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Cosplay Scarlet Mortal Combat 9

Cosplay Scarlet Mortal Combat 9
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love the loincloth shame it's not red velvet
Tin0men's avatar
Russian chicks are haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawt!!  X.X
M3A1H's avatar
I want an exchange! I'm giving some of my blood for one passionate kiss :D For this Skarlet only ;)
3dMob's avatar
Awesome, Good female reference for me.
clickarteacao's avatar
very, very work!
LivingLikeness's avatar
Manostion's avatar
Look at me, always complimenting just the cosplays... while this is yet another perfect cosplay that doesn't fail to impress, your body deserves praise aswell!
Damn, those curves are sexy! As is that belly! :love:
Pariston-Hill's avatar
Cute photo and girl
00Prime's avatar
Wow, that is really great cosplay and really sexy! Those bottoms sure do not cover much, lol.
perfect! great cosplay... great pose... you are awesome!
Laernu's avatar
She just killed me.
ruggala08's avatar
AWESOME. I did a sub-zero cosplay last year actually.
terraxxx's avatar
Tickster's avatar
nice pose :)....could have done better on the tsuka, it doesnt look that well done :P
ECTO87's avatar
perfect cosplay!
trumi's avatar
This cosplay can be described as:
both bravery and sensuality at its finest !
ReiperX's avatar
Great cosplay as always
Padernoster's avatar
ok never mind, i can't even spell "you're" ^^
Nemu013's avatar
she dont read comments,and if she read,dont answer,because dont speak english,and dont understand)))
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