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Buisness Card Concept - V1

By asherzgfx
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This is just a quick concept I did for my business card, it was just for fun but thought it came out pretty cool.

The wood background is made by:

zygat3r: [link]

any comments favs are appreciated :)

Edit: I've changed the splatter on the back of the business card... Hopefully that looks a little better now :)

thanks to the guys that commented on that :)
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emiliothemuffinStudent Interface Designer
where did u find that font, love the look on it. and the card it self is sweet u got all the color i like to work whit m8 :D
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thanks :) yea they are nice colors, as for the font I did have a quick look on but I couldn't remember the name since I don't have any of my old fonts saved on my computer any more. soz :(
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The back side splatter shouldn't be there in my opinion. A faint blue tint at the top or bottom would make it smoother than a koala's ass.

Did you get these ordered up yet? A real-life shot would be cool to see...
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thanks for the critque,

No they never went into order, I would like to some day though :) would be interesting.

I'm curiouse, do you know if they can print the cards any size as I think these are a little out on the average buisness card size.
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Give this a shot: [link]

That page should help you out; it tells you if the image is too big/small and whether or not it's in the proper resolution to be printed.

Other than that, the universally accepted business card size is 3.5 x 2 inches. ([link])
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cheers for the links, great help :)

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sepiavisionHobbyist Photographer
looks pretty sweet- what font did you use for your name?
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I actually cant remember sorry it was a while ago :)
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sepiavisionHobbyist Photographer
that's cool. just thought i'd ask... it does look good though. :peace:
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hotness :D :D fantastic work :) :)
yup the splash is great
great contrast :)
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I love it
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thankyou very much :D
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CreativeLabsStudio Interface Designer
very nice work with the splash I think that's better :aww:
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thankyou very much :) me too :D
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CreativeLabsStudio Interface Designer
np :aww:
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That is wonderful.

I am hoping you can help me.

How did you get gradients that were that close in color to blend without creating blotches???
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ive sent a comment to your page :) hope it helps
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formalARTHobbyist Interface Designer
nice work
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thank you very much :) its appreciated
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AxertionProfessional Interface Designer
I agree with Axidos, I'd pick a different brush for the second splatter ;)

Other than that these are good :)
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thanks :) and yea im working on a different splat now just trying a few out...
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