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Roommates 210 - The Candle Talk

In which the custom of the "shovel talk" gets reapplied for a new situation,


In which an agreement is made.

The "shovel talk", for those unfamiliar with the term, is also referred to as the "shotgun discussion", or any number of colorful yet vaguely disconcerting terms in which the father of a young woman sits down to a discussion with (traditionally) the young man who intends to court her, usually while the girl is elsewhere in preparation. It is customary for the father to make some degree of veiled (or completely open) threats to the suitor as a warning to treat the daughter with respect and courtesy. The term gets its name from what the father alludes to doing with a shovel, should anything inappropriate happen to the daughter (e.g., "I have a shovel and thirty acres of land. They'll never find you.")

In this case, we've got a reversal of roles here.

Eponine belongs to Hugo, Boublil, Schonberg, and Kretzmer.
Mrs. Norrington is still mine, I think.
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Am I the only one who wants to see James meet Éponine's parents? Just wondering cause I wonder what James's reaction would be to react to his girlfriends parents as well as Éponine's reaction to her parents meeting her boyfriend. 
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Holy FUCK NO! The moment the Thenardiers announce that they're coming over Pony will pack her stuff, grab Jamie and be out for some pages!
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If you really want something messed up, just throw Jamie's mom into the mix with Pony's parents, that or have Montparnasse tag along with the Thenardiers to seen Eponine and meet Jam...James and Montparnasse should meet 
OMG-fangirl's avatar
But what if they just show up out of the blue without warning or anything and everyone is there... what if...(side note: I want to see Pony throw it down with her parents)
Siberianchan's avatar
... ok. Good point. THIS would be awesome. (possibly, Cosette and Marius come over to visit (which is already awkward for Pony and potentially Javert). ... and then turns out the most entertaining pieces of shit ever (a.k.a. Thenardiers and Montparnasse) snatched a ride along and show up and...

... ... ok, you convinced me, that would be pretty cool.
OMG-fangirl's avatar
YES!!!! Although, Montparnasse might be dead before he leaves but, I would love to see Marius reaction to meeting James as well as James reaction to meeting Marius. *Gasp* What if everybody, meaning all of the Les Amis, showed up? 
Siberianchan's avatar
That would sound like something AsheRyder would love to do. 
... (Jamie and Marius... ... I think after some awkward silence (and finally Marius going: "Uh... well... uhhhh... congrats, Eponine... eheheheheh...") Jamie would go "You know, a Gentleman is NOT supposed to treat a girl like you treated her, when her feelings are so obvious and I would so love to smack you for it. But as I understand you didn't do it with ill intent and you seem to be a good husband for this lovely young lady." (Cue Cosette giggling). ... also, I will be the last person to complain that I get to be with her now, so, I guess I can let you live."
(Insert Valjean: "YOU BETTER DO! I CARRIED HIM THROUGH SEWERS! THROUGH SEWERS YOU HEAR ME!" ... and yes, this is OOC. ... the image is just too funny)
OMG-fangirl's avatar
Yes!!!!! Can this please happen? Oh, I can just image Marius face as well as the rest of their group while Eponine is laughing her ass off in the background. For some reason, I just imagine that Cosette and Marius staying with Valjean, then going to see Javert. They walk in and see 'Ponine and Jamie curled up on the couch cuddling, sleeping, or something else related to that. Or they could just be kissing, either one is fine by me.
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Which both Cosette and Marius will certainly be happy about because... 
1st of "OH hallelujah, we don't have to worry about awkward onse-sided pining, we know how that went the last time" 
and second... Marius honestly pitied Eponine (and in the musical, seemed to be friends with her). So yes, he'll be happy to see she found happiness and stability and a not-crappy life away from her folks (esp. considering how Eponine was the embodiment of how awful childhood conditions and awful parents can ruin a child. ... and still you can see what could have been if things were less shitty, making it all the more tragic and god, I love my French Romantic/Naturalist writers with huge socalist agendas) 
Cosette will be happy because... Cosette. Cosette is basically a saint. (albeit admittedly the novel hinted at how the Thenardiers were starting to harden and ruin her. ... 
... and now I want her and Harry Potter meet and discuss the influence of the love of parents you don't remember vs. the influence of abusive childhoods vs. the effect of loving non-blood parental-like relationships later in life.
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nice :D I've had that discussion with a few of my lil sister's boyfriends over the years, and even followed through on occasion. it was always the ones who didn't think I was serious... heh. always been rather, um, protective, just my nature.

and now I'm a mom to a lil angel girl who'll be 2 in January. boys in the future, beware *cheshire cat grin*
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The continuing awesomeness that is Mrs. Norrington.
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Eponine is perfect for James, both of they are dead in Cannon so :D 
Fighting-Dreamers-94's avatar

In which Eponine gains a new family member.  CX
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Damn, just damn, that woman ain't nice
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Oh yeah=he did fall in love with someone like his mother even if he doesn't see it.
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i think eponine got off easy and they are going to get along fine. is james ever going to meet eponines parents?
AsheRhyder's avatar
... The world would end.
mayaegyptkezi's avatar
oh dear, than i pray that will never happen
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Hurrah for feminine "shovel talk"!
AsheRhyder's avatar
Glad you enjoyed!
PscycoBaltoLover110's avatar
once again, my new found knowledge of Les Mis has made this so much easier to understand :)
AsheRhyder's avatar
Huzzah! Glad you enjoyed.
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Mrs. N is a very cool OC.
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Glad you enjoyed!
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