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Roommates 79 - Confrontation 2

In which the Artist apologizes profusely for tardiness, and a long and dramatic story arc is resolved.


In which Valjean is wise, and Javert says words that cost him much, but gain him much in return.

Javert and Valjean belong to Hugo, Boublil, Schonberg, and Kretzmer.
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I love the subtly and complexity that this has.
Awwwwwwww. The endıng's so adorable.
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Glad you enjoyed!
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This was the arc that really latched me into the comic. Considering these two in the context of the building-verse, I find myself thinking harder than I had before about the last couple of panels. I find a few things hard to read here, expression-wise. Physical expressions, mostly- faces are fairly clear.
In particular, I hearken back to the second-to-last panel. Jean places his hand on Javert's shoulder, and Javert's reaction is- surprised, but other than that I can't exactly tell. Is it just me, or does he flinch? It seems to me that his instinct would be to deflect, defend or defy, to recoil or even to retaliate, perhaps to push Valean's hand away and deny him that contact outright.
But whatever it is he is moved to do, he does not. He quite literally thinks better of it. If he does not accept the touch, he allows it, and he appreciates it. He understands the intent, if the gesture itself is unfamiliar- the tragic thing of course being that it must be. Nobody ever would have treated him like this. Valjean probably will not realize this fully until somewhat later on. Doubtless, though, he notices that movement, that moment of alarm, and the following moment where there is tentative acceptance. Perhaps this is where he really starts seeing Javert as a person, full of light and shadows, endlessly intricate but perhaps well worth the effort it would take to somewhat understand him. Perhaps this is the moment in which he is inspired to try. I like to think that when Valjean recognizes how difficult and daunting it is for Javert to let go of his suspicions and separate himself from his old role, yet witnesses him doing precisely that, he sees something truer and deeper than he ever would have imagined.
("There is green in that wood yet.")
(I have to wonder what these two pages would look like were in your current style- it would floor me, no doubt.)
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I cannot put into words the smile this put on my face, but yes, this is it exactly.

(Oh god, don't tempt me to redraw it, I've got so much to ink and draw on the upcoming Mega Arc... so tempted...)
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where's jareth..?
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*offers tissues*
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*cough* Wait for it...
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Tears of joy. And of pain.
Could it ever really be, or have been?
So much to think about. To wonder.
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That which costs us most will often grant us great reward.
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awwww -incoherent babble- this is such a good arc. I don't even-- Also the seventh panel is really awesome
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I'm glad you're enjoying it.
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...Is this supposed to make me squee without even shipping them? Because that's a very hard thing to do, and I applaud you.
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