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- I have the right to refuse
- Payment is required before I start
- I will show a rough sketch for permission to carry on with the image
- I do not do Sexual adult art for others
- Nude yes I do- but private
Hyper or oversized ANYTHING - Nope
- No overly flamboyant markings, detailed tattoos.

Convert Yo Monies!


Transparent OR Simple BG


Ex: Comm: Rowdi Flex by Ashetoret Comm- Rennok by Ashetoret
($25-35 USD)


Leap by Ashetoret The Light-Medium Weight Heavy Duty Elite by Ashetoret
COMM: You sure you want to do that? by Ashetoret n u m b by Ashetoret
CE: Vulponero by Ashetoret C- Furvus by Ashetoret COMM: Hesa by Ashetoret
($45-$70 USD)(Higher price depends on detail btw)

($5-10 USD) Extra

© 2013 - 2021 Ashetoret
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Hey, are these still open? I'd love to order one in the near future if you are. I can send details over via note c:
Ashetoret's avatar
Yeah they are :)
flippedoutkyrii's avatar
Cool, cool! I'll send you a note later this evening!
RiskellionGamble's avatar
Hello! I was wondering if you’re taking any commissions at the moment. I transitioned to PayPal a few years back so I’m good to pay.
RiskellionGamble's avatar
Awesome! Would you prefer the details here or by note?
nh63879's avatar
Do you do reference sheets?
MrSpexil's avatar
i may commission you if i get money :D
SlamJamSam's avatar
Any DA Icon Commishes prices?
Ashetoret's avatar
Sorry for the late reply.

I aaccctually should add that. Like Headshots ^^; Give me a bit of time and I can think.
SlamJamSam's avatar
Sure, take you time c:
Gamefreakjl's avatar
Wow your prices are pretty damn decent Ashy, like seriously hahaha. I mean I don't try and be a cheap ass or anything and I totally think a artist deserves to set their prices the way THEY want em to, but usually for me 20 bucks give or take a few dollars is usually where I tend to keep it at XP.
Lurking-Leanne's avatar
Finally! Now you dont have to rip yourself off with those Point Commissions! :lol:

Anyhow, I wish you luck with these commissions! Someday I'll get one off you too, but for now... I need to start selling some myself XD
Ashetoret's avatar
I know :noes: I hope the prices are okay though. I looked at your list for help XD
I'd only sell point commishes for the cheap n' easy stuff.

Thanks though! I wish you luck in getting more money. That Gensen Figure would come through sooner than you think :D
MoonlightStrider's avatar
I would love to get a commission from you but I can't due the fact I have no idea how paypal works and that I have poor understanding of foreign exchange rates (I'm afraid i'm comfortable with Point Commissions so far)
Ashetoret's avatar
My point commissions would have to be the same range as actual prices. (like how a certain amount of points cost money and such)
MoonlightStrider's avatar
Ah, I see, like I said I'd love to pay real money to get a commission from you but i'm a real newbie with paypal, so i'm stuck with points (which is a shame because there are artists I'd love to commission but they only take paypal payments and i'm worried they might get offended if I ask them for a Point Commission)
Lurking-Leanne's avatar
Yeah the prices seem fair to me ;-)

And I'll see how mine go too XD Im sure you'll get a bunch of commissions too!
MightyMouseFan78's avatar
Also, can you please post a link to a ref on artwork per each catagory such as Digital Sketch and Digital Cellshading, etc.? This may also help people in knowing what they'd like done also :)
MrKTE's avatar
Don't suppost you still do point comms? :-/
MightyMouseFan78's avatar
Yay! That awesome Ashy :) I'll commish you again in the near future :)
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