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Roommates 41 - Shirts

I tend to draw the Roommates comics about a month or two ahead of when they'll actually get posted, since there are some weeks where I can draw a bunch of them, and there are some weeks when I just don't have time/inspiration to draw them at all. It just so happens that *Pika-la-Cynique, who does the wonderful and awesome (go read it now if you don't already) "Girls Next Door" spin off, happened to have a similar idea to one of my planned-but-not-yet-posted ones.

Anyway, here's your daily dose of fanservice!

Erik belongs to Leroux and Webber.
Jareth belongs to Henson, Lucas, and Bowie.
Norrington belongs to Disney and Bruckheimer
Javert belongs to Hugo, Boublil, Schonberg, and Kretzmer.
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Is that O.G. screaming?