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HA: Cain Kandi: full-ref

Edit again: WOW HE LOOKS REALLY REALLY UNBALANCED but let me explain shhh

When working on this, assurance and resolve were easy... but... everything else...
Alright, he has high intelligence because he went through college with basically a triple-major or something and has multiple degrees etc etc and he's a TEACHER so he must be smart, but his skills are very high too because he was taught by SANTA FREAKING CLAUSE....... and because his skills are high, he's able to manipulate the mood of everyone in the room which makes his charm high... since he can basically make you love him... I don't know it probably still needs some tweaking.

Edit: Update!
Two can play the cool ref game, ~HellzWaltz...
No, actually I just wanted to make a ref for Christmas that people could use too, but I didn't want to ask since you've already been working so hard. SO I TOOK IT UPON MYSELF TO MAKE A CHRISTMAS ONE XD
Plus, his design changed a bit. BEARDGET.

For my non-HA watchers: SORRY BROS but I should have been doing more with my HA characters before and I wasn't!!
He really doesn't need his cane by the way. He just likes playing the part of old man.

yes that is a giant jingle bell around his neck

cool old guy wee

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And suddenly, I am an old-man-ophile.
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xD He likes it.

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Orly? 8D

Haha~ good job I like him :D
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Yes, really. cB

Thank youuu
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thats very punny
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what nothing ._.
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"It is rumored he has a polar bear in his room at HA. Whether this is true or not, no one knows for sure."

Salem may have to investigate....
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I'm sure Mr. Kandi will LOVE having Salem as a guest! 8D Or he'll pull his hair out. LET'S FIND OUT~

If he can find his room that is.... he /does/ have magic......

(pssssst it's up near the clock tower)
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MUHAHAHHA! I must draw this when I have the time ~_~;;
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DUUUDE YOU'VE gotten so good at drawing old people! 8D
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That must've taken YEARS to type
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I don't even remember xD I typed it a while ago.
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Mr Kandi has a beard now :O
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