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Such Stuff As Dreams Are Made On - Entire Arc

Hey guys, guess what? My editor compiled the entire Such Stuff arc in one place! Now you can read all 42 pages back to back in this lovely pdf, or download it to take wherever you want. If you skipped reading it back when it was first posted in 2012 because, let's face it, 42 pages is a long time to wait, even if they're coming out 3 a week, now's your chance to figure out what happened.

Right now we're working on the rest of the Roommates comics, but there are so many they'll have to be broken up into a couple of files. (This makes perfect sense; the binders that the hard copies occupy are massive and could be used to crush moderate sized objects.) They'll be up soon, so please enjoy!

All characters who appear in this comic belong to their original creators and copyright holders. Proper credits can be found on the original posting of each page.
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I having a problem with the pdf, it isn't downloading. I keep getting the deviantart art error page. Collection 1 worked fine.