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Roommates 304 - Bechdel

In which we see some of the girls' day,


In which a revenge is plotted and foiled without the victim knowing.

Christine belongs to Leroux and Webber.
Sarah belongs to Henson, Lucas, and Connelly.
Odile is... some what mine?
Erlkonig's Daughter is a mythological character and belongs to everyone and no one.
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Geez! Don’t skrew with Jareth’s sister...
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Go sis ok Jareth!
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BTW when did the Erlkonig's daughter (what's her name?) become acquainted with Sarah?
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Aisling started hanging out with Sarah and Christine's crowd in college shortly after 304. She sort of comes and goes; she's one of those people who ends up on the periphery of a group. You only sort of notice when she's not there with the niggling sort of feeling that you're missing someone, but it's not bad enough to go counting heads or looking around.

{Current operating theory: Her domain is Mist.}
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In which the Erlkonig's Daughter will make a wonderful sister-in-law
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It makes me happy that we, as readers, arnt the only ones to ship something and that they ship it too!
Gotta love what you did with Erlkönig's daughter.
I so want to see her and Sarah teaming up against Jareth. That would be hilarious.
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Jareth's sister rules!
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Jareth's sister is so mysterious. I don't think we've even heard what her name is yet.
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It's adorable the way Erlkonig's Daughter is just like "stop it, or I'll tell Sarah, and she won't be as nice as me." And the best part is, she's probably right ;) I also love how confident she is that Sarah will eventually give in and get together with Jareth.
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She ships it. So much.
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of course she does :XD: I'm a sister too, I'll vouch for that.
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... Scared Odile is so cute... >w<
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Glad you enjoyed!
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Glad you enjoyed.
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Glad you enjoyed!
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I'm trying to remember which chapter I saw the sister...?
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Last page of the Kid!Jareth arc (that's actually a child version of her), first page of the Erlkönig arc and she was also on the cover titled "Mist and Madness" ... and those were all her appearances before this one. :meow:
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Probably way back at the 130s... I think that's when Erlkonig first started showing up...
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