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Foot Tutorial

I made this for those that might have had a bit of trouble with the feet and legs on my Long Doll Silver (Tall Doll) pattern:

I hope this helps a little more with making and attatching feet :)

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It has all you need to start out and more :D
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I think there is a misunderstanding with "right side out." It should be "wrong side out" right?
AngelERenoir's avatar
I'm still a little confused, I think. I end up with the feet facing the wrong side. How do I make sure the feet are facing the proper way?
Finf's avatar
Ah, this is exactly what I've been looking for! Thank-you so much, I'm definitely going to try it!
Reeinz's avatar
Thanks for the tutorial.. This help me so much..:D
cciortan's avatar
Thank you so much for this! I use babylondonstar's plushie tutorial, but the feet were driving me crazy! I've almost got it when it comes to the feet, but there was always something not quite right. Next time I do a plushie, I will definitely refer to this! Can't wait to see if it finally solves my problem!
AshFantastic's avatar
I hope it does! I get so many people asking me to explain the foot bit again :noes:
cciortan's avatar
Update: I just did some feet for a new plushie and used this along with my original pattern and last! The seams line up and it is much cleaner than my other plushies' feet! Thank you, thank you!! :glomp:
AshFantastic's avatar
Awesome, glad it could help :)
Boffgirl's avatar
been fustrating me now for ages
Boffgirl's avatar
I still dont get it!!

I tried that, by having them turned right way out, but it just meant by the final bit the feet then were inside out. The step 8 picture blurry so i really dont understand still
Darker4's avatar
Great tutorial, though I have more trouble with the head :iconteheplz:
AshFantastic's avatar
Thanks :)
I might have to re-do the head pictures then :)
Darker4's avatar
You don't have to but it would be great if you did :)
gyomi's avatar
really liked this tutorial. Great pictures
AshFantastic's avatar
Thanks :D Well anything's better than the pictures in the original haha :P
Emzeeverse's avatar
Aiko-Hirocho's avatar
thank you so much!
The pics are more clear on this one too, and I can see how simple the foot is to make ^^
AshFantastic's avatar
Oh great I'm glad it's better :)
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