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Roommates 307 - Missed

In which Sarah and James have tea,


In which a goblin has a narrow escape.

Norrington belongs to Disney, Bruckheimer, and Davenport.
Jareth and Sarah belong to Henson, Lucas, Bowie and Connelly.
Socks belongs to Jareth. Probably.
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"I command the crown but none of the loyalty"
Well that would be because loyalty isn't commanded ya silly bugger :P Honestly these Fae monarchs and their ignorance of basic common sense.
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Why is Jareht so mean to Socks it's not his fault. I feel really bad for socks and I hope Sarah comes and kicks Jareth's ass for what he did.
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talk about a knife to the heart... ouch
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"I command the crown but none of the loyalty."
This is so sad! I wanna give socks a hug...
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It's funny how reading this a second time foreshadows certain happenings in the King's War arc.
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That's kinda heartbreaking. 
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Would the word be "family", perhaps?
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I think I figured out what word the goblin means. "Father", possibly? This is such an emotional, and well drawn page.
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aww...this is heartbreaking
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Tugging at our heart strings there...
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Everyone else is feeling for the goblin, but my heart goes out to Jareth. After all, how is one supposed to show love towards something if they themselves have never seen it shown towards them? At least the goblins have each other, Sarah, and James. No one has really appreciated Jareth.
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agreed in full. i feel for him too..i wish ashe would throw him a bone and give him a sarah is sweet to him moment.. just to cheer him up
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Oh yeah, weren't goblins children who were wished away at one point?
I think today is the DVD/BlueRay release of Les Mis 2012. Wonder if we'll be seeing any more spontaneous switch-ups with Valjean and Javert? *giggling*

Meanwhile, I can't wait to see what will develop with Jareth here . . . you know, Ashe, I usually hate Mondays but you've given me a reason to look forward to them!
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aww jareth is kind of jealous! :iconkawaiipandaplz:
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