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Roommates 2 - Nightcap

Erik and Jareth begin to settle into a comfortable routine in their new home.

This is quickly becoming a serial comic. I've got more on the drawing board, and more ideas in my head. Please let me know what you think, people.

Erik belongs to Leroux and Webber.
Jareth belongs to Henson, Lucas, and Bowie.
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Nyxira-Ulwun's avatar
Erik's attire is a different sort of fanservice. Seriously, that pattern is beautifully drawn. Meant to say that the first time I read through.
Rakshiel-MoGaidren's avatar
Hands up who came straight back to the start from finishing this beautiful comic?
DatTemplar's avatar

maybe not the moment i finished, but I needed time to deal with the feels in general

civil-twilight's avatar
Well then, that got a giggle out of me :)
EugeneEyeo's avatar
Binge-beginagain. I need the number for his tailor.
CroakerSilent's avatar
That evening wear though so sexy
lpq1999's avatar
Whelp, Imma read all of this now. Looks promising.
Cherry879's avatar
Sweet treble clef xD Hahahaah
KKgirls's avatar
Decided to re-read some of the old ones.  I think my favorite part of this, besides the lovely detailing on Eric's night clothes, is this phrase in the Author's comments.
"This is quickly becoming a serial comic."
AsheRhyder's avatar
If Present Me had showed up to tell Past Me how many comics would be in this series, Past Me would have died laughing and created a time paradox.
Armand-the-Ghost's avatar
Is it weird I'm more attracted to Erik in his evening robe than Jareth in his boxers? Oh well.
Alys18's avatar
"I am ashamed to be sitting next to you"

Jojo1228's avatar
Poor Erik. He's gonna have to get used to it, though. This IS modern society. ;)
lilarcher's avatar
I love coming back and watching as this developed for you, Ashe. How it wasn't really planned, just sort of became a thing. And now it's so wonderfully complex and fantastic and I just love the progression.
DolphinSilverwolf's avatar
The Pimp of the Opera?
MariposaLass-93's avatar
Eric must have watched too many 11th Doctor era- Doctor Who eps lately. And he thinks fezzes are cool too! LOL!
That phantom! Oh, I feel for the fangirls.
I love your work on the Phantom's night clothes.
TheWhiteJewel's avatar
I love Eric's cute lil' nightcap. So precious! >w<
NikiMaweird's avatar
Jareth....argh..*dies of nosebleed*
Really Erik? No Phanservice?
AsheRhyder's avatar
Wait for it...
Kyndsie's avatar
I'm so fond of Erik's cravat / neck-cloth collection all the way through, from the beginning up to the most recent eps.

And how those boys model the furniture well. Being a Jareth fangirl, I naturally think that he does it better, but Erik's no slouch.  His dressing jacket / smoking jacket / whatever you're calling it... wonderfully textured and shaded.

(and Jareth's gloves are off!!!!  barely suppressed fangirl glee over this!!  he's relaxing in his nightclothes, so why not?)
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