two made their way to Professor Oak's Lab.

On the road to Oak's Lab...

'Well, Scraggy, Oshawott, Snivy, and Pignite be prepared to meet all sorts of awesome new friends. You will also be reunited with Leavanny, Unfezant, Boldore, and Krookodile. I also hope that you will get along with the other Pokemon that I caught in the other regions.' Ash thought to himself while Pikachu was perched on his shoulder. 'Charizard it's time for you to meet our friends from Johto again. I'm sure the group will be happy to see that you've returned to me.'

Oak Complex...

Ash had made it to the gate to the Oak complex, silently thinking to himself how it hasn't changed one bit. He is getting excited now, he can't wait to see his other Pokemon.

Ash with Pikachu on his left shoulder, headed up the stairs to the Oak Complex entrance and rang the doorbell.

From the other side came a very familiar voice, it was none other than Tracy Sketchit, his friend from the Orange Islands that traveled with him and Misty for a while.

"Hold on, hold on, I'm coming." Tracy said, reaching the door he looked through the peephole he noticed Ash with the very familiar Pikachu perched on hie right shoulder.

Tracy is a young man maybe about 20 years old wearing a green t-shirt, brown Khaki shorts, tennis shoes, he also has a headband around his forehead that is pink in color.

"Hey Tracy how have you been?" Ash asked of his old friend from the Orange Islands, "How are my Pokemon doing?"

"I've been great Ash, " Tracy said to his friend, then continued, "your other Pokemon are doing just great! They will be glad to see you again."

"I know I will be happy to see them again as well!" Ash said to his Pokemon Watcher friend.

Once Tracy opened the door fully, Ash entered. Tracy then took Ash out to the corral where all his Pokemon were kept. Right as he entered the corral, Bayleef plowed into him and kissed him on the lips. The first stage Johto starter gingerly got up hoping that Ash was okay.

"It's great to see you again too Bayleef," Ash said to her, then proceeded to hug her. He then let Bayleef go and headed toward his other Pokemon only to be run over by his rampaging Tauros.

Ash with swirls in his eyes spoke up, "it's great to see you again too Tauros."

Once the Tauros were far enough away, Ash regained his senses and whistled for all of his Pokemon. All of Ash's bird Pokemon from Swellow to Unfezant greeted him while landing on a nearby tree branch. Corphish and Palpitoad along with Totodile and Buizel were swimming happily in one of the many lakes, while Krookodile's eyes with sunglasses on popped out of the sand. Boldore was right next to Krookodile, while Leavanny happily swung from tree to tree to get to Ash.

"Hey guys, it's been a while." Ash said happily while greeting his Pokemon.

Ash then nodded as he pulled off several Pokeballs with his right hand. "Now everybody, time to meet the rest of your friends!" Ash exclaimed as he threw all of his normal Pokeballs into the air. Several beams of light were released from the Pokeballs that have now opened and materialized on the ground. Out of the lasers emerged Charizard, Pignite, Snivy, Oshawott, and Scraggy. The five Pokemon greeted everyone. Professor Oak and Alexa rushed into the corral to greet Ash after having finished their interview.

"Hey Ash, it's good to see you again," Professor Oak said as he noticed how much taller Ash had gotten since he left on his Unova journey, then spoke up in awe, "wow Ash, you certainly have grown, so how did the Unova League competition go?"

"Not nearly as good as I had hoped," Ash sighed dejectedly as he placed his hand behind his head in embarrassment, "I only finished in the top eight."

"Oh I see," Professor Oak said to his friend, then continued, "still, top eight out of hundreds of competitors is nothing to sneeze at. You still did better than you did at the Indigo League."

Ash nodded in agreement with the professor as he greeted all of his Pokemon that had come to see him, even Gliscor was there. Ash took notice of this and looked at Professor Oak curiously, "what's Gliscor doing here? Last time I saw him, I had left him with Mr. McCann to train in Sinnoh."

"I got a message from McCann and he said that he had taught Gliscor everything he could," Professor Oak stated matter-of-factly as Tracy proceeded to sketch all of Ash's assembled Pokemon.

As the group stood in the vast forest within the Oak complex they were in awe at just how much greener the preserve had gotten. "Wow Professor you sure did a good job keeping this preserve green and natural."

"Thanks Ash," Professor Oak said as he nodded, then continued, "I always strive to give the Pokemon I take care of the best care I can. Speaking of Pokemon Ash, have you decided who else you are going to take with you?"

"Well, I am going to take Pikachu of course, Charizard, and I will take Oshawott." Ash said to the researcher, then continued to ponder who else he would take, he then figured he would take at lease one more, he had and electric type, a flying/fire type, and a water type, a well-rounded team is something he needed, and if he wanted to he could always switch them out later, he looked toward Bayleef and smiled, Bayleef took that as what she hoped, Ash was going to take her with him. "I will also take Bayleef with me. I kind of missed her body slamming me. What do you say Bayleef, will you come along?"

Bayleef nodded and tackled Ash body slamming him, "Bay Bay!"

"I'm glad you're happy," Ash said to his Johto Grass type starter as he accepted Bayleef's Pokeball from Professor Oak and held up Charizard and Oshawott's Pokeballs, "return everyone, we are off to see the Kalos Region!"

Tracy also noticed something odd about Ash's cheeks, they were tinted red as he placed Bayleef, Oshawott, and Charizard's Pokeballs back on his belt. He had remember seeing a picture of Ash with his arms around a little girl in a picture that was dated seven years ago. Staying quiet he just smiled as he went back to his duties as Professor Oak's Aide.

"So I suppose you want me to take care of Snivy, Leavanny, Unfezant, Scraggy, Krookodile, Pignite, Palpitoad, and Boldore along with the rest of your Pokemon. Anything else you want me to do Ash?" Professor Oak asked of the Pokemon Trainer about to disembark on his journey once again.

"No thanks Professor, I'm all set," Ash said to his mentor, then continued, "see ya later Professor."

"Alexa, Mom is expecting the both of us for dinner." Ash said, allowing Pikachu to hop up on his shoulder once again. He then turned to Professor Oak and looked at his Pokemon. "Take good care of my Pokemon Professor, like you always do."

Professor Oak nodded and put Ash's empty Pokeballs in a bag to put in the Pokeball storage unit. All of a sudden several smoke bombs reigned from the sky causing everyone to cough,

Ash also had a picture taken with all of his Pokemon, including Gliscor, who just returned.

"Prepare for trouble, we are back with a vengeance!" A female voice said.

"Make it double with a side of determination and prepare your penance!" A male voice said.

"To protect the world from Devastation." The female voice said.

"To unite all people within the nation." The male voice retorted.

"To denounce the evils of truth and love!" The female voice exclaimed.

"To extend our reach to the stars above!" The male voice said.

"Jessie!" The female voice said as the smoke cleared revealing the redhead.

"James!" The male voice said, revealing the lavender-headed Team Rocket Member.

"Team Rocket Blast Off at the speed of light!" Jessie said.

"Surrender now or prepare to fight!" James said.

"Meowth! That's Right!" Meowth said with a sneer in his voice.

"Team Rocket!" The group said.

"Get ready everyone! Time to battle Team Rocket!" Ash exclaimed as he pointed to his Unova team, who he released Charizard and Oshawott so they could join in.

"You twerps think you can beat us with your pathetic excuse for Pokemon?" Jessie asked with venom in her voice. "I think we will have to show you how wrong you are right James?"

"Right Jessie." James said to his female partner.

"Come on out Yamask, Woobat, Amoongus, Frillish! Time to show these twerps how much we have improved!" Jessie and James chimed together in sync.

"Yamask Shadow Ball, Amoongus Hidden Power!" James ordered his Pokemon.

"Woobat Air Slash, Frillish Water Pulse!" Jessie ordered her Pokemon.

The four Pokemon did as their trainers commanded a ball of water formed in Frillish's mouth as she sent multiple Water Pulse attacks toward Ash's Pokemon. Yamask formed a dark purple ball in its mouth, while Amoongus glowed as several green balls of energy surrounded it. Woobat flapped it's wings rapidly sending several blades of wind toward Our hero's Pokemon.

"Everyone, do your best to dodge! Scraggy use High Jump Kick, Krookodile use Dragon Claw! Charizard use Slash, Leavanny use Energy Ball! Snivy use Attract on the entirety of Team Rocket's Pokemon, then follow it up with a Leaf Storm! Pignite, use Fire Pledge! Oshawott use Hydro Pump combined with Razor Shell! Pikachu use Volt Tackle combined with Electro Ball and Iron Tail! Boldore, use Rock Blast! Unfezant use Aerial Ace! Palpitoad use Supersonic Mud Shot!"

Pikachu, Unfezant, Pignite, Snivy, Oshawott, Scraggy, Leavanny, Palpitoad, Boldore, Krookodile, and Charizard were battling and getting knocked around by Team Rocket. No matter what they tried, they kept on getting hit.

"Poor twerp," Jessie cackled, "It looks like we are going to win this round and steal all of your Pokemon!"

"Meowth that's right!" Meowth exclaimed as he extended the claws on his hand and aimed straight for Snivy, Meowth's Fury Swipes barely missed Snivy but hit several other Pokemon. The Pokemon wouldn't give in though, they had to fight for their trainer and friend Charizard slashed Woobat sending it back into Jessie's arms causing her to return her bat Pokemon earlier than she hoped. Charizard also managed to take out Amoongus with a quick slash as well.

"Yeah right, whatever Team Rocket," Ash taunted while looking toward his Pokemon as he continued, "guys time to stop playing around and get serious."

Ash's Pokemon nodded at him as Snivy flipped, and winked sending hearts out toward the two opposing Pokemon, Yamask was immediately effected and lost all will to battle as Snivy used her Leaf Storm to render Yamask useless. James sighed and returned his exhausted Yamask. Yamask put up a good fight, even hitting some of the twerps Pokemon. Frillish continued to battle valiantly managing to push back Ash's Pokemon Team.

"Now guys!" Ash ordered to his friends with a smirk toward Team Rocket.

Ash's Pokemon complied and combined all their most powerful attacks in a massive wave toward Team Rocket.

"Um Jessie, I think we better return Frillish and get out of here." James said to his partner, "Those Pokemon don't look too happy. We should be thankful the twerp didn't have Snorlax use Hyper Beam on us or we would've been defeated a long time ago."

Jessie looked toward Ash's Unova Team and gasped. She then realized that James was right. She quickly recalled Frillish before she could get hit. The two tried to run away but to no avail. Lightning Bolts, Energy Balls, Rock Blasts, Focus Blasts, Leaf Storms, Hydro Pumps, Mud Shots, as well as Flamethrowers combined to form a massive barrage of attacks that smacked into Team Rocket's feet sending them high up into the sky sending them...

"Blasting off again!" Jessie, James and Meowth chimed together as a star twinkled in the distance.

"Oshawott, Charizard return," Ash said recalling his water type and his Fire/Flying Type Pokemon back into their Pokeballs, he then turned toward the Professor and spoke up, "Keep taking good care of my Pokemon and I will see you later, I may even rotate some of my Pokemon in and out as well."

Professor Oak nodded and agreed to take care of Ash's other Pokemon.

Ash and Alexa waved good bye to Professor Oak and all of the Pokemon and headed back to Ash's house.

Meanwhile in two different regions, two different mothers are having a conversation with each other over the video phone...

Pallet Town, Kanto...

Delia is talking to her old friend Grace the Rhyhorn Racer about Ash coming to Unova. Grace nodded in acknowledgement and smiled. Serena would definitely be happy that an old friend of hers was going to be coming to Kalos for a journey. The two women shared small talk, smiled at each other, and hung up just as Serena, Ash and Alexa were entering the houses. Serena entering her house in Kalos, and Ash and Alexa entering Delia's house. The two women cut the channel and turned around to see who had entered the kitchen.

"Hey there sweetie, Serena is expecting you." Delia said to her son. "I told her mom that you were coming to Kalos for a journey. How's that sound?"

"That's great Mom!" Ash exclaimed happily. "I wonder how much she has changed in the seven years we have been apart, I bet you she has grown up quite nicely. Her and I were close friends back when we were younger."

"I know that sweetie." Delia said as she hugged her son. "Now go get washed up for dinner."

"Sure thing Mom." Ash said as he went upstairs to get ready for dinner.

"Hey there Mrs. Ketchum, my name is Alexa, I am a journalist from the Kalos Region. I've been traveling with Ash, Cilan, Hilda, and Iris through the last part of the Decolore Islands. I have a Helioptile, a Gogoat, and a Noivern." Alexa said showing her Pokeballs to Delia.

Vaniville Town, Kalos...

A young lady wearing a black blouse with a red skirt, black over the knee socks, a pink felt hat with a black ribbon on it with hair somewhere between a light brown and dark blond with blue eyes comes into the kitchen. She is also wearing High-Top style shoes and her hair is just short of her waist and put into a small low ponytail. strapped on her back is a pink backpack with a white Pokeball symbol on the upper pocket of said backpack. She hands her mom Grace her Fletchling, having used it to capture one of her own, back to her mother and heads toward the front door, this girls name is Serena.

"Where are you going Serena dear?" Grace asked of her daughter. "Are you off to Lumiose City?"

"Of course I am Mom, I want to start my journey as soon as I can." Serena said to her mother. "Is there something you wanted to tell me before I go?"

"Yes dear, an old friend of yours is coming to Kalos for a Pokemon journey. He should be arriving at the Lumiose City International Airport sometime early tomorrow afternoon from Pallet Town in Kanto." Grace said to her daughter, then continues. "I would like you to meet him at the airport and show him around town. Alexa will be with him as well. I think his name is Ash Ketchum if I'm remembering right. You better leave right now, or after dinner and when you get to Aquacorde Town, spend the night there. Then you travel through Santalune Forest and Santalune City into Lumiose City. The Airport is actually located just outside of Lumiose City. That's where you will meet Ash. His mother Delia says hi. You do remember Ash don't you sweetie?"

Serena blushes and pulls something out of her purse. It's a handkerchief of some sort. It's the one that Ash gave to her right before she moved away from Pallet Town the second time when they were nine. She has kept it ever since. She also fondly remembers the cloth handkerchief that Ash used to stop her knee from bleeding after she fell when they were six. She also fondly remembered her and Ash holding hands on their way back to Pallet Town proper from the forest they were in where Ash bandaged her knee.

"Ash?" Serena asked with a blush on her face. "Him and I were really close up until the day we moved. I wonder how he's doing. He's probably grown up so much since I last saw him. It's been what seven years since I saw him last?"

Serena has tears come to her eyes at the memory of the little boy who helped heal her skinned knee so many years ago. She fondly remembers holding the boys hand. She also remembers the second time they parted ways as more tears flow down her face.

"It's been about that dear, now get going and let me know when you get to Aquacorde Town. Actually, we first moved from Pallet Town to here about ten years ago when you were six. We moved back briefly and stayed with Professor Oak for a couple of years. We then had to move back here." Grace said to her daughter, she then remembered something else she needed to tell her daughter. "Oh yeah and don't forget to do you know what everyday."

Serena's blush of infatuation immediately turns to one of embarrassment. "Mother, I'm sixteen years old, I think I know what to do. I also remember the two years we briefly moved back to Pallet. It's too bad I couldn't start my journey with him. Hilda and Hilbert had already moved a month before all five of us were supposed to start our journey together."

Serena then put her loan Pokeball into the pocket on her high-waisted skirt and closed it tight. She then kissed her mother goodbye and headed toward Aquacorde Town. She then turned to her mother with a smile.

"Thanks for not making me be a Rhyhorn Racer Mom, I really don't think I can handle it, at least not yet." Serena said giving her mother one last peck on the cheek and heading out the door to start her journey.

"Be careful Serena, and let me know when you get settled in in Aquacorde Town." Grace said to her departing daughter.

Back in Pallet Town...

Ash has just finished washing up for dinner and came downstairs. He sat at his customary spot at the table and waited excitedly for his mom's cooking.

"So Ash, which Pokemon did you decide to take?" Delia asked of her son. "Are you just going to take Pikachu like you did when you went to Sinnoh, or are you going to take some of your other Pokemon as well?"

"I'm taking more than just Pikachu with me this time, "Ash said as he pulled three Pokeballs from his belt, then continued, "I'm taking Charizard, Oshawott, and Bayleef with me in addition to Pikachu this time.

"That's cool, what about your Pignite?" Delia asked. "Are you going to take him with you, what about your Infernape? Are you going to take him as well?"

"I may rotate them in sometimes, but they won't be part of my Kalos Team. I however will rotate my other Pokemon into the group, but I will focus on training the Pokemon I train in Kalos first and foremost. However, I will also train my other Pokemon I caught as well." Ash excitedly said to his mother as he gained a contemplating expression on his face. He was trying to figure out what new friends and adventures await him in the Kalos Region. He is also wondering if Serena still remembers him. "I wonder what kind of new Pokemon I'll find in the Kalos Region."

Delia then set a smorgasbord of Ash's favorite foods down in front of everyone present. Ash dug in as his mind started to drift to sometime in the past, seven years ago to be exact. He was looking forward to starting his journey with Gary, Leaf, and Serena, as well as one other person. All five of them starting their journeys together when they were ten. This is a very rare occurrence indeed, usually no less than three and no more than four are allowed to go on their journey at any one time. The exception to the rule being that the trainers from Pallet Town had such a deep friendship, that Professor Oak gave all five of them permission to start a journey together. Unfortunately, things didn't pan out how he thought it would. Ash goes back in time inside his mind as tears start to sting his eyes and begin to flow freely down his face. It's as if he is in a trance of sadness. Ash's reality wavered and he found himself going back into the recesses of his mind to that very sad day in his life. He had just gotten Serena back, but now she was leaving again...

To Be Continued in Part II coming soon.
Part One of Kalos! Where Dreams and Adventures Begin!
For Part Two go here:…
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