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Hoops were jumped through in order to post this. Many, many hoops.

Taking off on the idea that the Jareth and Erik muses are roommates in some out-of-canon dimension, I give you the boys moving into their new room.

This picture also serves as the prize for the 9k Kiriban. Congrats, Yami!

Hopefully, it won't take quite so long to get the 10k one done.

Erik and Phantom of the Opera belong to Leroux and Webber, Jareth and Labyrinth belong to Henson, Bowie, and Lucas.
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I just realised that the two men making the censors in the background are future characters in the comic Self-Five... Whoooo... 
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Yeesh, no wonder why we never see Jareth play any instruments in the movie.
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Why do I have the feeling Erik is threateing Jareth's...ehem..crystals
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I love this series! Let me tell you that I'm also promoting it on my blog "Milky Way of Books" where I post reviews on YA novels, movies and comics. ;)
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You are a genius and I love your comic.
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Wow, Erik. That's quite a bit of cursing. Just remember, he's from a PG movie. (notices James and Javert in the background) That is just too funny! XD
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I've just started rereading 'Roommates' and now, after a year, I love this comic even more :3
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I'm glad you're still enjoying it!
One of my favorite comics ever, I just decided to post at the very beginning. Thank you for years of giggles :)
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Thanks for enjoying!
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did anyone notice that it's james and jarvert putting up the ink outs
Haha, I love Erik's boxes X )
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Jareth: "Check this out, a Roland keyboard!"
Erik: "Electronic trash."
Jareth: "Well at least I don't have to touch another man's organ."
Erik: "...was that double entendre intentional?"
Oh, so this is the start. Awesome~
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love box of "stres marks" xDD
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*basks in the awesome dialogue*
This will NEVER get gold.
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I love the others in the background putting up sensors, that's hilarious. :XD:
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Who ready for another go?! Fourth time reading this! WHOOO!
NikiMaweird's avatar
Second time I'm here. hehe
Kyndsie's avatar
Yay for meta-ness!  LOVE how it's clear from the beginning that this wasn't going to be any "ordinary" cross-over web-comic.

And Erik's box labeled "stress marks". :D  Poor guy... he needs to do some de-stressing (like yoga ;) ) to help cope with all of that stress in his life.
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Perhaps one day he shall...
Love the random Firefly reference there.  Just noticed it
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How is it that I only JUST NOW started reading this? :)
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