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Roommates 188 - Checked

In which James curses his lot and lack of trousers,


In which the artist caves to pressure and puts in two new cast members. For the record, tenth doctor is my favorite, and that's why it's that incarnation rather than the current showing up. He does timey-wimey stuff.

Norrington belongs to Disney, Bruckheimer, and Davenport.
House belongs to Shore, Attanasio, Jacobs, and Laurie.
Ten belongs to Newman, Webber, Wilson, a long list of people, and Tennant.
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Well. The Doctor and a zombie apocalypse.

This should be fun.
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I was pointED to this by a fellow comic reader at another comic.... I was curious, so did a lil research found this comic, and started reading. Couldn't stop, and now.. NOW THE DOCTOR...  THIS KEEPS GETTING BETTER AND BETTER! 
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DOCTOR WHO AND HOUSE MAKING AN APPEARANCE IN ROOMATES?! *mind explodes to the sound of fangirling*
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"The Doctor and The Doctor"  screams like a pee-teen at a Justine Beiber concert. 
So, in the second panel I saw the Doctor, and thought it was Eleven. Then, when there was no bow-tie, I thought it was some random medical student. Then when I read the last panel, I thought it was some incarnation of the Flash. Finally, when I read the authors note, I had a (to use your words) dangerous flirtation with gravity, and almost fell out of my chair I started fangirling (a.ka. spazzing out to the MAX) so hard.
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THE DOCTOR!! Oh, and some other Doctor. An actual medical one. He's nice too, I guess.
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At first I thought It was Wilson, Only on the lift stuff something was off!!! The Doctors are amazing!!! 
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I have the distinct feeling that House & Norrington will murder Ten later.
I just adore how the Doctor's so... happy.

Walking in on a dead ex-admiral in a paper dress - :) (Smile) 
Zombie apocalypse -Clap 
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One great job and two I love doctor ten :yay: 

Also Doctor!  this not the time to admire the cool (but scary) zombies 
Ten: awwww! fine
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Doctor Who, MD.

Doctor: "Okay, turn your head and cough."
Dalek: *head rotating 360* "EXPECTORATE! EXPECTORATE!"
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I love you. seriously these comics rock, and now you've added ten and I'm dying
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Heywaitaminute! You don't check pulse with your thumb, it has its own pulse!
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Yay!  10 is my Doctor!  :)
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Totally gets the reference now. . .
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Awww! Nine! Omg I love him so much! Man, I saw the last episode of Season One and god the writer kicks ass at fan service! I was squealing into my pillow for a full sixty seconds (It was like three in the morning or something)and then nearly fainted from sheer fangirliness! I think I rewound that bit fifteen times! I don't want to do spoilers but you know which part I mean right?
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Yeah! I was the same (well, i was crying at the same time but yes) I understand!
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Speaking of crying, I just finished The Family of Blood. I nearly passed out from feels. My nose is raw from crying so hard and I have a headache.
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