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Roommates 78 - Confrontation 1

In which the artist colors over a pencil drawing to apologize for attempting to take the easy way out, and thereby makes more work than it would have been to ink it in the first place. -,-


In which there is a Cliffhanger.

Javert and Valjean belong to Hugo, Boublil, Schonberg, and Kretzmer.
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The colours are really interesting here~
Well, you're not frıends but you've been wıth thıs man ın jaıl. I thınk you know hım well enough I thınk.
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Perhaps, perhaps...
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Uh-oh! This time Javert, Valjean is the one in power. How will you handle this turn of events?
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Wait and see...
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would it be considered sad that i'm a huge le miserable fan and even after reading girls next door and this, i only NOW get the reference to the play by the #24601?

other than that... LOVE THIS COMIC!!
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I'm glad you enjoyed it.
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oh no.....please tell me this is gonna end slashily.....*prepares eye-bleach*
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Er, why did Javert call Valjean 24601??
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It was his prisoner identification number.
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Ohhh, I see. Makes sense.
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I'm glad you enjoyed.
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I LOVE THESE COLORED PAGES, thay are so beautifull and just so wonderfull. I love this arc.
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how did I not notice how awesome this was sooner?!
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Might have missed it? Been out of town?
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haha must have to have accidently skipped it ^_^'
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listening to Javert "suicide" while re-reading the Javert arc :D it's truly amazing!
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