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Entry for Reboot Contest 1
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Published: November 2, 2011
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"Enough." Reyez huffed. "Do what you want. To be honest, it’s not that even big of a deal, man.” He turned, throwing his hands in the air and to casually scrolled off.

"Rey-" Tom called after him.

Hunter turned to look at James and Tom before slowly making his way towards the car as well. Tom sighed, and his shoulders sank. He turned to James, trying to think of any last words he could say.

His mouth opened, he paused. Defeated.

Tom placed his hands in his khaki pockets and turned away, Poemon by his side.

James slowly shut the door, watching them walk towards the car.

- - - - - -

My entry for the awesome contest for Digimon Reboot. The theme was to choose one of your favourite scenes and create it as a screenshot. I chose the ending of episode 20 to illustrate. I hope I tried to grasp what each was feeling at the moment. All their faces are hidden on purpose.

& Part 2.

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CrapcarpHobbyist Digital Artist
The background is greatly detailed and it feels like the characters are in the scene. Compostition is good too, the postioning and the hidden expressions give the what would normally look like a bunch a pin-ups of characters drama. It looks like an actual scene, which is something I haven't seen too much of 'round these parts of dA.

That said, unfortunately there are a lot of bad things about it as well. The most glaring problem is Reyez's pose. I don't care what Silvertis said, his pose looks awkward. I can see you clearly wanted to show the Reyez just doesn't care anymore. In that case, way didn't you make his arms form a W shape? Instead we get Reyex pointing up to the sky as if he's saying "Look up at the sky guys!" It's just awkward. Second is proportion, especailly concerning Hunter. His body looks alright, but his head is way too big. He looks like a cross between a realisitcally drawn anime version of him and a chibi form of him, it's disturbing. Tom's shoulders are really long too. Then there's James. Now the way he's put in is fine, but his pose is just ughhh. I can see you wanted to show him in weakness, which is good and appropriate, but him leaning against the door like that doesn't sit well. In the scene, James doesn't want them to come in and just go away, he's not welcoming them as his pose suggests. He should be standing straight with his head down like you did, as if obsurcting the doorway and his face from the others. This pose just makes me think that James is fondolling with his you-know-what.

Criticism aside, I think this is a good, well-done piece. The problems I mentioned are relatively quite small, the piece as a whole capture's the scene's atmosphere and doesn't look cluttered up like how most works like this look. It's got a few problems, but in general it's fantastic.
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I appreciate the criticism, it is always good stuff to receive mainly when it's ask for to begin with.

And seriously that comment about James...
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CrapcarpHobbyist Digital Artist
Well, that's how it looked to me.
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Very nice! I love it! :)
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JedaahStudent Traditional Artist
amazing! like always, owo hope you win!
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Thanks alot Jedah! :iconglompplz:
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JedaahStudent Traditional Artist
my pleasure dear :meow:
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bluster-squallHobbyist Artist
Reyez's body language as he's walking away is PERFECT. I just... love it. Its the epitomy of: 'I don't care any more'. Its exactly how I imagined the scene when I was writing it (at an airport on my phone, no less). Hunter's kind of indifference is good too. It fits him, and suits his place in the group at this time. Being dragged along, and not knowing how to react or what to say. AND YOU REMEMBERED SKOLLMON! HE'S SO FREAKIN' CUTE. :HEART:
Honestly, my favorite part of this is how Tom lingers at the door and James' face is totally obscured. It's very in character for Tom, and adds drama.
Your background is gorgeous, and the colouring on everything is so pretty and makes me think of a water colour. :]
Thank you for entering the contest! GOOD LUCK. : D
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I was hoping I got all the emotion in it correct.x3
I love dog/ wolf inspired Digimon so I had to include him.

I'm glad to of entered the contest in the first place. Thanks alot for the supportive comment.:)
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AsuruiHianeStudent General Artist
hah ha!! I LOVE IT! 8D
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Thanks alot Tracey.
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AsuruiHianeStudent General Artist
no problem Ash!! :3
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landra15Hobbyist Traditional Artist
very cool.
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Nicely done. The little dog digimon is nice.
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Thankyou very much!
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heartbreaker19Student Digital Artist
Cool dog! :D Which reminds me of Vulpix :D
ashflura's avatar
Yeah he does a bit!;P
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Galistar07waterHobbyist Artist
Very nice. How'd you do the background? Like the tree, and stoned pavement?
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Well everything was painted with the exception of a few textures, trees were painted with the pen pressure brush on photoshop and I used a stone texture to create the effect of the pavement with the addition of drawing curved lines on top with a newer layer.
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