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Roommates 458 - Safe

In which Sarah's good mood over the last couple of pages is explained,


In which the artist actively hopes to break peoples' hearts.

Jareth and Sarah belong to Henson, Lucas, Bowie and Connelly.
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Canon MP480 series
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...Will Sarah ever remember this? Or will it be lost in the haze of drovsyness?
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So... basically Sarah does care for Jareth (duh, big news) and probably is in love with him, but his magic causes her trust issues, considering the accompanying power imbalance and her experiences with it. And that Jareth is such a trickster and will not stop using his magic (which would be ridicoulous, it's part of who he is) wont help... so right now the only Jareth Sarah could be with is a human Jareth... until they realize that this wont work well... and then... tears. 
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I mean, it makes sense that Sarah would feel safe with him only now that his magic is with James for the time being, but the look on his face was indeed heartbreaking. 
Well, you succeeded!! :D
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I so want a colorized poster of them sleepin' on the couch.
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*Sigh of Heart Break* So... If James keeps the powers of the Goblin King, who knows what terrors will be unleashed by the Story, but Jareth and Sarah's relationship has the opportunity to grow in a healthier way. If Jareth takes back his powers, a potential world crisis is averted, but he may lose Sarah again because she can't trust his magic even if she trusts him.

...Excuse me while I go cry in a corner. :c 

You are too good at this, I shall eagerly continue reading.
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This, my friend, is I think the exact same crisis facing James and Eponine. Can you have the power and the love at the same time?
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It depends. Both Eponine and James were initially human. James gained powers, but wasn't experienced enough to use them without being manipulated by the Story. But if he was strong enough to control them and Story, whose to say he would have acted with quite as much impulsiveness as our Goblin King? Because that evil word cloud has been so strongly tied in so far, we have no way of knowing which actions were James and which were Story forcing his hand.

Jareth, on the other hand, is a character that was essentially brought down to a human level. His Fae nature is intrinsically linked to his magic, he seems to use it because it's just instinct or his family interferes in ways that demands he uses it for good or ill, but almost always to the determent of the Story's power. This is possibly why Story schemed to have Jareth's kingship moved to James.

Without the access to his powers, Jareth's instinct and temptation to use magic has been severed. Sarah can feel secure in knowing that Jareth is on her level in every way. He can't change her surroundings or lose his thin veneer of humanity to become a monster at the drop of a hat. She is seeing nothing except his most natural qualities, something she has to always question otherwise.

I believe that in the right circumstances, Eponine and James could have both, because they both started on equal footing in the beginning and are now bound to each other in a way that would be difficult to break.

Sarah and Jareth have so much trouble, because they began leagues apart. It's also been implied that more than a few of Jareth's villainous behaviors are because Sarah expects it of him and his magic and Fae nature respond to that. Jareth will always have a hard time changing on his own until Sarah treats him like he already has. Like that blatant comfortable aura that they had when he was healing.

That's what I feel anyway. :)
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Ooo, phenomenal analysis! I hadn't thought of that, but it makes a lot of sense. I particularly like your reading of the importance of that "equal footing." Nifty stuff. :)
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My heart.... Jareth has so far to go still. But he is making progress. I hold hope yet.
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She still only feels safe with him because he doesn't have his magic and so can't hurt her. *sobs*
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This was sooo sweet! Your webcomic and Pika's are sometimes the only things that get me through another week of college.  A good story does so much for the soul. 
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Good luck with your studies!
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Thank you! I'll do my best! I bought a copy of Les Mis because of Roommates, and hope to eventually get through it! I love your Javert, so I figured I would try to understand the source material. 
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*high pitched whine*
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Ahhh!!afdxghcdfhgfhgjhbk,m!!! that is so adorable and the feels!! Ah!
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If only this were Erik and Christine. (Gee, guess who I ship? :giggle:)

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Since october 5 is my birthday and I found you on my birthday month, I'm going to take this as my birthday, birthmonth present. Thanks :D  and I just realized that this is the last update. Soooo this will be the beginning of me reading you up to date. :D 
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