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About Digital Art / Student Furry Trash21/United States Group :iconbetsumon: Betsumon
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cores run out and i dont post new art here anymore. please follow me on other medias for newer posts.


Note or comment for my DISCORD/TELEGRAM.

[i]: sprout pixel [i]: sprout pixel [i]: sprout pixel [i]: sprout pixel [i]: sprout pixel [i]: sprout pixel [i]: sprout pixel [i]: sprout pixel [i]: sprout pixel [i]: sprout pixel [i]: sprout pixel [i]: sprout pixel [i]: sprout pixel [i]: sprout pixel

Please note this is for my own personal use, its not ment to target users.
Please refrain from messaging them.

Caterina:  Rezi Luna Wisp / Rezi the Dog
- Blacklisted due to slander and harassment. Icon commission was refunded due to this.

Mildura: Mildura Roo
- Blacklisted due to taking a over a month to finish their art trade with no liable reasoning as to why it took so long.

Kanari: Kanari
- Blacklisted due to asking for a commission, not reading wiki or TOS, insinuating Id scam, and
T.O.S for adopts, trades, and commissionsAdopts
Unless you steal an adopt of mine, I cannot force-ably take it back if its been traded for, gifted, made for, or sold to you.
However, I may still re buy/trade/etc for it back from you.
If you trade me an adopt that you stole from someone else, I will take my character back.
If you sell me an adopt that is stolen, I will be refunded.
Art as payment
If you trade art for a character or art from me, etc, you are required to fulfill your part.
If you do not, the art will not be given to you or the adopt you've offered art for will be taken back. 
Please be considerate when you commission or request art as character payment, I'm a slow worker. Hassling me a ton or harassing me will get you blocked and blacklisted from my account. If you'd like wip updates, please say so.
You are allowed to do what you want with your completed commissions, as long as you CREDIT ME. A link is not req
Friends and InspirationsUsers I consider friends:
Doesnt mean they have to like me back lol.
If youd like to be added or i forgot you please poke me about it!
Penn ll Kila ll RileFelt ll Queen
Strauberrio ll Flamm 
Blizz ll Ashie ll Mystic ll Saros
Users I look up to a TON:
PLEASE check them out if you havent already!

Can I make fanart for your character(S)?:
YES feel free to do so but also let me know you are before hand!
Can I use your characters in stories/as my own?:
NO. My characters belong to and are copyrighted to myself, so unless I give you permission you're not allowed to.
Do you take requests?:
I rarely take requests. Mostly requests and free art are for close friends or those I decide are a fun challenge. Feel free to ask though.

Can you spare some points/donate to me for *blank* reason?:
I WILL NOT donate to those who ask nor their friends. If you ask you will be blocked.

Can I use your art outside of DA?:
Unless my art is FREE TO USE or you commissioned it from me for yourself, NO you are not allowed to use my art on your page or anywhere else, even on deviantart. Adopts
AboutAbout Ashfaii:
-I live in a small town with not much to do in it so I am online quite a bit.
-I enjoy playing video games, music, collecting characters, and upgrading/improving things outside of deviant art.
-I'm working towards a degree in 2D art. 
-I am happily taken for the last 7 years.

I DO have social media elsewhere:
Ashfall#2364 on Discord

Anything else you'd like to know, feel free to leave a comment down below.
Page RulesIf my art/characters have been stolen:
PLEASE tell me.
User beware journals will be made if necessary.
If somebody's traced/referenced my art:
If they are not blatantly tracing, referencing, or claiming it as theirs or original art and give credit its fine.
If someone is using my art style as reference/inspiration, feel free. Im honored ;u;
Dont be a dip on my page:
Be respectful and follow my rules or Ill likely block you.


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