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Okami-Wallpaper size

Here's the Wallpaper version of Okami in Balinese style. ^^ Enjoy!

19" inch :D
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tarif karun kya uski jisne ise banaya , that's fucking awesome
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Lost in detail.... I can watch forever! Beautiful
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:3 SO BEAUTIFUL! This is an insta-fav x3
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I remember seeing this picture years ago and I still think it's excellent. 
This is sooo beautiful! I really love it La la la la 
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This has to be one of the most amazing thing's I've ever seen. Truly a masterpiece.
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I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My gosh, your work is amazing. I have never seen anything so complex and so beautiful. How you even managed to keep the design straight in your head is beyond me. The patience and determination that must have gone into this just makes this piece that much more incredible. That is all I can say about your work (even though nothing I say does it justice,) that it is incredible. Unbelievable work, well done.
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Woaaa~, this is so amazing. I just love this wallpaper and the game itself as well <3 This is so detailed I'm left in awe and it's even in the game's unique art style ... stunning ^^
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wow. such art .amazing . wow .shibe like . such color. okami .wow.
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I love this game ^^ It's beautiful !
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I love this! It's just so... Perfect!
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Holy christ! This is god-tier amazing! (no pun intended)
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Nice! I love it good work :)
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This's is really impressive. How long did it take to draw all this?
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This is really beautiful!
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Amazing, the amount of detail (+the shape and how you made it all fit) is impressive
I don't even know what to say! Hehe Good work!
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So you're the one who made this! I found this elsewhere on the internet, and have been using it as my wallpaper for quite a while. I just wanted to say that this piece of art is very impressive, and the amount of detail put into it was absolutely amazing! This is a very well done piece of art, and I thank you very much for making it! :D
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This is absolutely gorgeous!!! I love the transitions of color in each ring and all the intricate detail put into the characters and ahhh holy shit
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