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Skultula Shot

By Ashidoodle
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EDIT: Okay not sure why it's not allowing me to zoom in on the picture when I click on it, maybe it's just my connection and the page isn't loading properly, but I'm reloading it to see if it just didn't upload properly.

A series of commissions for iastSA! Back when I was having that sale-
I nearly had these done before school started, but productivity was ground to a halt after that.
I'm just really grateful he didn't ever get cross with me... I felt so bad for the delays-- ; w ; )

Anywhoo, he wanted to see Link using Spider-Man's web shooters... wound up turning them into a sort of Zelda item! Naturally, it'd shoot Skultula webs. Since this is technically the Wind Waker Link, they'd probably be extinct, or perhaps there'd be a small colony living in some sunken dungeon or something.

The idea with the giant gear tower thing is that Link clogs up the gears with the webs, because it's causing the room to spin, then he connects the furnace in the center with the torches to light up the room.
Once all the torches are lit, the tower sinks into the ground, and the Miniblins jump down from the top of it and attack Link.


Link's hanging from the ceiling because I was always terrified of the Miniblins... I'd always try to climb up high and get as far away as possible from them so I could attack them from a distance- x'DD

Just, all-in-all, Link's a bit OP with this weapon, isn't he?! LOL it could literally replace the deku stick and the hookshot.


There's a bit of a stylistic contrast between them, because technically he bought 3 Black & White with Basic Shade pictures... but I just got so carried away, I couldn't---
> w <///

I'd like to play around with trying to redraw these from some different angles in the future, but not sure if I will.

The second picture was actually drawn last, and it has the most dramatic shading and such just cuz at that point I was like... all these lanterns... dang... and the furnace... okay, just. Faded shading, yeah.


Tbh, I don't normally do fanart commissions, but there was a no-rules thing for the sale, so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Idk, it was really fun, though.
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Nice finish - reminds me of... well... very old games that you probably haven't heard of :)
Ashidoodle's avatar
Fuuuu, if I haven't heard of them, my brother might have! He's a huge retro nerd, and he LOVES videogames~ :3c


Natsuki Shinomiya (Super hug) [V1] by Jerikuto
bubbles46853's avatar
Cute job on the miniblins!
Ashidoodle's avatar
So sorry for the MEGA DELAYED response, but thanks, I'm glad you liked it! X'D
(Miniblins are fun to draw eue)
bubbles46853's avatar
Yep!  *snuggles them*
MatLPlays's avatar
I'm having flashbacks to City in the Sky seeing this
Ashidoodle's avatar
What's City in the Sky?
MatLPlays's avatar
..... are you serious?
Ashidoodle's avatar
Yes? o - o)

((I'm one of those people who's the last to know about something, pls dnt hurt meh))
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huh, that'd actually be a really cool zelda item ^-^ i like it
it's practical, can be used like the hookshot but since it's attached to your hands like the gauntlets it probably wouldn't take up an item slot in order to use it. plus being able to use it from both hands like the double claw shot ^^ which makes it even more useful. the webbing could serve the function the hookshot did in earlier game of ripping away certain items from enemies as well, as you've depicted here. 

man now i'm wishing i'd requested something zelda related xD darn hahaha 
Ashidoodle's avatar
So, like, sorry for the UUBER LATE REPLY, but anywho-

I was actually imagining it as a one-hand-only item, so he'd really only have one, but he could use it to put down a web he'd grab onto with his other hand. Not sure how it doesn't stick to that one though... XDD
It is a really fun item to think about, though~ e w e)

PFFT well you could always request something in the future! xD
Though I'm trying to decide how I'm going to handle requests/commissions... I really want to wait until school's out to really start on them again, though I do have one I've been sitting on for a little while.

I'm thinking maybe that I'd make it so that when I do requests, I'll show the progress of how I did it (kind of like a tutorial, except not really LOL) that I'd post on a few sites.

Idk, but I'm def planning to get on the ball with my artsy stuff over the summer, and I'm gonna try to balance art and school better next semester. ^^)
(Cuz I swear, this semester it was like "OKAY, CAN'T BE ONLINE, DOING A COMMISH, okay things have calmed down, CRAP IT'S MIDTERMS FML SO BUSY OMG" pffffft)
I have a small break before finals come up, but I'm spending most of it chilling from the craziness I've been through lately = w = ) LOL
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sorry for also super late on my end DX i literally had a hard time thinking of "what deh heck do i say?" 

having it be a one-hand only does balance it out a bit as an item, probably a good idea.

lol xD i'll think about it. haha maybe i could make a birthday request... though if i was gonna do that i should've mentioned it sooner as my birthday is may 6th >>; .... 

that's a cool idea ^-^
i should get more on the ball with my art stuff too, since i have SAI now and can Finally do the artwork i've wanted to
Ashidoodle's avatar
oeL I hate when that happens omg--;;;

Ah! I actually did want to draw you something for your birthday, but I wasn't sure what to draw... I think a birthday request would be a good idea, if you'd like it! I have a lot more time now that I'm out of school. (Well technically I have to go back Monday for 2 more exams, but I don't have any more classes LOL)

Oh, cool, you have SAI? Wait... what have you been using to draw this whole time? o . o)
sekkechi's avatar
i'll have to think on what i'd like xD lol
i have an idea of something but i'm not sure

yes, i do ^^ lol i've been using MSPaint XD save for zygfryd whom i did on my friends computer in SAI, everything else is in the generic computer Paint program xD 
Ashidoodle's avatar
\(º □ º l|l)/ WOW- FOR REAL?
I guess it's been a while since I used it, cuz I don't remember being able to
well, basically, make things not look like they're all pixel-ish and stuff? XDD
Some stuff looks kinda blended in your pictures, mostly the hair.

But man, if I'd known that... I could have recommended a few free programs. I mean, they wouldn't be as good as SAI, but at least you could make extra layers and such.
GIMP is kinda hard to get the hang of the layout, but it's basically a free version of Photoshop, and there was this other program that I liked to use a lot before... hmm, what was it called...

Ah, anyway, I guess it doesn't matter since you have SAI now :XD:
sekkechi's avatar
lol it take skill to be able to get that effect xD 

my mom got me it for my birthday =) so it was really nice 
i like SAI a lot, i'm used to using it since my friend also has it on their laptop
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