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Roommates: Possession

It's been a while since we've had a sectional cover. This is for pages 550 and up.

(It's not foreshadowing at all, honest.)

Disbelief and Socks are mine.
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MP480 series
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Disbelief/Socks is now a ship. 0_0 why would you do this?
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Socks: "I've seen enough hentai to know where this is going."
Jareth: "For the last time, that's not Hentai, that's my collected works of H.P. Lovecraft!  It's supposed to be gothic horror!"
Socks: "..."
Jareth: "One of us needs therapy and I think I know who it is."
jadesparrow33's avatar
This is seriously cool! The perspective is awesome and the tone of the piece sets me on the edge of my seat!
EmbodimentOfWrath's avatar
Is it weird that a small part of me really wants to ship Disbelief and Socks? *Sees Angel-of-Dawn 's comment* Haha, damnit.
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Legit had this same damn thought >.>

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Me too, Disbelief possessive much? :)
Indigo-Night-Wisp's avatar
Really interesting that Disbelief has... formed a gang with Alexandria and Socks? Idk, exactly, but I'm glad we get to see more of him, because the design and idea of the character is brilliant, of course.
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Really love the composition here and I love their character designs. 
Let's hope fans are not shipping Socks and Disbelief together. >.>;

Anyway, looking pretty nice in it. The way it was designed, it kinda makes me think that Javert has a bit of influence to Disbelief to make him as the anti-hero.
welsh-witch's avatar
awwwww, Disbelief, did you make a friend?
maari-rose's avatar
It's nice to have friends with awesome powers.
AnaxErik4ever's avatar
Disbelief reminds me of what Jack Frost would look like if he were the Fearling Prince.  He even has the powers concurrent with what Pitch would empower Jack with, at least in appearance.
MollyTheWanderer's avatar
He looks like Toshiro from Bleach to me ^_^. (He's his own awesome character tho, props Ashe!)
Wynnifredd's avatar
That's definitely a protective Disbelief, there. I like it. I know some are going to go for a romantic angle, but I'd actually like to see a more familial bond.

o.o Is that how we has a Socks, Disbelief rolled a nat twenty disbelieving his death?
Bewarethedarkness's avatar
And in a single picture... I ship it.
mormonbookworm's avatar
My thought as well.
trinfan's avatar
You're definitely not the only one.
/offers 'shipper high five
LegendWeaver25's avatar
I just can't wait to learn how Socks came back
Bookwormgal's avatar
Very lovely work. Disbelief seems rather attached to Socks. I'm definitely eager to see what will happen with this pair of characters as the story arc continues.
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And today's trope is: Suspiciously Specific Denial
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I'm just glad Socks isn't dead anymore ^_^ ^_^
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