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Roommates 205 - Force

In which the Doctor accredits the greatest known force in the (fictional) universe,


In which the artist still cannot count, so there's only one today, in order for tomorrow to not be a complete downer. Foreboding, isn't that.

Norrington belongs to Disney, Bruckheimer, and Davenport.
House belongs to Shore, Attanasio, Jacobs, and Laurie.
Ten belongs to Newman, Webber, Wilson, a long list of people, and Tennant.
Tallahassee belongs to Wernick, Reese, and Harrelson.
Ash belongs to Raimi, Spiegel, Raimi and Campbell.
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Bitten-Bitter's avatar
Ah, Narrative Convenience, the greatest force of the fictional multiverse.
Fighting-Dreamers-94's avatar
Excellent work, Doctor.  clap remake 1a 
Silksteel's avatar
And down goes the fourth wall. I can hear the rubble under their feet... :D (Big Grin)  Now where's my favorite fae? 
DolphinSilverwolf's avatar
:iconhouseplz::iconsaysplz: Where's my vicodin...
nitro1989's avatar
so basically because he died in the movie he cant die again right  as a movie quote I heard once but cant for the life of me remember goes (you only die once)
AsheRhyder's avatar
So it would seem...
mayaegyptkezi's avatar
the doctor is being awesome as usual, and as usual people want to hit or kill him LOL
JarethsSlave's avatar
Only because they're all men. If there were women around he'd have a whole different kind of problem. ;)
mayaegyptkezi's avatar
Yeah like Donna :-) imagine what she'd do to him
JarethsSlave's avatar
Well, that would be another different kind of problem. I can't understand Donna's immunity to Ten's sexiness. I just can't.
mayaegyptkezi's avatar
I think Donna is like his best friend or sister he never had, so i'd imagine while other girls want to jump him, She would more like like smack him upside the head or something. though she might admit to his sexiness.
JalinaTT's avatar
Where is Eric and Jareth in all this???
AsheRhyder's avatar
Being Not Helpful?
saharay1's avatar just noticed in re-reading... where did Valjean go? 0_0
ironsider100's avatar
narrative convenience FOR THE WIN!!!!!!!!!
two-tailed-cat's avatar
her354's avatar
Love that ending line. :D
Ana-Shadow-Wolf's avatar
"I'll buy you a beer"
Less talking, more shooting. We've got zombies to deal with!
FadingStarlights's avatar
narrative convenience.... i love you and your destruction of the fourth wall! XD

googoolini's avatar
Have I mention that I love House's inclusion in the comic? His snark is just amazing. :D
Taragonra's avatar
Oh the Doctor and House at the end....Priceless!
PHarold's avatar
The conversation with Ten and House at the end just killed me! Poor James;well at least not so poor since he survived a zombie bite!
Icewind136's avatar
I like your noir-ish shading and this. Also, relief.
I like the way you draw the Doctor.
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