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Roommates 54 - Up and Down

Javert, being the smart gentleman he is, has temporarily retreated while they get this mess sorted out.

Poor Erik. Let's hope he can survive the blood loss.

Erik and Christine belong to Leroux and Webber.
Jareth and Sarah belong to Henson, Lucas, Bowie and Connelly.
Norrington and Elizabeth belong to Disney, Bruckheimer, Davenport and Knightly.
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okay, the nosebleeds are hilarious! I just can't think Gerand Butler falling down like THAT!
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epic change of events.
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Poor erik why the nose bleed. -.-'
Erik must be really unpopular at hospitals. Seems like he has a part time residency...
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Erik is too precious for girls in swimsuits. Poor guy and his blood pressure :3
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Epic nosebleed. That was/is my reaction to seeing the guys without a shirt...
epic nose bleed lol
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Who sang "I am your angel of music"
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Thank you but I posted a while back and then realized after looking back a few times.

Thanks anyways 
I'll would wrıte Erık a get well card but I bet the fourth wall would block ıt.
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The fourth wall here isn't very good.
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Erik got another nosebleed hee hee
AsheRhyder's avatar
Indeed, he did.
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Guess he saw too much of Christine
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Hee! :} Pluffy phangirl Pheelings!!!
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Glad you enjoyed!
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Poor overwhelmed Erik. *snickers*
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But we love it so.
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No matter how many times I see it, Erik's nosebleeds get me every time XD Poor guy...Better clean him up good before he goes into the water or the sharks might think Phantom's on the menu :P
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Yeah, probably a good idea.
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