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Wrong Movie

I love comics with these two. Unfortuantely, I'm not terribly good at coming up with ideas for them.

Eventually, Erik and Jareth had to sit down and watch each other's movies. Erik's opinions of Jareth's defeat aside, we quickly discover the problem with grabbing the first movie off the shelf entitled: Phantom of the Opera.

"...Rats?" refers to the Dario Argento version of the film (same title), which takes a drastically different approach to the Phantom's story. If you've seen it, you know exactly why that expression is on Jareth's face. If you haven't... well, just trust me.

Jareth and Labyrinth(c) Jim Henson
Erik (c) Gaston Leroux, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Dario Argento
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*does her best sheogorath voice* WRONG!

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Was jareth watching the 1990 Charles dance version?
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Jareth was watching the Dario Argento version. Watch at your own risk, and don't say I didn't warn you, but I managed to block most of it from my memory and only now recall that I and the several friends I subjected it to (because if one of us suffered, we all suffered) did not enjoy it. Of course, everyone has different tastes. *shrug*
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Is it the horror one?
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A lot of versions count as "the horror one" including the one with Robert Englund, but the Dario Argento version was directed by Argento and starred Julian Sands as the Phantom, from what I recall.
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Wow. So smart. Hiw long have you been a fan?
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I've enjoyed Phantom for many, many years. Too many to count, at this point.
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My favorite version is the Charles Dance version to be honest.
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I've seen my finger torn up by a dog once. Ill probably be able to watch it without flinching.
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I read the synopsis on Wiki and I'm guessing there's something it's leaving out...
Well, I mean, Phantom rapes Christine which is just.... no.
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Yeah, I've watched all the related PoO movies, so yeah...
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Poor Erik, he has to deal with the countless remakes of his story.
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You know, I have to wonder...what if the "wrong movie" was the Robert Englund "Phantom of the Opera" or that spinoff, "Phantom of the Mall: Erik's revenge?"  What would Erik's reaction be then?
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I've seen the Robert Englund version, and while it's not my favorite, it's still nowhere near as low on my list as the Argento version. Erik would probably be more resigned and annoyed; the horror movie versions tend to strip away a lot of the sympathetic qualities from his character {not that they excuse any of his actions}, and they tend to have the worst endings for him. {Also, the music doesn't tend to be as good.}

I haven't seen Phantom of the Mall, so I couldn't make a judgment on his reaction to that one, though.
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I love this so much! And I don't blame Jareth for being greatly disturbed by Dario Argento's terrible adaption of POTO! I feel terribly bad for the people who were introduced by POTO by THAT movie. They probably think that POTO is a disgrace, and haven't given any other adaption a chance. Sad.
And Erik's face (when the candle pops up next to his head) is utterly adorable. And the last expression of his is hilarious with his hair standing up like an angry cat. I love it! 
Great job!
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*Phantom Reviewer voice*  "DARIO, IT'S YOUR DAUGHTER!"

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OMG, Jareth is sooo cute <3
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onion head &quot;shock_&quot;   VERY FUCKING WRONG MOVIE JARETH!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Oh my gosh... I had completely blocked that movie from memory!  Jareth said "Rats?"  And I said, aloud, "Rats?"  Paused.  "OH GOD!  RATS! POOR JARETH!"
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i have both moives but the phantom of the opera movie i got is from 2004 i would love to whatch more of the movies and books
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Phantom of the Opera with popcorn. How cute!
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*busts up*
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