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Roommates - Such Stuff as Dreams Are Made On - 5

People have been very perceptive thus far... let's see what else they can see...

Things will really start picking up now... but most likely in confusion.

Jareth belongs to Henson, Lucas, and Bowie.
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Is Jareth wearing the eye patch because of his heterochromia,
now that he is human?
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Love the hair! Reminds me of David Bowies space oddity days.
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Love how he gets a GK marking on his clothes :D (Big Grin) 
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Aaaah the shirtless Jareth we Laby-fangirls get a lot of fanservice in your comic. :D
ArtisticlyXeky's avatar
I love his "What is this supposed to accomplish" Face. It is both adorable and hilarious at the same time. Love 
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what happened to his hair?
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An eye-patch, no magic, and non-tight pants! Something is horribly wrong!
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TT_TT magicless Jareth...
*fangirl tries to desert*
*drags fangirl back*
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You'r fangirl should be veeery happy, after all, he may not have magic, but he is shirtless :D
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Shirtless Jareth! and i'm guessing he has no memory of his powers?
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Heh heh heh. Jareth was such a magic abuser that he didn't really think about all the things he simplified with magic before.
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My inner fangirl is dying in the last row. I'm guessing he almost tried to use his magic.
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still baffled and befuddled
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Oh, dear, oh, dear, oh, dear.....0.0 I'm not sure I like this supposit gift. But I can't wait to see where this is going.
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He really makes the most adorable faces.
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...ring? design on jacket?.... CAR KEYS?!?!!?! *shakes Jareth* THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU GOBLIN KING?!?! WHERE'D YOUR MAGIC GO?!?!?!.... wait... his father didn't really.... oh god.
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Why is JAreth wearing an Eye patch?
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Seems he doesn't remember very well about his powers, but a part of him does (Or maybe it's the habit). Again, memory is going out for vacation...
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I hadn't favorited Jareth's abs yet.....Dunno how that happened. o_O
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I kind of have an idea about why he has the eye patch now. Can't wait to see if i'm right.
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Jareth is quite handsome with short hair...
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