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Roommates 27 - Karaoke Pt 2

Suffering abounds. I apologize profusely for any trauma the choice of songs inflicted.

Jareth sings:
"(Hit Me) Baby One More Time" written by Denniz PoP and Max Martin (as performed by Britney Spears)

Erik sings:
"I Feel Pretty" from West Side Story, music by Bernstein and lyrics by Sondheim

Jareth's song was actually the hardest to choose; Erik's was the easiest because it was picked on a "What would be the most inappropriate but ironically appropriate song for the Phantom of the Opera to sing?" basis.

Erik and Christine belong to Leroux and Webber.
Jareth and Sarah belong to Henson, Lucas, Bowie and Connelly.
Norrington belongs to Disney and Bruckheimer.
Javert belongs to Hugo, Boublil, Schonberg, and Kretzmer.
Legolas belongs to Tolkein.
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This one made me laugh out really loud, cuz Erik. My husband asked me what was so funny from the other room. XD

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and here I am!!! Again!!!!! Looking for this comic after soo many years!! because is awesome! uwu

Erik was so adorable!
AnaxErik4ever's avatar
Aw, no song for Legolas?  Michael Rouse (as a brunette Legolas) did sing Lothlorien in Lord of the Rings: The Musical, but that wouldn't cause any laughs now, would it?
DatTemplar's avatar
British induced PTSD, nuff said
AnaxErik4ever's avatar
I mean, Tolkien's songs are nothing to write home about in terms of melodies.  But they add a sense of lore and legend to this alternate universe of Middle Earth.
OMG-fangirl's avatar
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What, Jareth's not doing a David Bowie song? (ducks random flying objects)
KKgirls's avatar
This is still one of my favorites.  I really can picture Jareth singing that, and doing a SMASHING job. :)
DawnSunrise2's avatar
I'm actualy with Erik when it comes to Jareth's song... But this time I'm drinking smirnoff, so I look the song up on youtube and immagined Jareth singing. I laughed loud enough for my dog to wake up and come check on me
NessaCathy's avatar
I just realised Christine's words...well played Ashe, well played ;]
AnaxErik4ever's avatar
I like Erik's song, and it's the last thing I can picture him singing.  An alternate lyric for the start is :sing: I feel pretty, and witty, and bright.  And I pity any girl who isn't me tonight. :sing:  In the bonus stuff for Frozen, I found out that Santino Fontana, Christopher in the OBC of Rodger's and Hammerstein's Cinderella and Hans in the movie, sang "I Feel Pretty" for his audition.  That left me in stitches, especially since I had heard him singing that on YouTube before I found out that fact.
P.S.  Erik, I too would never picture Jareth singing that song, nor tolerate it, unless I was drunk beyond belief.  And I will never be drunk beyond belief.
MorgannePhaedras's avatar
I live in a house full of people and everyone's asleep... trying so hard not to laugh with varying degrees of success.
YamiPharaohess's avatar
meep... that's scary... and hilarious... *snrk*
Wynnifredd's avatar
This is comic perfection. Kudos my friend!
Fighting-Dreamers-94's avatar
I predict horrible nightmares involving Erik prancing around in a dress singing that song.
I don't normally resort to the sayings of my generation, but I feel I can make an appropriate exception here...
This is LOVE
thepurpah's avatar
*SNORTS* This is pure perfection. 
NobodysSavior's avatar
Ohmygods.... you've just ressurected my inner Javert fangirl. (She died when Russel Crowe was cast in the movie)
MountainEyes-Ext's avatar
I don't know which is funnier -- the traumatized reactions of Javert, Norrington and Erik, or the traumatized AND paranoid reaction of Legolas! OMG, this is epic! Epic, epic, EPIC!
Crazykitty2222's avatar
I feel pretty!:laugh: yup never would have thought.:head shake:
NikiMaweird's avatar
Jareth admit it! You did this on purpose! 
theatrelover205's avatar
hahahahhaaha erik singing 'I feel pretty', Christine comment and Jareth did  that on purpose 
demonnightkittyninja's avatar
Reading this five years after it was first posted and I still get a headache from laughing too hard at Erik singing "I feel pretty"
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