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Roommates - Such Stuff as Dreams Are Made On - 3

Through dangers untold and hardships unnumbered...

Managed to snag some computer time.

So... thoughts?

Jareth belongs to Henson, Lucas, and Bowie.
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Aand we have the freakout in 3...2...1...
Cool patch.
Let me join you!
Ah, the Noble Pirate 
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Hmm Jareth looks hot as a mortal.
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now he's normal hot looking. but why would his dad do this?
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I love how everyone is all HIS HAIR!!!! Oh. . . and his eye. . . Oh and eyepatch Bowie was called Halloween Jack. From Diamond Dogs. "Halloween Jack is a real cool cat. . . " Anyway, he performed Rebel Rebel for some Dutch show and he had some kinda eye infection and had to wear a patch so we get Pirate Bowie. Fun times.
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So, that's why his eyes don't match.
TrashFireEli's avatar
I concur...'What the...?'
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I just noticed, if Jareth is wearing a shirt, why is his reflection shirtless?

not that I mind, at all~
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WHAT WHERE DID HIS HAIR GO!!!!!!!!!. oh and his eye. he may need that more than his long, flowing, beautiful, blond, locks.
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Some people take "Talk like a pirate day" more seriously than others, it would seem.
two-tailed-cat's avatar
eye patch and flat hair... humidity and a asshole of a father...?
Ana-Shadow-Wolf's avatar
"What the" I say, INDEED! WHAT HAPPENED TO HIS HAIR??? And his eye???
This isn't good news, at all
TsukiMizu's avatar
Or Ciel from Black Butler. Eyepatch = magic eye?
(sorry for the double post. Thought of the second part just after I submited.)
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For some reason the eye patch reminds me of Fai from Tsubasa Chronicles by CLAMP...
Darned4AllEternity's avatar
...What's with the eye patch??? :O_o:
Darned4AllEternity's avatar
Also. How come his hair's shorter???? :O
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ALADDIN SANE! Or... not.
makkura-umi's avatar
Maybe that was Ziggy. I'm pretty tired.
54viruses's avatar
This comment a little behind the wave but... who sleeps in their eye patch?
Indigo-Night-Wisp's avatar
And Jareth wears a wife-beater and boxers to bed.

For some reason, I choose to comment on this rather than on his now missing eye.
I miss Jareth's old hairstyle
GryphonFledgling's avatar
Oooooooh, methinks I get the eyepatch. Has to do with Bowie eyes, no? At least I think? Fan theories abound. As always in your arcs, I sit on them comfortably and wait to be dazzled.
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