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Some Stitches

By AshFantastic
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I just had the urge to draw up some simple-ish stitches, because my buttonhole stitch one was quite popular, so here they are.

Use as you wish, I hope they help you in some way :)

And I hope they're clear enough :O


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It has all you need to start out and more :D
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Only learning something don't waste your time. 
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I know blanket stitch, and just as an fyi thats really confusing. I also dont get the backstitch either. Other 2 I allready  knew
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wow this made learning the button hole stitch super easy. and i'm not the best with diagrams... or sewing needles.. :p
AkaiYuri's avatar
Im confused...
PirateAngel3's avatar
Wow, I could never understand a backstitch before! This actually helped a lot c:
shadowkitten12's avatar
I love to sew and this is perfect for making my stiches stronger. THANK YOU FOR PUTTING THIS UP!!! :icondragonshy2:
Lone-wolfkay's avatar
This will be brilliant to refer to seeing as my Sewing machine's temperamental :D
snowkunchan's avatar
i am planning to make a chibi luffy with your stiches :)
if anyone wants a pattern go to: [link] it is free :)
snowkunchan's avatar
your stich link is there ;)
SylphDePosey's avatar
I am so glad I found a link to you. I'm wanting a plush of Romano but can't really aford paying someone to make one for me. So I figured I'd try and see about learning how to stich and design my own plushies. :D
snowkunchan's avatar
i know right it is like 14.99 dollars :'(
VocaloidNova's avatar
I'm still trying to understand how to do the backstitch but other than that very helpful~
Saku-chanDemon's avatar
All this time I thought I was using a basic stitch and I've been using the Backstitch. :XD:
This is very helpful, thanks.
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very helpfull thanks i made a pluhsue and the botton whole helped me
AshFantastic's avatar
Glad you like it :)
arthurocc's avatar
It helped a lot! Very thanks!
AshFantastic's avatar
VanessaBettencourt's avatar
super awesome, a thousand thanks for all your sharing
AshFantastic's avatar
No probs! Have fun!!
Cerramow's avatar
Thanks! This will really help me. I always wanted to make a plush. This will be my first normal plush that i will make( the other one was very very small :D)
AshFantastic's avatar
Awesome! Glad it could help :)
Petalofdreams's avatar
Thank you! I can use it! :D
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