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Heroes of Might and Magic II HD

Comparison with the original sprites.
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looks very professional, i really hope II gets an "HD" remaster
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Don't know for the "HD" part, but there are a guy working for years on a Heroes III mod to make it like Heroes II. It's called Heroes of Might and Magic III : The Succession Wars and should be released at the end of the year.
brilliant! I really love that!
And I will really appreciate that if you could also make the prime version of those creatures in the middle. 
thanks again for the good work!
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Good bless you friend. You could make it as a vcmi additional castle. I would love to see it in homm 3 that is a masterpiece work BRILLIANT
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Это просто фэн-работа, или же материал к чему-то навроде "фанатского ремейка"?
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Просто фанарт.
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If someone did that for real, it'd be awesome. But first, I hope Ubi does this for Armaggedon's Blade too.
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Amazing compilation of works!
Not only for this was one of the most significant games of my childhood, but also for the expertise on detail.
I find all of these, a colelction I'll hold on to for a long while, as both as inspiration and as nostalgia!
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It's a splendid work, my dear friend. Have you ever thought in developing an enhanced HOMM II making use of your graphics? Keep working!
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now you should do the same with Heroes 3 and prevent ubisoft from screwing the game's visuals :D
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поздравляю с завершением линейки!
просто шикарно всё!

будут и другие фракции?
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Пока что надо закончить замок некромантов, и есть планы по дорисовке злого интерфейса и некоторых текстур глобальной карты (возможно).
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А коммиссии принимаются? Я собираю все арты с Карлаун, какие найду ^_^
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На вряд ли у меня будет время и настроение, рисовать что-то на заказ. Но я планирую нарисовать несколько портретов, и если один из них будет Карлаун, пусть будет так. Но я ничего не обещаю.
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Что ж, скрещиваем пальцы.
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Love it. Nice touch on the evil theme around the edges, and also that Heroes 2 logo looks beautiful in that style :) These really are the perfect homage to Homm2.
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