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I, am tired.
Tired of feeling.
Tired of all the hard work of healing.
Tired of failing.
Tired of falling.

I am tired of things,
People, and notions.
Tired of people,
And tired of their motions.
Tired of their talk
Tired of their commotion.

Tired of everything
Inside and out
Tired of hating
Too tired to pout

I just wish,
Wish I could live,
Live underwater
Some place to forgive

Some place to wish
And wish I shall do
Wish to not be tired
Oh, please wish,
Come true.
This is more just for myself, so no one else may like it. That's fine. I just needed to reflect. Needed to come up with feelings. Feelings I can't let out easily.

Thank you all so much. You guys are fucking amazing :)
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This is really good..this gave me sounds a lot like what i'm going through at the moment
and it really holds a lot of emotion. You're a good writer :)
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This is really good. 
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This describes me on a lot of occasions. Nice writing.
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omg im crying this describes me perfectly right now
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I love the honesty.  Your passion was in each word and I could hear the feelings dripping from your verses.

Thank you for sharing your honesty and truth.  It is inspirational :) :)
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Thank you so much!
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Wonderful poem. Thank you!
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love the profile pic thing
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but I also empathize and see a lot of points apart from those that I really understand. Good work!
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this is great.... but the feeling and falling stuff, if you think about it, these things are what we call life! without them you are not living! We need to face the fact that, no matter how hard we try, we can't hide from living, we can't hide from feeling! therefore we must embrace it. we must love it. We must LIVE it!!!!
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...the secret place...
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I can relate. Awesome. :)
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This is really great, I think that many people can relate. I like how the last to stanzas went from 'tired' to 'wish' and back again.
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nice one
i really wish not to be tired
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I totally feel this way, it is beautiful!
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