Furries and Furs

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]"The Furry."
A "furry" is someone who is considered, by typical social standards, to be the outcast of the group. They're you're typical over-weight homosexual male that either still lives in his mother's basement or has managed to get his own place, but it's rather trashy and dirty and, like him, it tends to smell bad. Kind've like body odor mixed with garbage and old fast food. [[ O_o I think I gagged a little. ]] Furries post things like "I'M SO PROUD TO BE A FURRY! IT'S THE BEST THING EVER IN THE WHOLE WORLD WIDE WEB AND IT'S MY LIFE!" all over their internet connections, and may even have the rainbow-lettered paw print bumper sticker. They usually tend to parade around the bad side of the fandom, displaying how obnoxious some of the people can be, and how open they are in public about their sexual escapades and fantasies, and how many people they "totally yiffed the brains out" of. [[ Yiff: A furry term for sexual intercourse, sexual RP, or pornographic art of any kind. ]]

Furries also tend to be the kind to "steal" artwork from famous artists like Mahrkale, Chibi-Marrow, Fisk, HushHusky, Lucky Coyote, Lenny Mutt, Fluke, Keovi, Zaush, and many, many others--just to use their work as their default pictures. Although, there are some who actually state "This is my character." even though it's not. I personally know quite a few famous artists and are good friends with them, and I can personally tell you that NONE of them appreciate their art and characters being stolen and used at someone else's pleasure.

In essence, furries are the main reasoning for the media having such a nasty look on the fandom. They parade around in bondage gear at cons, upload porn to public, family-inhabited websites, and just all-around are rude, loud-mouthed, bitchy, emo creatures that think they're the only ones in the world with problems. Even after those said facts, furries think they have the right to be mad and/or upset at anti-furry groups outside with "Yiff In Hell" signs. The truth is, they don't have that right. They brought it on themselves, and all the anti-furries are doing is saying "WE DON'T FUCKING CARE ABOUT YOUR FURRY PORN, PLEASE TAKE IT OFF OF OUR HUMAN WEBSITES AND TAKE IT BACK TO FA WHERE IT BELONGS!" Kudos, anti-furries, kudos! \m/

"The Fur."
A fur is someone in the fandom who actually has a brain inside their skull and make educated, intelligent decisions. We don't run around boasting about the masses of people we've yiffed online, we either draw or commission our own artwork instead of stealing everyone else's, and we actually take daily showers and don't smell like B.O. + Garbage + Old McDonald's. When asked what the fandom is about, furs typically respond with "Well, it's kind've like WoW, minus all the levels and such. You make a character, draw it, maybe get a suit out of it, go to cons, and just have fun with it!" Some furs are even into suiting because they like how the children react. Not because fursuits are OH SO MURRY PURRY SEXXXY, but because we can actually have fun in them without messing them up.

Furs are usually either in higher education [[ Like college. ]] or actually have a job and are successfully supporting themselves, along with holding a healthy relationship. Usually, more females are found in the fur category, since we usually like maturity in our partners and we aren't all sex-crazed maniacs that troll on Pounced for a weekend quickie. [[ That being said, it doesn't mean there aren't any furs on Pounced. I'm a fur and on Pounced, but I'm looking for friends only. ]]

We are typically more accepted from non-furs, since we give our explanation in a way that doesn't involve sexual deviance. There's no "Oh yeah. We have porn, fursuit sex, zoophilia, and a lot of other fetish stuff. But we're SO FUCKING COOL!" We actually kind've make it a little kid-friendly. [[ Probably why there's so many 13- to 16-year-olds now. ]]

In essence, furs are like the icing on the cake. And furries are the burnt part on the bottom. X3

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You are incredibly dicktastic. I hope you know that,
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Ya mad bro?
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Not really, this has the tone of "I'm better than all of you because I'm a fur and not a furry hur hur." that makes me think you're dicktastic.

I do agree with what you say in your journal, though... But if you were going to write this in the general sense... Don't thrust yourself in it by giving the hit-and-run point that you're a fur and not a furry...

Because that's kinda pompous.
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ErithacusCreationsHobbyist Digital Artist
Well. I think I was just enlightened. Thanks for that.
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