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Roommates 61 - Lundi

... How appropriate that I end up posting this one on a Monday. Admittedly, at the end of, but still. Sorry it's late, guys.

This arc is supposed to give you all an idea of what the boys do with their days, since they obviously can't stay inside and cause havoc with each other ALL the time. They gotta make rent somehow.

And yes, that's Crowly complaining about the time of day.

Erik belongs to Leroux and Webber.
Jareth belongs to Henson, Lucas, and Bowie.
Norrington belongs to Disney, Bruckheimer, and Davenport.
Javert belongs to Hugo, Boublil, Schonberg, and Kretzmer.
Crowley belongs to Gaiman and Prachett.
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oh my god, javert is doing the anime-running-late-with-toast thing