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Roommates 189 - Phone Box

In which we make a very fandom- specific joke,


In which, Brit-splosion. (Discounting that House is supposed to be American, he is played by a Brit, so he counts.)

Norrington belongs to Disney, Bruckheimer, and Davenport.
Aziraphale and Crowley belong to Gaiman and Pratchett.
House belongs to Shore, Attanasio, Jacobs, and Laurie.
Ten and TARDIS belong to Newman, Webber, Wilson, a long list of people, and Tennant.
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I wish you'd put this up in a shop. It doesn't feel ~right~ just downloading something that has meant so much to me ^_^
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*Note to self: Don't drink anything while reading Ashers comic, it'll end ut coming out my nose.*

This one is pure gold, especialy the fandom joke. But I could not help but picture what would happen if Aziraphale and Crowley meet the Weeping Angels...
Sorry if I start to spaz you with updates, but 'yay' for the fandom joke!
Kesna's avatar
can't stop laughing.....
Bookwormgal's avatar
I always did like this page...
MikazukiOkami's avatar
It's funny that I was just looking up the whole angel thing a few minutes ago :)
Crowley and Aziraphale make everything so much cooler.
(love the in-fandom joke, by the way)
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... Why in the name of all that is sacred is this not in my favorites?
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The angels?
:iconshinjiikariplz::iconsaysplz: I mustn't run away...I mustn't run away...I mustn't run away...
Long-live-Japan's avatar
Angels, angels everywhere.
Chazzey77's avatar
Yay, the Doctor!
Springcloud's avatar
As son as I saw the first panel, I burst out giggling immediately! Clever joke!
MixBerkaan's avatar
My reaction: is that whut i think it is?
EmeraldPhoenixLucida's avatar
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OMG! I just realized you were referencing that one episode of Dr. Who when the Weeping Angels surrounded the Tardis! How did I not figure this out before!?
NikiMaweird's avatar
The angels got the phonebox! :rofl:
Owl-kin's avatar
I love this comic, and this page in particular, but what is Crowley wielding?
AsheRhyder's avatar
A tire iron. Some versions have four spokes instead of two.
Owl-kin's avatar
Ah, thank you.
Long-live-Japan's avatar
I thought it was a cross at first and was like, shouldn't those two swap? Then I realized what it was, and got a totally epic mental image of Crowley braining zombies with a tire iron.
Sagitari-Seiza-1213's avatar
"The angels have the phone box." Someone put that on a T-shirt if they haven't already.
By the way, is Aziraphale's outfit based on anything, or did you come up with it on your own? It looks pretty cool, though the shoeless-ness looks a bit inconvenient.
AsheRhyder's avatar
I can't recall if there are any in particular at this point, but I think this one may have been somewhat inspired by the angelic outfits from the manga Wish, by CLAMP.
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