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Roommates 42 - Pink

Well, it wasn't a sock...

Erik and Christine belong to Leroux and Webber.
Jareth belongs to Henson, Lucas, and Bowie.
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Error 404: Erik.eks not responding
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You know to be honest it sounds weird to read about Christine in the comments or the panel because my name is also Christine and it's spelled the exact same way. So everytime Christine is mentioned for a second I'm thinking its me but I know it's not lol. Btw I'm in love with these comics
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Don't worry, Erik, I had the same response.
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Christine's undies... pfft. we've got a very real shirtless Erik right here! *super-glue glomp*
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*looks at last panel* That explains a lot.
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I love what you do with Erik's expressions.
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Christine's...reacted well to the 21st century...
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Eirk's gone blue screen on us
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Oh then it was Christine's fault.
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So that's what the red thing was…
And that's a very good question. Why don't the guys have more modern clothes?
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Comfort in familiarity. Though that will change...
Jareth's rıght. Why does SHE get the modern clothes? I bet all of us want to she the guys modernızed.
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Glad you enjoyed!
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maybe Jareth isn't going to be as dead as I thought
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Haha nosebleed.....
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Whoops! Still, red anything makes for wonderful Erik tantrums and helpless Jareth. Man, I like your version of Erik, and Pika's version of Jareth. They make me laugh, and also go mad with fangirlling.
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I'm glad you enjoy!
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Nice, Christine
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ack! not a sock! not a sock!
I've read this already, I should've known better XD
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