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What Is This Feeling...

EDIT: I realized I had uploaded it with some of the pages out of order. While I was fixing that, I went ahead and futzed with the fonts to make the text legible.

Someone recently commented on how Jareth and Erik seemed a lot like roommates in my comics. This led to another musical crossover.

The lyrics are slightly adapted from the song "What Is This Feeling" in "Wicked".

Erik(c) Andrew Lloyd Webber, Gaston Leroux
Jareth(c) David Bowie, Jim Henson, George Lucas
Wicked (c) Gregory Maquire, lyrics by Stephen Schwatrz
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This is my first time reading this comic, and I think I'm actually in love. This is just too perfect.
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I hope you enjoy!
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Pfft... Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!! 😂
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I didn't last. I believe they are quite good friends nowMeow :3 
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I was relistening to some Wicked soundtrack when I noticet that these lines are identical X``D
How a song can perfectly mach for another pair of roommates^^
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The brilliance of this comic is unparalleled.  Brava!
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Wicked! <3 I've never realized how well this song fits those two.
Is it bad that I heard the song as it is in Wicked, so with Chenowith and Menzel's very much female voice? I can just imagine that the version with Butler and Bowie would be too chill inducing to be safely released in public, but I really want to hear it that way now.
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Great comic! Love the fact that Erik sleep zzz are actually rest notes from music. Music 
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Favorite (subtle) part:  The drawn out "R" in Christine:-)
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My roommate is...blond. LOL

This whole comic is adorable and I hope at the end of the page, they reach that level called "Frenemies"

Either way, very cute!
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i finally get it! thanks to my brother who has me addicted to the wicked soundtrack
I really like this one. I like them all, but this one - it's great, really, really so.
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So very funny! Great expressions and the text is funny as all get out! Thanks for sharing these.
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And here I am on my re-read through Roommates laughing my ass off whilst squeeing over the overly cute last panel. Brava!
AsheRhyder's avatar
Glad you're enjoying it still!
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Oh God it has been FOREVER since I have reread your stuff, so be prepared to be bombarded by my random, fangirling comments. I hope they make you feel awesome, cause dude, you are. 
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I remember I saw this long before I knew Wicked existed...
Now I want another one with Popular, where Jareth is trying to give Erik a makeover? That would be interesting :3
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Oh lord... there would be blood.
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Or Erik would just ignore the prancing, dancing Goblin King who tells him he knows about popular
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I don't know how many times I've re-read this one, but I ALWAYS start to laugh. That's a well-done joke, when I laugh as I approach it, knowing the punch-line, I'm still laughing when I read it, and I haven't stopped yet.

Yup, there's more wonderful shading, and character interactions and movement, etc. But for me on this one, the clever joke is the total bonus.

Two of the best-worst friends EVAR!
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I just listened to Wicked for the first time today and then this.... ^_^
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