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Roommates 63 - Auditing

Poor Jamie? Has he lost, or has he won?

And, for those who are keeping track, James teaches History.

Also: Curriculum. Not "cirriculum". I learned this *after* inking and scanning. *sigh* Please forgive my hasty spelling errors.

Norrington belongs to Disney, Bruckheimer, and Davenport.
Eponine belongs to Hugo, Boublil, Schonberg, and Kretzmer.
Indiana Jones belongs to Lucas and Ford.
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Dawww, looks like Jamie finally won one.
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I wonder if her Daddy will want to meet him?
Perhaps I was too soon in feeling sorry for him...
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Well, I'd stay in his class ;D
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:-? (Confused) um what is auditing?
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Auditing a class means you attend the class and do the lessons, but you don't get an official grade or credit for taking the course. This becomes important if you are trying to maintain an average grade or need a certain number of credits to graduate. You can audit a class just for fun as well.
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thank you for that it more sense now to me :)
They're movıng faster then a traın wıth new wheels.
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So it would seem.
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ah , ok ! now i know , what he teaches ! ^^
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hihi ... sorry ! :meow: but i like this part much !^^
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i hope he knows how lucky he is...
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I'm fairly certain he's getting the idea.
This reminds me of Eponine saying to Marius "What d'you do with all those books?/ I could have been a student to./ Don't judge a girl on how she looks./ I know a lot of things I do."
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Indeed. She's very clever.
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hey you win some and lose some. this can be applied to James.
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Very true indeed.
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Pfft. Eponine... That's one way of bringing back his self-esteem...
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*cough* Among other things.
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Where's she from?
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Eponine? Les Miserables.
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