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Pierrot (English Lyrics)
It's okay, It's alright
To play the fool has always been my plight
In this tiny circus show, I'm the nameless pierrot
As I try to balance in the center
Of a ball as round and shiny as the moon
It's my job to trip and fall for laughter
But I always get back up and smile like a buffoon
But then I saw you crying there out in the audience
Put on a happy face, you look much better when you smile
Your mom and your dad don't seem to notice
The tears streaming down your cheek but I did    
Don't worry, cause I will wipe them away
It's okay, It's alright!
It doesn't hurt, I do it all the time
You should laugh, I want you to
This is what I do
It's alright, it's okay
I balance on a ball and fall away
In this tiny circus show, I'm the clumsy pierrot
You continued weeping and remarked:
"I know you're lying and it really makes me sad  "
"I promise that I never told a single lie"
I said, but you only started crying once again
"Show me what you're hiding there, beneath the painted mask.
:iconashestoashesjc:Ashestoashesjc 271 29
Answer - English Lyrics
Listen to Mes' cover of this song with my lyrics:
since our end
it's been quite a long while
and the scene has finally gone by
the passing days are cruel
but time has helped me heal
in this town we lived in and loved in
the tomorrow we both wanted parts in
has somehow slipped away
as if the sun has cleared any trace
the hands of the clock
are slowly digging at our scars
and scratching all the pain away
despair i couldn't shake,
relief that covered all of me,
and barely fallen rain;
they're fading
how can i explain
though it pains just like your memory
that somewhere in my heart
a part of me still aches?
my name on your lips
holding tight
from deep inside of me
is vivid, clear, and new
just like it's always been
these wounds that i've worn
were from thorns
that should have
gone away
but pierce me
gently so that i never will forget
this chain we've made
of the pain and all the happiness
just another one
that i'll carry in my heart
i never will r
:iconashestoashesjc:Ashestoashesjc 70 4
supernova - English Lyrics
i stared into the distance
hoping for a shining star
as i reached, i felt my hand touch
a supernova
my fingers were burned
and as they melted
a day or two ago
i just knew that i could not forget
that supernova
"oh, shooting star
don't ever fly off
into a world
i never can touch"
a feeling that
i always hold close
as i can feel my mind
growing dark
and falling apart
i want to show the world things
even the parts i haven't seen
i wonder if forgotten people
know they've been replaced?
i took in my arms and held them tight
and gently gave my lips a bite
unhappy days all fade away
like bubbles in the sky
the steps i made in shifting sand
left a mark upon my soul
i can't seem to make them go away
like a supernova
there were shadows that seeped into the cracks
all the empty sunken holes
i began to the see them vividly
in the supernova
i want to show the world things
even the parts i haven't seen
"no way that dream could come to be"
is what i told myself
even behind my clenching eyes
i see the
:iconashestoashesjc:Ashestoashesjc 36 5
Equality (Wide Awake) - English Lyrics
Yeah, I was in the dark
Behind a shallow grin
Covered in battle scars
How could I lead the world
So wrong?
And now it's clear to me
That all my training came
With such a penalty
Yeah, now my family's come apart
I wish I knew then
What I know now
Wouldn't bloodbend
No matter how proud
"Equality works"
That's what I believed
'Til I was faced with
Avatar heat
Falling from my high
They've seen through my disguise
And figured out my lies
Amon the run tonight
Yeah, I am born again
No longer will I bend
And neither will your kin
And it's too late
There's nothing you can do, the end
I wish I knew then
What I know now
Wouldn't bloodbend
No matter how proud
"Equality works"
That's what I believed
Until the whole world saw
The bender in me
Falling from my high
They've seen through my disguise
And figured out my lies
Amon the run tonight
She's my enemy
But she's through clearly
I strike fear in her heart
The whole town's with
:iconashestoashesjc:Ashestoashesjc 46 10
[Ib] Garry's Theme - I'm Fighting For You
Now that you've found me,
My whole world is brighter
Now that you've touched me
My steps are much lighter

All of this world could decide
To fall inward
And you would still linger
Something has brought us together
Feigning reality, friendship, and wisdom
I will defend you
I'll keep you beside me
That's how I'll repay all the kindness you've shown
Now that you've found me
I've stumbled through fire
Now that you've touched me
I've bloomed like a flower
Now that you're with me
I no longer cower in silence, hiding
I'm fighting for you
I'm fighting for you
My version with vocals is here:
:iconashestoashesjc:Ashestoashesjc 333 52
muddy cloud - English Lyrics
I fall so far away
The clouds above my head
Will always stay
Reflected in the rain
That stains the ground
Muddy and forgotten
And in those older days
I think back on them now
And wipe my face
Forgetting all I had
But finding it
So suddenly
Ah, but what a pain
Seems that I fell again
You don't seem to recall
It's worth it all
Oh, tell me gently
I knew you knew the truth
But wanted so much more
Than what was true
I told you what you needed
But I guess reality knew better
The moon, the sky, the stars
Just out of reach and yet so very far
I held your hand as you began
To whisper quietly
I just closed my eyes
Felt you with my mind
I dreamt this park
Was all my heart
Could feel as I drifted
And if my tears are reaching you
The night will take me soon
To some place that
My eyes have never seen
Like a daydream
As sung by Miku-tan:
:iconashestoashesjc:Ashestoashesjc 91 17
Cut-Off Line - Ashe - English Lyrics
Cleaned away all these faded stains
That my soul could not erase
The design of the dotted line
That my finger slowly traced
It's so easy to cry and I've
Never had to force any tears
So, it's safe to just cut away
Before thought can interfere
This burning in me lasted, filling my veins
The sun beneath the clouds continued my way
But then it gleamed in front of me
Like a star it dropped and blocked my vision
Simple yet unfinished
Love is a palette mixed
With colors I have never known
Folded it up and watched it fall
A crumpled mess of everything
Even if it's "not my problem"
And though I try to hide it deep within my heart
The tears in my eyes amount to lies
And cut away into another day
To let go of this aching soul
That I stole away so deep
Quietly, I began to speak
As I strained to find the key
I'd created my own charade
And a world that I'd concieved
All the colors began to run
In this lie that I believed
I gave away the bags
I'd filled with regret
I threw away the thoughts
That I th
:iconashestoashesjc:Ashestoashesjc 152 19
Fukai Mori - Ashe - English Lyrics
Still array without sight, lost and found in the night
I've left myself behind
In the depth of life, cold and missing light
But you'll never know
Wandering through a mist, without strength to resist
The darkness minds the weak
Though it reaches wide, there's something here inside
I won't regret the now
Can my eyes find a glimpse of something right?
Though it's small and out of sight?
I'll pray (Hey)
Time has taken toll and with it goes my soul
There's no hidden truth, but loss is absolute
Breathless as we watch, but make no bounds to leap
Out we fight to scream in a forest far too deep
On and on in a daze as we travel this maze
The cards our lives have dealt
We continue forth, spending all our worth
The sun, we've never felt
Fighting past how we feel to discover what's real
The past is just a haze
With our beating hearts, we'll find the maze's start
And write out our own end
If we find what we've left behind in time,
We can leave the ground and fly
My friends (Again)
As we wander throu
:iconashestoashesjc:Ashestoashesjc 33 8
Campanella - Ashe - English Lyrics
Like a star
You're jetting away
(Another set of feelings
That I'm mailing your way)
On a paper plane
Hear me?
I called your name
(I scribbled out all of my feelings
Tell me you feel the same)
We fly in circles
And fall onto solid ground
A silly merry-go-round
I never imagined
Another reaction
To see you once again
On a plane was hapless
The meeting was simple
The simplest of meetings
You're gone and I understand that
So completely
So then I'm giving up
So then I've had enough
Like a star
You're jetting away
(Another set of feelings
That I'm mailing your way)
And in a small machine
Built for one, I'll bring you me
(I tried giving you my feelings
Don't know if they can reach)
I let it go
Like a boat
And I let it roam
And like I did long ago--
I knew we were touching
The end of our love and
I knew that it would take
More than hope to find it
The meaning was simple
The simplest of meanings
You're gone and I understand that
We'll never be
I know that we're touching
The end
:iconashestoashesjc:Ashestoashesjc 40 3
Karakuri Pierrot - Ashe - English Lyrics
I stayed here all alone
As time was passing on
A simple, little date
And that is what I'll say we're on
The people close to town
The gentle, floating clouds
They share a laugh as I sit
Waiting all day long
A really simple formula
That I don't understand at all
The ticking of the clock
is rushing like my heart is going to stop
To really, truly comprehend
I have attempted, but I can't
To think that in your eyes
You really see me as
A clown to just be made fun of
Ah, as I spin
As I spin
As I spin
Until I just
Ah, can't breathe in
Can't breathe in
This is the end
Guess this is it
Sorry fate has got me hit
And now I can't go on going
Knowing you'll never see this
The Earth goes on a trip
I go along with it
An empty, thoughtless thing
I'm prone to just following
And merely for a sec
Before I lose my step
I only stand about
Without making any sound
I didn't mean for this to be
A bit of luck and suddenly
I came to find that all this time
I didn't need to see the light
Your hand is reaching out
:iconashestoashesjc:Ashestoashesjc 209 22
1925 - Ashe - English Lyrics
A calm and cooling motion
It's shaking off my tension
Surprise, surprise
It's called being alive
The answers to my questions
Repeating; Have I mentioned
I lied? Don't like the way I'm being tried
A lonely heart is what I'm slowly aiming for
Forget what you see; leave it to me
I'll lead you there
It's not about the money
But the world doesn't agree
A bribe, a lie, a trick
We'll hide the truth
And they won't see
As long as you have changed your mind
Your soul belongs to me
We have got no pride
And no honor to be seen
"A little; just a little"
A lie or just a riddle?
Appeal, I feel
But only if it's real
"It works in this direction;
Let's take another exit"
You cheat, I see
You're not the one for me
The happiness of people
Is such a fickle thing
To bend and break
The give and take
Is too much for me
Love is just the gum
That we replace without a care
Had your heart forever
Now another day is here
The puzzle pieces
Of our life will rarely make a fit
But we take our chances
And go along with
:iconashestoashesjc:Ashestoashesjc 254 48


taako! by IskoDraws taako! :iconiskodraws:IskoDraws 162 3 Tres Horny Boys by SonicRocksMySocks Tres Horny Boys :iconsonicrocksmysocks:SonicRocksMySocks 810 21 Happy Birthday Johny! - 2012 by Poch0010 Happy Birthday Johny! - 2012 :iconpoch0010:Poch0010 40 17 Ashestoashesjc by SkyeShimeji Ashestoashesjc :iconskyeshimeji:SkyeShimeji 41 9 Ice cream by Jiyu-Kaze Ice cream :iconjiyu-kaze:Jiyu-Kaze 33,478 2,931 Still into you by MiyuArts Still into you :iconmiyuarts:MiyuArts 59 6 Chibi Ashe by Kururu245 Chibi Ashe :iconkururu245:Kururu245 45 6 Ashestoashesjc by NecroMasterSyl Ashestoashesjc :iconnecromastersyl:NecroMasterSyl 42 5 Ashestoashesjc by HokiMaru Ashestoashesjc :iconhokimaru:HokiMaru 48 10 Ashe Adventure Time Style by isabelle96 Ashe Adventure Time Style :iconisabelle96:isabelle96 4 2 Ashe by maplekeurig Ashe :iconmaplekeurig:maplekeurig 154 7 My Ashestoashesjc Theory: How Jhona became Ashe by Otamegane1001 My Ashestoashesjc Theory: How Jhona became Ashe :iconotamegane1001:Otamegane1001 56 5 Ashe Fanart by mixiao Ashe Fanart :iconmixiao:mixiao 10 2 wheeyyy by everyredqueen wheeyyy :iconeveryredqueen:everyredqueen 254 11 Ashestoashesjc by DelightedRawr Ashestoashesjc :icondelightedrawr:DelightedRawr 3 1



United States
I'm an amateur singer that does both English and Japanese covers, primarily of Vocaloid songs! I write a good bit of my lyrics for English covers, but sometimes I'm just so attached to a set of lyrics that I'll do them anyway.

I hope you enjoy my work!

Current Residence: The Internet
Favourite genre of music: Indie Pop, Folk, Alternative
Operating System: OSX
MP3 player of choice: iPod Touch
Favourite cartoon character: Lloyd Irving

Donate Button:…
  • Listening to: Tsukema Tsukeru - Kyary Pamyu Pamyu
  • Watching: Gravity Falls
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