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Whelp, I remember back in the day I really enjoyed filling out these character scenario meme thingies lel, so I decided to find one and do it xD

Didn’t read it beforehand, so I have no idea what’s gonna happen-


(Also gog it’s nice to go back to what I originally heard of as a meme)

(Seeing “memes” on other websites... idk, it’s always been odd :P)

(You know what I’m talking about?)

(//brik’d) (ANYWAY-)


Before we start, choose 5 OCs from any of your stories or Role Play groups and give us a quick description about them:



1. Arble. Gotta pick Arble, lol. His personality is a bit different depending on which version I’m working with, but let’s say he’s v3.1, back when he had a blue outfit, was a little serious, but still had a mischievous streak LOL

2. Nicole, specifically her iteration from Celestial Guardians, a comic I’m prolly never gonna write lol. She’s a super hero who doesn't bother having an alternative identity, she leaves school to go patrolling when she gets bored, and while she has over-the-top violent shenanigans towards the guys at school, she is oddly more lenient with the bad guys she captures.

She also lives in a small town, so it’s kind of usually the same guys over and over again, so she’s kinda got a feel for whether they’re actual just for teh evilz criminals, or just people who need a break.

3. Wolf. A random guy from a random comic that never really went anywhere, but I always kinda liked him. He has a red scarf and can teleport, and while he kind of never takes anything seriously, he’s also the leader of a small village of adolescents and while he will hunt you down if you mess with his friends, he will also, kind of not take that seriously, either.

4. Rhonts. Because idk lol. He’s my SonicRecolor™ who was this average pseudo-angsty teenager who was just whining about how boring life is, so karma decided to be a bitch and he got kidnapped by this crazy guy who was trying to siphon magic powers out of Mobians or something??? Idk, the story never made sense and I never did anything with it LOL.

Anyway, he basically immediately escapes with a girl who’d been trying to escape practically since she was 2, and they team up with a bat guy, and they go off on this magical adventure, and I’ve kinda been thinking about redoing the story and making it NotDumb™. ANYWHO-

5. Rover Racoon. He’s adorable.


That’s it, that is his personality in a nutshell, he’s just adorable LMFAO


Ok let's get started!


1. Character #5 drags Character #3 into a haunted house ride at the fair. Are either of them terrified or unamused?

ROVER (#5) IS SCARED SHITLESS and probably only decided to go on a dare from Carter (not mentioned in the list).

Wolf (#3) is kind of trying not to laugh his ass off the whole time, and is probably causing MOST of the jumpscares himself XD


2. Character #4 tries out for a Talent TV Show. What do they do in front of the judges? Are the judges impressed?

Rhonts... he probably tries to sing. The judges aren’t impressed, but it kinda kickstarts a thing where he starts singing during the campfires off on his adventures, and it just kinda puts the other two at ease because wow he is just such a normal guy and it’s almost like being back in civilization.


3. Character #2 is challenged by Character #5 to a card game of your choosing. How would this game play out?

Rover probably challenges Nicole to go fish, which Nicole is immediately like “bitch wtf u think this is” and somehow they wind up playing either Yu-Gi-Oh! or Duel Masters.

Rover loses pretty quickly because he’s never played them before, but he kinda gets the hang of it after a few rounds, and Nicole offers to let him come watch her play in a small convention tournie.


4. The five of them are forced to play dodgeball in Gym Class. What exactly would happen to each character?

Arble and Wolf would be mercilessly pummeling everybody. Wolf isn’t actually supposed to be throwing the ball, but he doesn't get the rules and doesn't care.

Nicole would be getting pissed and super competitive, dodging like a fiend. And she may have just punched somebody. With her metal fist she has in her super hero form.

Rhonts and Rover got knocked out a while ago, because Rhonts is not athletic, and Rover got distracted by a butterfly out in the window of the gym.

But the game ended abruptly when Rover lost, because, being a toon who just got whacked in the face, his head popped off. Everybody started freaking right the hell out, even after he’d put it back on and was looking around, really confused why everybody was going nuts.


5.  A strange series of events occurs and Character #1 finds out that they have a Alternative Universe self that lives in Character #3's world. How is this AU self different from the original? (If both Character #1 and Character #3 are from the same world, what would happen if the switched bodies?)

Arble, I usually imagine, is kinda fine with meeting AU versions of himself.

But it’s weird this time, because this on is human. Just – totally human, not half cat, or a monster/demon thing, just- human.

He’s also permanently 12 years old, lives in Wolf’s village (where everybody is basically permanently children/teens because plot reasons), and has very very VERY basic fire powers.

This kind of gives Arble a mindfuck because his fire powers are canonically overpowered. To the extent he got banished from his home. And has to wear magic power-nerfing earrings.

And here’s this kid who just has very simple powers that he doesn't have to worry about getting out of control. And not only is he NOT banished from his hometown, he kinda-sorta-not-really is forced to stay there.

I mean, he COULD leave? But the older kids make a big deal over it, so he never really bothers.

They would maybe bond, except when Wolf found out Arble was in his village, he’d flip right the fuck out because WHAT, ADULT??? NO ADULTS IN OUR VILLAGE!!!! (because plot) And they get in a huge fight and I honestly don’t know who would win.


6. Character #2 ends up on the game show of your choice. 

Nicole winds up on The Bachelor, on a dare, and gets REAAAAALLLY pissed when she’s not sent home immediately.

She actually gets pretty far into the competition, just because the bachelor is like HOLY SHIT, I’M DATING A SUPER HERO, until she gets pissed and punches him in the face.

He later sues her for messing up his “beautiful face”, to which Nicole is kinda just like “bitch plz”, though she honestly secretly thinks the scar makes him look kinda badass.


7. The five of them dine at Olive Garden. Who's fighting over the breadsticks?

Rover and Arble LOL. But Wolf’s been stealing them while they were fighting.

8. Character #4 goes to a convention cosplaying a character from one of your favorite series (though Character #4 has no idea of who this character is whatsoever). How would this pan out?

Rhonts is cosplaying as Shadow, and even though he’s a Sonic fanchar, he doesn't really know any of the official sonic cast, so everybody’s laughing at the irony that is just missed on the hapless recolor XD

(He probably wasn’t even trying to cosplay as Shads tbh LMAO)


9. Character #1 and Character #2 have just found out that Character #5 has started a fan-club in support of shipping #1 and #2 together. Are they flattered or weirded out?

Arble backs away. Slowly.

Nicole looks at Arble, then to Rover, and back at Arble. She actually gives a thumbs up.

Arble isn’t sure if that should make him MORE afraid or not.

I’m just over here questioning what Rover’s doing shipping people XD


10.  An embarrassing picture of Character #1 (from that Holiday Party) is found by Character #3. What does #3 do with this picture?

He kinda just shrugs at first, cuz he doesn't care.

But he keeps it because he’s a pack rat. And occasionally looks at it like “lol random”.

And eventually realizes he looks at it too much.

And then he starts abusing his teleportation powers to get more pictures like that LOL


11. What did Character #5 do this time to end up in jail?

He was framed, and that asshat Carter was no help in his trial.

(I literally have a comic about this, I have to post it now LMFAO)


12. It's about dinner time and it's Character #3's turn to cook for everyone. 

Rats roasted over an open campfire, Wolf’s specialty! Nicole offers to buy pizza...


13. The five of them plan on taking a road trip. Who'd be the driver, the person claiming shotgun, the obnoxious back-seat passenger, the one who brings their friend along, and the one who gets left at home on accident(?) ?

Nicole and Rover are probably the only ones who know how to drive LOL, and so Nicole winds up driving.

Rover brings Carter along (to everyone’s chagrin), Wolf and Arble argue over shotgun until Wolf wins, and Arble is constantly freaking out the whole time (because honestly cats do not do well in cars in my experience LMAO).

Rhonts was playing videogames (HOLY SHIT, CIVILIZATION, TECHNOLOGY, NORMAL STUFF, AAAAAAAAA) and didn’t realize they’d left. They came back for him, but he was incredibly solemn the whole time they were gone.


14. Character #4 comes back home only to find Character #1 in a full body cast. What does Character #1 say about what happened or what do they claim happened?

Rhonts looks like he’s about to go on a huge rambling tangent freaking out, so Arble quickly explains he fell off the roof, no cats do not always land on their feet, and that the doctor said he’d be okay.

Rhonts signs the cast, and offers to help him out with stuff around the house until he’s better. Rhonts and Rover basically baby him the whole time, which actually makes Arble kind of uncomfortable. He constantly asks Nicole if he can take the cast off yet XD


15. Characters #2, #3, and #4 end up getting lost in a corn maze at night. Who's the one freaking out about aliens?

Rhonts jokes about aliens, Wolf doesn't know what aliens are, but gets VERY on-edge when Rhonts explains it, and then Nicole gets offended because she knows a sort of almost nice guy from Venus.

Both Rhonts and Wolf become exceedingly anxious when Nicole explains what the Martians and Venusians from her AU are like. Wolf is extremely territorial of the group for the whole night.

When it’s morning, he remember he can teleport them out of there, but he’s too embarrassed to bring it up until it starts getting dark again.


Looks like we're done here for now. So tag whoever you'd like or have your characters send out a farewell!

I don’t really like to tag people (if you wanna do this, feel free, you can find it here lol: [link]), so just imagine an unbelievably cute raccoon waving and smiling at you, saying bye :3

(I'm suddenly realizing that Bossa Nova wasn't in this and I should be ashamed of myself, omg sorry Nova ; w ; LOL)


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