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Roommates 68 - Rule Number 1

Yarr, matey.

This one suffered a bit as a result of being begun at the end of September and getting put off through October by the Halloween Comic, followed by NaNoWriMo in November. Not too much left of the School Daze arc...

Erik belongs to Leroux and Webber.
Norrington belongs to Disney, Bruckheimer, and Davenport.
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Y'know I'm only half surprised it was Eric's suggestion.
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What I wouldn't give to have a teacher like this.
Though... my old uni history teacher wasn't far behind:D
I just love those faces! And Erik's 'blank' is top notch!
JarethsSlave's avatar
Don't worry, I just loaded a blank. . . . I think.  O_O  Wut?
langleyrc89's avatar
It was so good I laughed
Comicalfreakazoid's avatar
I wish my college teachers came to class like that :D
Crazykitty2222's avatar
Awesome I want a teacher like that!
What! How can you not be happy you have a teacher who breaks through wındows and used to be a commodore and makes pırate jokes.
AsheRhyder's avatar
Well, *we* would be amused, but considering some of the other teachers...
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lol, I think this one's a new favorite.
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Glad you enjoyed.
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i would totally take that class. and i already love history
AsheRhyder's avatar
And it's a core class! Bonus!
Knot221's avatar
I wish my teacher's did that...
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If my professor did that I would totally want to be in all of his classes XD That was epic!
AsheRhyder's avatar
It would be a pretty epic class...
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I'd go to that class if he made a different dramtic entrance everyday. That would be pretty awesome.
AsheRhyder's avatar
That would be a lot of different dramatic entrances...
rose-harp's avatar
...You know, I think I'd pay attention in that class...mostly to see if he WOULD shoot the cannon off.

And I'd take Erik's music class too, just to see if he attempted to hang anyone during class.

....I'm morbid, aren't I?
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They seem like fun classes.
rose-harp's avatar
They do!


...Can I enroll?
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Good luck. I have yet to manage to find the enrollment office.
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