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Roommates 8 - 100 Years War

Technically, the title of this comic (and the mini-arc it to which it belongs) is "Hundred Years War Part Deux". Title's too long for the title box, though.

Warning: Bad language and rampant insulting of other nationalities. I mean no disrespect to people from the countries being insulted.

It struck me when I doing this series that I had two French characters and one British character (and Jareth's played by a Brit, so it's really as close as we're getting). Historically speaking, the French and the British didn't get along, and well, 3 of the 4 of them come from period pieces. I just had to throw this in for fun.

Erik belongs to Leroux and Webber.
Jareth belongs to Henson, Lucas, and Bowie.
Norrington belongs to Disney and Bruckheimer
Javert belongs to Hugo, Boublil, Schonberg, and Kretzmer.
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LOL. I am re-reading/catching up after many years. I would kill for next/previous links in the descriptions. Sooo much scrolling to find the next one.

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"Trois fois maudit limey fils bâtard d' une putain de la variole en proie!"

Or something to that effect, i think.
camolotthe10's avatar
I'll have to share that with my friends. They'll want to know.
EbonyMitsu's avatar
Lol. Like I said, it's something to that effect. I'm not entirely sure how accurate I was with that so it'd be interesting to know :D
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Hehe, who could forget that the British and French don't get along.
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Cheese eating surrender monkey? OMG! XD
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Jareth: "That's MONARCHIST poof.  I'm a KING, not an EMPEROR.  You want an Emperor, take it up with Palpatine, you should know him as a fellow member of the face-melting club..."
I've suddenly got a PotC, Les Mis, Labyrinth and Phantom version of Hetalia in my head.
It's so beautiful.
Thank you for the image.
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I iz rereading and grabbing things I missed
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It's wonderful how quickly your style of drawing the characters, and the sizes that you have them in the comic developed into what you do now!

...and I love how Jareth got James's title wrong. Figures. :D  So, either he didn't see POTC3, or didn't pay attention in it. Either way, it speaks to his general self-absorption, even as he's trying to some some support there!
thedeadlycolera's avatar
Oh, how I wish Sarah would appear and scream, " 'MURICA!"
theatrelover205's avatar
*uncontrollably laughs* The things there saying ha and I couldn't pick a side because I don't like to see good friends or characters fight. Though it's sometime I enjoy it.
xxVoca-taliaxx's avatar
I don't know who to side with.....I'm British and French -_-
AsheRhyder's avatar
That must be pretty epic!
xxVoca-taliaxx's avatar
Yeah it is!! I'm the only person with french in my group of friends, so when anyone starts arguing in my group,(Between the one who thinks he's pure "American" and the girl who's mostly British and Russian, mostly...) I always get a glare.... and something along the lines of...
"If it wasn't for THAT, America would still be British property!!" Or "Unlike YOU, Mickey actually HELPED us become a country!"
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Looool! XD its awesome how youve made them in a love/hate relationship...
AsheRhyder's avatar
Thanks muchly!
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it's about to go down. England (or english sounding fae) Vs France!
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Heh heh heh. Of course I can picture Erik and Jareth fighting if they were roommates, and when cultural heritage comes into play... watch out! Oh, to be European I'd give anything. Imagine what they'd say about Americans: pigs, drunkards, nouveau riche arrivistes, fat arrogant bastards and all that. Thank the gods I have separate rooms for them (Jareth and Erik) in my fandom palace, which is a mysterious alternate dimension in my mind where all my favorite fandom characters can have solace from the world of fangirls, in exchange for personal fan service every now and again.
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"Trois fois maudit bâtard calcaire d'une prostituée en proie à la variole!!"

I think I found your translation. ^^
AsheRhyder's avatar
Thank you very much!
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