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Roommates 559 - Shredded

Fun fact: The name of this particular kind of red ink means 'blood stone'.

Erik belongs to Leroux and Webber.
Norrington belongs to Disney, Bruckheimer, and Davenport.
Javert belongs to Hugo, Boublil, Schonberg, and Kretzmer.
Socks/Fanon and Disbelief ostensibly belong to me.
Music+Lyrics(Story) belong to... a lot of people, mostly not me, but a little to me. (Hart, Stilgoe, Webber most influential to their shape here.)
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CoatNTails's avatar
...That last panel literally made me squirm in my chair.
JarethsSlave's avatar
Fuuuuuuu-----  Erik.  What have you done?
OMG-fangirl's avatar
Your imagery in this arc is just sublime.
DolphinSilverwolf's avatar
Erik's regressing...he's already forgotten about paper!
Disbelief looks ill.  
DemonDragon000's avatar
oh dear...this could get bloody...
Well, if anyone needs me, I'll be fighting off a mild anxiety attack until the next update.
Taragonra's avatar
*yikes*!! Oh no Jamie!! The thorns are never a good sign...STORY, GET YOUR CLAWS OFF OUR PHANTOM!!!
Pika-la-Cynique's avatar
ohhh lovely image beautifully pulled off at the end there.
Bookwormgal's avatar
Indeed. A lovely, horrifying image...
SptKat's avatar
Man, Disbelief is not looking so good at the moment. And Erik, hun, are you sure about this? Music looked so much better for you....

"blood stone''? I haven't a clue. Especially since if I look up heliotrope ink, all I get are purples, not red. 
PlaySomeDrawer's avatar
I like how the dude's hair's lighter than his skin. Unusual but refreshing!
Wow. The details in black look amazing. The way it drips off of Eric's hand is so realistic. 
Oh crud, I don't like where this is going with Erik. I hope Erik knows what he's doing when dealing with Story. 

In other words, I don't know if it's me but the first few panels just screams out "fanservice" between Disbelief and Socks/Fanon. >.>;
arts-and-darts's avatar
oh, I'm so excited, next week can't come fast enough!!!
jadesparrow33's avatar
Wow! Eric's panel looks so cool, and Disbelief's weariness/weakening is really great!
And eeeeeeee, is James on the verge of remembering?!?
HansLiesmith's avatar
Is it just me, or is Disbelief getting worse and worse in the presence of the other entities? He keeps getting...older. and more worn. When we first saw him before any of the others he was a little kid. now he's middle aged or starved, it's hard to tell...
AngelWarriorQueen's avatar
Disbelief looks like he's been starved half to death.
WandererRiha's avatar
Nyxity's avatar
James... what is happening to you...? *Backs away*

Erik, if that is ink... don't  breathe in too deeply! The fumes!!! The fumes!!!
I should not find that last panel as appealing as I do...
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