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Roommates - Such Stuff as Dreams Are Made On - 16

By this point, it should be obvious who the cloaked men are supposed to be, but if you want to keep up the guessing game a little longer, ignore the credits below. As for who's talking in the second panel... well. That you'll have to keep guessing for a while.

Erik belongs to Leroux and Webber.
Jareth and Sarah belong to Henson, Lucas, Bowie and Connelly.
Norrington belongs to Disney, Bruckheimer, and Davenport.
Javert belongs to Hugo, Boublil, Schonberg, and Kretzmer.
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I had to make an animal motife cape of my own hopeyoudontmindthanks :heart:
AsheRhyder's avatar
Have fun! I hope it's comfortable.
Fighting-Dreamers-94's avatar
What the hell is going on!?
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*squints at unidentified font in second panel then flips through rest of arc* Is that Sarah speaking? Complaining about the fact that she’s being represented by a swan?

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Argh! Still confuses me so much...
MagicFishy's avatar
This is still confusing as heck, and I love it. Time to see if I can do a complete archive binge and catch up with the rest of the comic today...
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Erlokinig or whatever. He's talking, right?
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huh? i have never been so confused or intrigued
rose-harp's avatar Elizabeth the name of his sister?

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Ummm... I'm late on this but the Elizabeth mentioned here is with high probability Elizabeth Swann, James' ex. :D
rose-harp's avatar
...That makes SO MUCH SENSE!!!

It was he was talking with his dad in the dream, so that's why I got confused.
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That particular panel has The Erlkönig and (maybe) Jadis speaking (I asked that time just who Mr. King talks to here or to be precise if it's Jareth and "definitely not him" was the answer)...

...also probably real time not dream one. I guess this is the snarking by the scrying pool/crystal/whatever the hell the two of them used. But this is last part is my speculation. :D
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One of the most beautiful ballets/stories I know and one of my favorites!!! YAY!!!!
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Mmm... So pretty...

I think we're going to get some answers soon.

I hope...

I'm Gonna Kick It Up A Notch!

"Just love me. Fear me. Do as I say and I shall be your slave." - Jareth, Goblin King

"I haz a doobyus." - Gip, Goblin of GND, by :iconpika-la-cynique:

~You alone can make my song take flight...~ - Erik, Phantom of the Opera
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MIND SCREW! *giggles happily*
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I'm loving it so darn much! Especially the guys new forms in this one! They look very fey and awesome.
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love it, keep up the awesome work :D
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I'm still wicked confused as to what is going on, but I trust that you know what you're doing!
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Eeeeeeeeee! I don't understand but it looks so awesome!!!!:squee:
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It's a dream. Dreams aren't meant to be understood, only viewed and appreciated.
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