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Roommates - Such Stuff as Dreams Are Made On - 26

Because I simply cannot wait for this reveal.

As a note; the events in the black bordered parts are, indeed, flashbacks. Anything outside of a speech bubble is not, as mortals understand it, spoken out loud.

Jareth belongs to Henson, Lucas, and Bowie.
Erlkönig is a mythological character and belongs to everyone and no one.
The Tempest belongs to Shakespeare.
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I really don't understand this page.
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Looked up the rest of the Tempest quote. Kick. In. The. Feels. OHMYGOD. Symbolism level = expert.
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A couple months ago at work, we had a window-decorating contest to celebrate our imminent move to a new building. One of the windows had the more complete quote (which I forget at the moment) that ended with "Now I want spirits to enforce, arts to enchant, and my ending is despair..."

And somehow, for an entire month, I resisted the urge to add "Unless I be relieved by prayer!"
Marizelda's avatar
Quite seriously, ouch.
mayaegyptkezi's avatar
the tempest once again :)
AnaxErik4ever's avatar
:) So that's what happened to his eye. *sigh* Erlkonig, what shall we do now?
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So.... these are wonderful.
I've spent a good portion of my life reading these (*cough* several hours last night *cough*) and I can't wait for the next one!!!
lilarcher's avatar
hm. seems my computer lied to me and said that there were no more. Stupid computer.
Indigo-Night-Wisp's avatar
Beautiful work, lovely choice in poetry, amazing ability to keep us all in suspense... trademark -> AsheRhyder.
Kiyoko-mai's avatar
wow........that was really........just, wow....
daydreamer1029's avatar
Holy baby Jesus! Hes such a nice dad!
hesterj's avatar
THIS IS AMAZING!!! And who knew Erlkonig was actually trying to be a decent father? I loveses him! :aww:
Huh, well, call me a thicky (thicker than the large print version of the complete works of Charles Dickens), but of all the possible scenarios I've imagined, this wasn't really one of them.
Ella0905's avatar
I'm having trouble with my words. Please post the next page soon!
JeenDarkcat's avatar
so he gets one day...
Blueflame98's avatar
Daddy!Erlkonig is so ... SWEET~ :3
Nymphellim's avatar
Awww! he's having a daddy moment! ^.^
EweLamb-Lover's avatar
Ho.Ly. CRAP!!! THIS IS AMAZING!!!! I can't wait for the rest! :squee: That's all I have to say. It's so cool!
hinakiba777's avatar
GOD this is amazing!
Constance-Truggle's avatar
And this reveal was wünderbar! Love the poem, and though I may not have ever said, I love that Erlkönig is GK's father. The giving was AWESOME.

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Have never been so confused.


Not even in math.

Mali-chan's avatar
By what? For most people it's finally getting clearer (clear... not yet but less confusing). :D
KiraJacqueline's avatar
:giggle: Everything. That's okay, though...been running on empty for a long time now. I should probably attempt to do that sleep thing everyone speaks so highly of...
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