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Roommates - Such Stuff as Dreams Are Made On - 13

To this day, I have never been able to find any information on whether "heart pointing inward" meant the actual point of the heart was in the direction of the wrist or the knuckles, so if anyone has experience in that regard and I am incorrect in my portrayal, please, please forgive me. (And let me know, because it's driven me nuts ever since I heard about it.)

My, that ring is ominous...

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That ring is gorgeous. Again, the level of research that must have gone into this is so deep and wonderful.
Doctorwholovesthe80s's avatar
"He can snark. He'll be fine."

LOL I'll have to remember that!
mistara's avatar
Oh, how I love that line!  I'll be using it every chance I get.
Mizuki-chu's avatar
I didn't actually know what the heart facing in meant, so a quick google search yielded answers and PICTURES!
Looks like you had "heart-facing-in" right from the start.
CarryePie2's avatar
Got to love Jereth's smart mouth.
thalle-my-honey's avatar
what ?! jareth is the Girl and his fiancée is a man ? ... O0o
Mali-chan's avatar
Nah. He is just snarky. The girls tend to get the engagement rings.
thalle-my-honey's avatar
ok ... it confused me ...^^
etile's avatar
ooo cool ring
Marizelda's avatar
Nvm, I was right about the ring, in a manner of speaking.
Badassninja137's avatar
That ring looks like a tree.
I just got a Nightmare Before Christmas vibey thing.
Aand now 'This is Halloween is stuck in my head. XD
Is that a Cladaha (crap spelling) ring?
I own one of those...
It was my moms she gave it to me.
And now just read further in. Yep, i'm an idiot XD
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Technically, wearing the ring like that on his left hand, he's signaling that he's married, but I won't fault you for it. The only reason I know is because a friend of mine has one and explained it to me. :-P The way it works is this:
Right hand, heart pointing outwards, or held out to the world as my friend termed it: single
Right hand, heart pointing inwards: in a relationship
Left hand, heart held outwards: engaged
Left hand, heart pointing inwards: married.

I love the chibis in panel five. XD
mayaegyptkezi's avatar
he's the girl LOL and Jwvert just drops him *snickers*
JarethsSlave's avatar
He can snark-he'll be fine. I love you Javert! Apparently I'm the girl in the relationship. . . <3
xXMischievousChaosXx's avatar
I found something about the claddagh ring. you can read on here [link] if the ring is on the left hand tip of the heart pointing towards knuckles meant you were engaged. Left hand the same way can be single looking for love, or single not interested.
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Heart pointing inward means the actual point of the heart, not the point of the crown. (Catching up on backlog like a silent creeper, so forgive me if someone else has already clarified that.)
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Creepy claddagh, but still cool because i understand the reference
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Well, not that the ring is not pretty or anything, but... Just what the hell happened in this world, dream, whatever??? What his dad did to him? This is too strange to be only a "showing-him-how-his-life-would-be-if-he-were-human"
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The theory of the heart in the ring is that if it's pointing toward you (looks like it's right side up when you look at your hand -- facing your wrist) then you're heart is taken and not on the market; if it's pointing out toward your knuckles and it looks right side up to other people, then you're available.
ginnylovesharry159's avatar
.... the irony is that I'm wearing a silver claddagh on my left ring finger and the heart's pointing to my knuckles...... and I've been wearing it a long time......
Darned4AllEternity's avatar
That ring is confusing me. >___> Glad that not much changed in Sarah's appearance, though :D But... what's with the glitter in Jareth's head??? I always see it when ... something (I don't know what exactly yet) ... happens to Jareth...
lazulitehalcyon's avatar
Point of the heart toward the wrist. It's how I wear my wedding band.
kendermouse's avatar
Loving this so far. And while that ring may seem ominous, I'd love to have one like it.
moonyoko's avatar
I believe the base of the heart is towards the wrist if taken with those, so the crown is towards the fingers, but again, I may be off myself.
Keep the good stuff coming.
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